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  1. I don't get why we aren't burning more clock there was 15 seconds left before we had to snap
  2. His last 2 season with us were not duds 14 for 16 in 2018 29 for 30 in 2017 - Ranked 1st in the NFL The dude was really good in his final 2 years.
  3. I don't think its weird for 20 people to not contact the police due to the mild sexual misconduct. Heck if you look in past scenarios with Bill Cosby (60+ victims), Larry Nassar (200+), Jerry Sandusky (10+), Harvey Weinstein (80+) this is actually the norm. Think about this if a dude was snatched up off the street and raped by a bunch of dudes how many would actually speak up out of 100. I guarantee you that number would be fairly small.
  4. Exactly if you were a dude and got snatched up and raped by another dude I seriously doubt most people would say anything.
  5. Bill cosby had 60 plus rape victims come out, Larry Nassar assaulted 265 girls, Jerry Sandusky raped several boys (at least 10 came forward), Jeffrey Epstein raped and prostituted several underaged girls. Come on man the numbers make it more legit. Esp when they have text messages, instagram dms, text msgs to friends and families describing what happened, etc.
  6. Believe him is not the correct term. They are staying neutral until the facts come out and then they will make their decision. It doesn't look good when you contact 20 Instagram people for a massage when you can get a better massage from your team facilities. Lets be honest here who here honestly thinks he contacted those girls to get a massage; he wanted something more from them.
  7. What's the point if it isn't a potential top 10 qb in the future. You want to eventually win the super bowl and your probably not going to do it with the 4th best qb in this draft. Heck most of these qbs are overvalued and your reaching big time. It almost never pays off to reach.
  8. Its not too hard to connect the dots if there are ton of Instagram and text messages that go back and forth between. Don't you think its strange to go on Instagram and hire 10+ female massagers to come to his house and give a massage? Give it time and the details will come out. Reminds me of a Bill Cosby situation where it seemed out of character for him too and then 60+ women came forward.
  9. Personally I wouldn't praise someone who knows how to push cap debt back a couple of years. That's like praising someone who maxes out all the credit cards he has just to stay afloat. Eventually you will hit a wall and field a team that just absolutely sucks for a few yrs because you mortgaged the future to stay relevant in the present.
  10. If you want to go deeper its mental health that causes alot of these people to drink excessively. They hate aspects of their life and try to drink their problems away.
  11. We would probably have to give something to them to take his contract.
  12. The big issue with him is he hasn't really been challenged enough. Alot of his games were against subpar teams. I want to see how he handles being on the bad team instead of the good one. Tons of qbs are great when they have great team, strong oline, top wrs/rbs. What happens when you remove some of those components. If only he had played a team like Alabama, Clemson, etc then you would have a more accurate assessment if he can play qb at the next level because if you can't play well against them then you surely won't play well against a NFL team.
  13. Just to give a heads up of businesses reopening here in SC. Tons of people everywhere. Went to the yoga studio 50% capacity and it was packed with waiting list. Drove by a popular bar and there is literally a line running out of the door of probably at least 50-100 people. Ya you thought the recovery was going to be slow; it is not. The only thing that is going to stop this is a second wave.
  14. This one is different because its 10x deadlier and 10x more infectious compared to the flu which is a deadly combo. I do agree with moving on with our lives tho. We just gotta be more aware with distancing and washing your hands before you eat.
  15. Right on. If we had better leadership and planning we could have seen this coming and responded appropriately. We had no idea what a pandemic would entail but other countries have already experienced similar things like SARS, MERS, ebola etc. It would be simple to go to the countries and ask them what to do and what you guys screwed up when handling the virus. The only good thing is we have firsthand experience of what something like this can do to the people and the economy. We can take it much more seriously when the next big pandemic hits.
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