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  1. I feel like a huge part of it is the offensive line. The fact CMAC is producing still is a testament to his talent because our run blocking has been poor. If we get that sorted out I feel like it’ll be better. Though I do get your point about Royce messing up on a block. Can’t have that happening
  2. One day we will get the kicking game correct. But it is not this day. Verity come on down.
  3. He had surgery on his thumb and is week to week, so I’m guessing he’s going to be out. Gotta give it a little time for the incision to heal.
  4. The kiss of death. Winston will now proceed to throw 5 pick-sixes.
  5. The fact he did it with a o-line that’s softer than a paper towel when it comes to winning their pass blocking is even more impressive.
  6. We gonna have a new kicker every week. Can’t have a kicker that screws up constantly if you don’t have the same kicker constantly.
  7. Oh I can kick it from the 33, I just can’t promise you it’ll go where it needs too
  8. We gonna have a kicking competition then. Whoever breaks their toe kicking first loses.
  9. I’ll be the kicker. I may not be able to hit the goal post but that’s nothing new I’m just a lot cheaper
  10. I reckon he does feel sore after this
  11. Just read this scrolling through Facebook. That would be a big blow to their defense next week if he can’t play. Usually I want an opponent at full strength, but, it’s the Saints, so to hell with that.
  12. Browns player just got ejected for stepping on a player and pushing a coach.
  13. If it makes anyone feel better, Atlanta got destroyed today.
  14. The ultimate issue here is the play calling. Brady didn’t adjust at all during the second half and it showed. That being said I’ll take a win.
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