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  1. What hurts worse is watching a team like the Chiefs go out and improve their o-line the way they did after they saw they needed help. Completely revamped their line. Meanwhile here we are with guys that couldn’t make the rec league team
  2. For the love of everything holy stop trying these retread QB’s. If we are after a new QB just go ahead and draft one. But regardless we need to fix our oline. And our coaching staff.
  3. Carruth anyone? He deserves every ounce of hate he gets because what he did was as absolutely evil. When it comes to football decisions I don’t hate anyone, as a person, but I do hate them when it comes to them being part of the organization. Hurney could have been a great person but glad he’s gone. Will be the same for Rhule.
  4. This man really believes his own hype. What a jackass, in the wise words of my late grandmother.
  5. Ima dang glutton for punishment. I decided to watch todays game and probably will watch the whole game. Been going through a real tough situation and it’s a good distraction, though we suck ass. That being said, fire Rhule at halftime. Hell put me in at coach, at least I could be creative.
  6. Bruh at this point I’m tired of trading for a failed retread qb. We tried with Teddy. Traded a big part of our future for Darnold. If we go QB I want to just go ahead and draft him. Fix the line first though. Until that’s fixed, nothing will change. And the coaches too.
  7. Might as well try the 11 QB system. The defense will never see it coming.
  8. Agreed. I never have been more disenchanted with the team than I am right now. That may change if Rhule is gone but as long as he’s here I have no faith in his ability to win us the big games. Let alone a back to back winning season.
  9. Hell it’ would probably be more fun to watch honestly.
  10. He’s looking for his next head coaching candidate right here on the Huddle.
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