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  1. I can’t drink much anymore really due to the medicine I’m on, but when I do drink it would have to be a glass of vanilla rum with coke.
  2. His parents hated him. Imagine the teacher calling attendance. Wacker? Is Dick Wacker here? Poor fella.
  3. Well after this draft Darnold has no excuse . This is one of the best drafts I’ve ever seen by our team and you can tell the team believes in Darnold. Super freaking pumped.
  4. I too have lost an older brother and it’s such a terrible feeling. My heart goes out to not only him, but the rest of you guys who’ve had to go through such a tragedy.
  5. My biggest issue with people who say stay at 8 and draft one next year is that there is a high chance we will not be picking this high again next year, especially if you couple in the extra game next season as well. Plus unless there is a sudden QB that has an explosive year next year, the class looks to be a weaker one.
  6. I remember seeing a tweet from Remmers saying he wasn’t the same player he was 5 years ago. He was right! He’s actually worse somehow.
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