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  1. No long forehead...hard pass...
  2. How'd Jerah get ushered out so fast and this venereal wart on the cock of the NFL is still hangin around...I dont get it.
  3. Wow...Andy and Barney Fife say no betting in Carolina... I moved to Carolina 35 years ago and couldn't buy booze in my county... it will eventually happen...maybe in Siler City...
  4. The only rational for Mayfield is i'll never have to see Darnold take another snap in a Carolina uniform...ever again...Bonus points if Anderson is included in the deal... the two biggest losers on the team in the highest skill positions...gee Wally why do we suck.
  5. Whoa...Riv sucking water...who woulda thunk it.... We've had a lot sht in CLT recently...
  6. Mayfield can be our next Delhomme or our next Rodney Peete... not sure where that fits in on our current situation....but we're in QB purgatory hell...so, herd them in and herd them out.... Less u ridin Golden Corral...which I am... he can play or he can't go on to 2023...fk it...
  7. Fhule wont see 9 wins in 15 seasons... in the mean time...hydrate with water between dranks...
  8. ...I concur and I'm afraid ur prolly right but i'm still maintaining my 4-13 prediction. Bad coaching will sink to the bottom, eventually. I think they may have learned their lesson...otherwise he'd be signed already.... I'm ok with riding with Corral outta the gate ...for what its worth...I never want to see Darnold trot his azz out to the huddle..
  9. ...I get you... I don't know if Mayfield can be salvaged... no one seems to be interested in him... so there is some sht going on in the league as to what he really brings to a team or he'd already be gone.... He flashes Delhomme/Brees stuff but I don't think the kid can get out of his own way.... that massive interception ratio....I like the kid but I think hes damaged goods with an upside...but yea... i don't want to enable Tepper to enable fhule anymore... I've said it more than once... I cant wait for both exJets to be exPanthers... I never want to see Darnold ever suit up again in a Panther uni... Hes such a bad reminder and indictment on how shittyy it really is here.
  10. Pretty much.... take ur lumps now.... still feel better about easing him in...Sam will give that opportunity.
  11. Yea...he is a big xfactor. He could be the next Brees or the next Darnold depending on if hes actually matured and had a wakeup call. He has all the physical tools...but he seems to have a propensity to alienate and rub team members the wrong way with his tood and ego. If ur still in it to win it this year...hes the best chance we have... I take no pride in saying that. One year deal...we could do worse. Just don't throw Corral to the wolves this year ...my fear is turning him into David Carr under the ineptitude of this coaching staff...
  12. Hope so... I want to remember Cam as the stud player he was for us.... I don't want to see him come in like a washed up heavy weight and get knocked out... which fhule would allow to happen... they already shttt all over him.
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