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  1. wallow in panther misery for the next few years...
  2. LinvilleGorge just dinged me on this...fk u...ur not gonna control me.... bye everybody....fuggin nazi.
  3. very underwhelming from OSU... Ryan Day sucks...you get the best players and this is all you can come up with? Day just getting schooled...
  4. soook it...thats Amish for suck it...you don't know football.
  5. Ur a stroud nut hugger and I feel bad for you
  6. gutless run by stroud...thats why i dont want him...
  7. The dart I threw landed on Richardson.... Art Schlichter was better than no guts stroud...Young may look like Murry but in 3 years we'll be looking again....Levi is just unbridled passion....
  8. saving some Elijah Craig from thanksgiving for this one...
  9. you are showing how week your football acumen really is....
  10. ...yea...lets try and lose some more for Maye...which would be a whole lot more than the games we gonna lose this season....I'm tired of losing...We need a real coach to pick our or his qb.... that is crucial for us to stop ***** losing. I don't trust tipper to do the needful...we are on the cusp of being kick the drunk in the back perennial losers.
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