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  1. Was wondering what would become of him
  2. From Mad Men. Show on AMC about advertising agency in sixties. Christina Hendricks also co star
  3. One of those things you don't know what is going on behind the scenes. Could have been late to practices, or any number of things. Only had few practices in pads, he would have needed to look real bad to get cut already.
  4. Out: social distancing In: hedge distancing
  5. Should have been happy finally got picked. Just became guaranteed millionaire and he looked like he was told he needs surgery
  6. All those articles in last couple of weeks that had Stevens as the third qb.
  7. JR Sweezy was dt at NCSU , drafted by Seattle and became a guard. Sounds like Fitterer trying again.
  8. Tampa twice in three weeks to end year is stupid. Don't know why NFL keeps doing that kinda thing.
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