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  1. Mayfield joined Manning (1998-2000) and Luck (2012-2014) as the only players in NFL history to record at 3,500 passing yards with 20 touchdown passes in each of their first three seasons
  2. Everyone declared the end of the world, last year also. Still to early to declare ACC dead.
  3. College fans form emotional attachment to stadiums, most have been around for many decades. Some NFL stadiums like Lambeau have similar emotional attachment or Wrigley in baseball, but generally it's about Money.
  4. Hornets trading for Bryce McGowens from Nebraska at pick 40
  5. Glad Mitch got an extension for this kinda great work.
  6. Unless something changes, this trade was trash. I'm sure Milwaukee will suck in three years
  7. Apparently Joe still has hopes on rejoining the team and announced he was enrolling at Temple for the summer session.
  8. My first thought about Cleveland in week one was also involving Baker. However apparently some Brown fans think the NFL is trying to hide them because of Watson.
  9. Atlanta twice in three weeks. Don't know why they do that.
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