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  1. Lol. The pitch for Adam Cole to stay and go up to the main roster included turning Keith Lee heel, brining up Adam Cole to be his manager, and changing Adam Cole's name so he isn't confused for Michael Cole. Why the hell is Brother Love in charge of the pencil for WWE?
  2. CM Punk's ode to Hitman vs 123 Kid was cool. Adam Cole presents like a mega star, just like when i first saw him wrestling for PWG. I think as a performer, he's light-years ahead of Omega. And Danielson will get a huge reaction anywhere, I think he's the best in ring performer in the last 20 years.
  3. WWE won't die. They're still extremely profitable. They may suck and will probably continue to suck with Brother Love writing the shows. But they'll still contour to make money hand over fist. Too large and too many revenue streams.
  4. The one thing I've seen that I really like with AEW is Tommy End's new character direction. The wendigo mask is really nice. I hope they don't straddle him with a stable. They have enough already. Let him be on his own.
  5. When they get Danielson, then they'll have the best wrestler in the planet. Omega's in ring style is ridiculous to me. I'm not a fan of him at all. He prances around the ring. It looks really goofy.
  6. I enjoy watching Walter smack people around. I saw this the other day. It was just as brutal as their last match.
  7. Glad they AEW is able to generate buzz. I would start watching more if it weren't so Kenny Omega-centric. Every time I've heard him with a mic, it just seems really bad. It's like he's emulating anime villains on a wrestling program. Comes across as goofy. Hopefully he picks up a few things from Punk. As William Regal would say, he's got vile and venom on the mic.
  8. Arm strength is fine. He doesn't set his feet a lot and tends to hop around the pocket. He also doesn't step into a lot of throws. He started doing this his last year at USC. He had historically had lazy footwork.
  9. Share this story with Danny kannel and ryen russilo on twitter. Get this perspective some airplay nationally.
  10. Lol @ the cut ffunchess comments. Good play by sherman
  11. I'm glad he signed. Luke is someone whose tenacity and attention to detail can be an example to all. The guy is simply awesome and I am proud to have multiple jerseys with his name on them. This Sunday me, my wife, my four year old, and my one year old will gladly wear out 59 jerseys while watching the game. @ntgalloway10
  12. Mark was a good dude. My thoughts are still with his wife and other family members.
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