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  1. In at 14. Small potatoes, but could yield large.
  2. Vegans can't even take a crap without talking about being vegan.
  3. Jerry doesn't seem healthy. So sad seeing TD in a splint, but he hints he may be there in two weeks. That man can prob play in a cast. J-No crashing Fox set was hilarious.
  4. Growing up in NC pre-Panthers, there were two fans mostly. Cowboy fans and Redskins fans. Don't be surprised if a large contingent of Skins fans are there. That being said, I think the Panthers are going to put serious pressure on Cousins. We'll need a good performance by our secondary and whichever LB will cover Jordan Reed. We should win this game by double digits. Just don't settle and get complacent. There's too much parity in the NFL to lower your guard. If you'd listened to the first qtr/half of the Titans game as I did to Mick Mixon, that game could've gone badly. Panthers
  5. Looking for VB.Net, C#, and some C++ experience...preferably within EDM systems
  6. You have to have both...but the ROI right now would point to Luke albeit very slight.
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