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  1. I believe if you have to declare your religion loudly I'm probably not interested.
  2. We have gone bareboating in the BVIs twice. Super fun and relaxing from the time you land to the time you leave.
  3. Yes this is what I was alluding to earlier. One reason the request is likely so high is because the requests keep being denied. If every 3 years you demonstrate that you need X and only get half of X then it snowballs due to inflation. And construction cost inflation is 10% per year. And remember that a rate increase for a policy written on 1/1/2024 might be to pay a claim that settles in 7 years What the head of the DOI (an elected official) is doing is trying to give insurance companies just enough increase to survive while keeping consumers happy enough to keep buying insurance. The question is where do insurance companies find the extra money if they can't get the rate they want. The answer is cutting employee expenses for one. Then you get rid of insureds that lose you money. That's why your company drops you if you have a claim that isn't your fault. The next options are not good. Denying claims or eventually exiting the state although there are significant barriers to exit. What all this isn't is just a negotiation tactic. You can't just submit a frivolous rate request. It will get thrown out. The DOI rejects any little thing that isn't mathematically sound. Filings are public. Attached is a sample: Mike Causey knows that 42% is likely a real number and he also knows he can't approve it. Tough job and it's all likely unsustainable.
  4. Usually doesn't work like this. If the company submits something that is questionable from a data or math standpoint it gets sent back. Some real nerds work for the DOI. Meaning 42% is probably really what is justified.
  5. https://www.wral.com/story/nc-insurance-commissioner-rejects-industry-request-for-42-hike-to-home-insurance-rates/21270396/
  6. You have do do the twitter link not the x link:
  7. Aww thanks. I will let my two sons decide that. I get your anger though. For a lot of boomers, especially evangelicals, there is a feeling that the world has passed them by. And you have a bunch of anger that you have trouble processing due to decades of white knuckling mental health instead of treating it. All of which manifests itself in judging people at Wal Mart and screaming on the internet. Have at it just try not to find yourself as a cautionary tale on tik-tok.
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