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  1. Jay Glazer thinks Mahomes was effectively choked out.
  2. From what I remember at the time the drainage did what it was supposed to do. Everything was just overwhelmed. And that Storm was basically a Panthers stadium storm. South Park and LKN got nothing.
  3. Who was there? I was! Go to 4:29 for the fun.
  4. Always play to win. Fug this tank BS.
  5. Only three teams ahead of us need QBs. For Lance to be gone PHI or DET would have to grab him.
  6. Lance pls and sit him for a year. TY.
  7. I would love for Brady to win a Superbowl at age 43.
  8. I've posted this before but the Panthers demolished my four PSLs in the endzone for new seats. I ended up with two seats in the club section. I signed a contract for a few years (can't remember how many). This will coincide with my oldest going to college and hopefully any new stadium plans will be clearer. No we don't need a new stadium but it would be fun. It's a luxury.
  9. The double bye for the one seed still leaves 3 teams in week 3. But yeah you could have first round be seeds 5-8. Then you would be back to the six team format we have always used. This would give seeds #1 and #2 a double bye. Seems too complicated.
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