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  1. Delivered a pizza to his house one time. True story.
  2. Of course we are open. We are open to listening to anything someone wants to offer.
  3. Tepper took it down after Richardson's workplace harassment issues. In the name of public safety.
  4. A fun day would be breakfast, pool, tennis, and then bowling while the adults have cocktails at the Italian place 100 ft away. Then there is golf and the bunker tour. Lots of shopping.
  5. When we don't do OBX we do the Greenbrier.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/19/arts/rust-shooting-charges-alec-baldwin.html?campaign_id=190&emc=edit_ufn_20230119&instance_id=83098&nl=from-the-times&regi_id=134911677&segment_id=122922&te=1&user_id=ceed3a5b92ee0b30534736d97bd6a8b4
  7. Have you watched this team try to hold leads for the last three decades?
  8. Also there are no dynastys anymore. There is so much parity in the NFL that, as depressing as it may be, this may be our shot. Get a wild card spot and anything can happen.
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