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  1. Somebody spent $10 is all the information I could glean from this article. As far as it relates to retirement.
  2. We will need a new stadium at some point. While honestly BofA will be fine for 20 years that just isn't the current climate. Tepper will build a state of the art facility and it will be badass. And CLT/NC will help pay for it in a myriad of ways. will be fun. If they move from uptown permanently or for a few years I probably will stop PSLs. who knows.
  3. Just paste the tweet link in as plain text:
  4. I think we have too many holes and too many question marks right now to be confident in much. O-Line could be a mess. I think Sam Darnold might just be a bad QB. Can't recall the last time we talked about special teams. Defense could be fun though.
  5. Same as our WR rankings. To many question marks. We have two positions where we know the starter?
  6. Streaming sucks. Just to watch soccer of all things I pay for ESPN+, Peacock+, CBSSports +. That is on top of Youtube TV. So with all that at least I can watch the hornets? Of course not. OK I can get ATT+ and watch the hornets? Well not the basic package but the $85 package sure which give you no extra channels over what you have on youtube TV. Add in a couple movie channels so I can watch Westworld or whatever and this is just a waste.
  7. If we develop a legitimate 3rd (and we could) and Tremble lives up to the hype then we are top 10. Until then 20 is fair.
  8. For it to be a rivalry the other team has to feel the same way. No other team cares about us.
  9. Sweet Caroline is usually played when we seal up the game but the stadium is still filled. It's electric. Aston Villa like the song too I think.
  10. I watched that. 67 yards in a tropical storm...just a bit outside.
  11. I have no idea how the FT will do. Apparently they are in the running to win the NFCE. But watch out for guys on their second go around in life.
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