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  1. Based on a quick look - 5 draft picks. I'm not counting 2020 since technically Rhule was controlling things. D.J. Moore Dante Jackson Ian Thomas Marquis Haynes Brian Burns Am I missing anyone?
  2. I could not be more excited.
  3. Can't give tickets away. I love it. A buddy has two kids in the big brother program who will love them.
  4. but I have two free tickets for Thursday. Panthers fans only. First to respond get's em. Must have the Panthers app and must take pictures.
  5. PJ is going to go off in the 2nd half.
  6. Aren't black helmets in three weeks?
  7. Has anyone mentioned that the Bucs just might not be that good?
  8. If we use a bunch of these picks to trade up into the first…
  9. Also we still eat his signing bonus.
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