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  1. We are under contract for 2024. I don't see any reason to renew after that. While the horrible on field product doesn't help I don't really like my seats and the people I usually take don't want to go anymore. I doubt I will get much for club seats but I may list them for cheap or just let them expire.
  2. That was awesome. I had NFL Network on kind of half listening and he started going off.
  3. I'd go ahead and burn it all down. Get something for Burns and admit to everyone that starting in 2024 we are officially in rebuild mode. Accept the fact that we need three more years of smart drafting and allowing Bryce, Reich and Fitty to build the team back up. And keep Tepper out of football decisions.
  4. Unfortunately Bryce may be developing perfectly as a top level pick but he is living under the shadows of Stroud and Richardson, questionable coaching and an 0-4 record. He is making fixable mistakes. If his NFL brain is as big as they say it is he will be fine. Maybe.
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