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  1. The weather in Mexico is excellent.
  2. When the Night's Watch and the Wildlings just want to have a good time...
  3. Nice thread and replies Zod. I'd rather us keep Webb and/or Byrd than Cotchery as well, but you have a point about Rivera's love for vets. Really, really want to see Ward make it. Definitely don't want to see Tolbert cut, but I think Ward's blocking could make a difference.
  4. Great read Philly. Luke can play safety, MLB, DE and DT all at once so we're set.
  5. Proehl still looks to be in great shape... he was always such a smart player, makes sense that he's a great coach.
  6. That says "second half of 2016"... season 6 will come out in April 2016? That doesn't jibe.
  7. ​#1 that was the Saints #2 he was defending Cam Pass
  8. I had high hopes for BWill too, but he's never really done anything of note except look like a greek god.
  9. I trust the coaching staff to put the best players on the field. If Bersin is running routes and catching passes, he needs to be out there. I didn't like him returning punts, but like Zod said, that was almost kind of an emergency situation... nobody else to do it. We should have plenty of other options at PR this season. If Bersin and Cam have chemistry and he catches the damn ball, what else matters?
  10. Too much foreshadowing about Jon imo for them to not do something pretty cliffhangery...
  11. Would love to see Cam following this kid thru the hole in goal line situations.
  12. Yes, my blog will be about the many types, sizes and shapes of boobs. I anticipate that it will be quite popular.
  13. Yeah I mean why wouldn't Ginn be the guy unless Byrd turns out to be great? Bersin, sorry bro... I'm tired of just watching you catch it and hoping that you don't fug up this time.
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