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  1. We wouldn't try to sign him until he is 100% cleared of any wrongdoing. That could mean waiting until there is a suspect arrested, charged and the case is all out in the air. I would imagine there is a team that would be willing to sign him after they just have more info and are 99% sure he wasn't involved which could be much sooner
  2. Yeah that phrasing was bad, anything is possible. He is getting some love as a second round guy though, I think it is very very unlikely he will be there at the end of the 4th
  3. Possible but unlikely strong makes it to 57. Absolutely no way Lockett is there in the 4th
  4. For me it's Kendricks. For the people saying it is Agholor is it because he went to USC? What don't you like about him?
  5. It's possible (but unlikely) Dupree or Gregory could fall to 25 and we would undoubtably take either. Other options are Smith, Harold or Odighizua but I think all three would be a reach in the first. If any of those fell to our second round pick we would certainly grab them though. We don't seem to be in a great spot where a DE would be BPA unless there is an unexpected drop
  6. I had to work this AM and just watched the LFC-THFC match. I felt like we were in control for a lot of the game but just gave up dumb big plays and didn't even come close to finishing on long possessions. Kabul was garbage and gave up so many chances. That penalty was bullshit, but I can't claim 3-0 was a fluke after Sterling put Vert and Kabul in a fuging clown suit (then gifted Lloris the ball). That is kid is gonna be special
  7. Meh, he probably just realized we signed Fazio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej13Vn8mcnA
  8. Arsenal got a good draw. I'm really pulling for Schalke to take out Chelsea
  9. Best match I've seen Spurs play in a while. I know it was only QPR, but I'm starting to get my hopes up for this season. Poch has the guys playing a very fun attacking style with Lamela looking confident and like the player he was billed as last year. Also Dier has 2 goals in 2 games in the Prem. Top of the table! COYS!
  10. Spurs with a late winner! Great game: 10 vs 10 and an extra time goal by Dier, a 20 year old EPL rookie RB. 0-1 Spurs!
  11. Thanks for the pics! Number 1 and number 2 seem pretty contradictory though
  12. howard stern.....who's producer is nicknamed bababoey

  13. big fan of howard?

  14. HaHa...he's just hatin

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