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  1. This is long but if you want a really good in depth view of this team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B1kQoGifV0
  2. No he was a gunner in his 2nd year I believe. He had enough speed and physical talent to do that. YGM is not that kind of athlete and I think we would just be better off letting him go to another team when he fit better. Because it sure ain't here.
  3. Luke had very good combine numbers. I think he ran 4.58 and I don't remember his other numbers but I am sure they were equally good. Not great. You look at a Barno at DE and he ran sub 4.4 and Samuels ran like 4.31 and Jenkins ran like sub 5.0 at 310 or 315. Those are outstanding numbers no only for there position but for any position. As a team we have drafted some freak athletes. Luke was a better football player and it's not even close but he was not the athlete those guys were
  4. Based on talent a guy like Lamar Latham, or Peppers should be at the top and Luke should not even be on the list. Mark Fields was more physically talented than Luke ever was but Fields wasn't half the player Luke was. It's hard to make a list like that.
  5. The Saints had to go DL hard they lost 3 starters in the offseason. The only player that will be there from last year is Jordan and he is 35.
  6. I don't get the whole "Young is the Mahomes light" idea. Mahomes is a purple unicorn. He can run around all over the place get hit and still make perfect throws because he has an arm that maybe only 1 other guy in the NFL has right now. It's a cannon. Young has no where near that kind of arm. The main reason that Mahomes can make those is because he has that arm. Young does not have anywhere near that kind of arm, it's not a bad arm it is just average, and people think he is going to be able to do the same things. When Young reads the defense and throws on time he is as good as any QB in this class but when he makes plays off schedule he looks great, in college. What happens when he can't make off schedule plays in the NFL. He will still be good but he won't be what everyone thinks he is now. If he was his size and had a Allen/Mahomes arm I could see him making those off schedule plays in the NFL. Or if he was 215 lb and had his current arm strength I could see him doing it. But at his size and his arm strength I just don't see it.
  7. Wilson weighted 205 - 210 when he came into the league. Bryce Young. according to reports, played at 185 - 190 last year
  8. Definitely Cox. No one could withstand a combination of Cox Burns.
  9. Again talking about the NFL not college. You can do it in college. The NFL is another animal.
  10. This is pretty much my only problem with Young. Young never wants to give up on plays and holds the ball forever. It worked in college, ask Manziel how it will work in the NFL. Not saying Young is Manziel, because he is 10x better at least, but you have to get rid of the ball in the NFL and can't make a living off broken plays.
  11. Jay Cutler was alot of things but a bust was not one of them. A guy who started for 12 years and threw for over 35,000 yards is not a bust.
  12. LB and QB are the 2 thinnest spots on the team. QB we get with pick #1. Who is our other LB in the middle in a 3-4. Chinn? Maybe at 230 lbs at most? Shaq can never get hurt again and then pray a lot.
  13. The practice squad is not established until the season starts when all 53 players count against the cap. And every player on the practice squad makes the same I think. It's like 150 or 160 k or something like that. And all thoes guy count toward the cap as well
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