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  1. Your making up stupid criteria to prove a point. Many guys have not been good at one place and then went on to be good at another. There was this guy named Brees that sucked so bad in San Deigo in year 3 that they had the 1st pick in the draft and they drafted Manning/Rivers because they thought they needed a QB. Then in year 4 he became Drew Brees. Kerry Collins was good in year 2 here, then sucked in year 3, and year 4 said his heart was not in it and got cut. He was pretty good in NY. It has happened and just making up rules to prove your point makes you looks like a little c
  2. There was this guy named Farve. Then Vinny left the Bucs and went to the Jets and he was pretty good. There was this guy named Young with the 49ers. Jeff George was an asshole, but when he left the Colts and went to the Falcons he was pretty good. I am not even going to go back to guys like Plunkett. Then Tannehill, but everyone uses him as an example now. You must have just started watching the NFL yesterday I guess.
  3. Otc is more accurate. The numbers seem to be right most of the time. Sportac gets numbers and players on the roster and the cap hit on their website quicker but at the cost of accuracy. I like OTC between the two even if you have to wait a few days longer to get the numbers
  4. Well there was this guy from Alabama called Namath. But he just got drunk and went around trying to kiss reporters on TV.
  5. In mini camp moving a rookie does not mean alot to me. Especially in rookie mini camp. Now if they start doing that in training camp, then you have a problem.
  6. As much as he eat nothing about his end is probably tight anymore
  7. Not many, or any, players make it in the league after a position change and being out of the league for a few years. Or like 7 or 8 like The Golden Calf of Bristol. The only reason I can see him make a team is for his pre game speaches.
  8. The big knock on Foster out of college was he fumbled alot. He never really did that much in the NFL. But he was never really that good of a back where you could just lean on him for 20 - 25 carries a game either so maybe if he would have gotten the ball more he would have. He was really a stretch zone runner and he went to a power gap scheme team.
  9. The picks aren't all that bad by themselves. It's just in some cases, what we gave up to get them was that bad (Everette Brown & Funchess)
  10. There are a lot of good off the ball LB in this draft. It is possible you could get a guy like Barnes from Purdue in the early 4th and he could walk in and start week 1. I will say 3. OT, CB/S and LB. This is not a good draft for safety so if you want a starter you better get him in the 2nd but you could get a decent CB in the 3rd but probably not good enough to walk in and start.
  11. Then you get into how much the other team signed him for and you have to factor in who you lost in free agency and who you added and how much each player you added average yearly value is. Honestly if you wanted to get a pick or 2 out of it, it would be much easier to just trade him.
  12. https://nflpa.com/reports/public-salary-cap-report
  13. Great O lines don't always require great players. They require great communication between players. You can have good to average players on your o line and if they know how to hand off stunts and twists and who is responsible for blitz pick ups from different levels they can look great. That's why if you get a o line that works together well you don't want to let anyone leave. The 2 places on the field where communication matters more than actual ability is O line and secondary. That is why it is so hard to keep them together because when you get a good one everyone is willing to over
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