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  1. Not seeing this anywhere else on twitter so could be
  2. By unicorn do you mean he craps rainbows? Because I would draft anyone that does that #1 overall.
  3. I watched him alot his first 2 season starting. He would look like a 1st rounder on one play and follow that up by looking like a camp fodder guy on the next. A pro day is not going to change that. Did he look much better this past year? I really don't know because I did not see 1 game he played.
  4. I watched Wilson play 2 games this year and by the 2nd series of the 1st game I thought he was the best of the QB in this draft outside of Lawrence. Maybe even including Lawrence. Everyone else has questions. I just don't get how everyone can think a guy who has started 1 season at an FCS school is a top 5 pick. He had a great year but even if he had started in the ACC or SEC I would still be a little scared to pick him top 5. Maybe a little later in the first round I would not have a problem but he has to learn alot before you can plan on starting him. I know Cam had only 1 year of
  5. Tell that to the Browns who have "won" free agency like 3 times in the last 4 years. They are much better now than they were, but I don't think anyone is putting them in the Super Bowl discussion.
  6. If 2020 would have been a normal year it have been over 200 million this year and we would have had over 50 million this offseason.
  7. The refs might have a problem if we had 13 players on the field. Most defenses would look good if you put 13 players on the field.
  8. I just hope she is seeing the future and not doing something with Watson that will get him another court case.
  9. Move Scott to LT and Daley to LG and Little to Gastonia and I would feel better about that line.
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