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  1. Remember just a few seasons ago when hiring The Pete seemed like a desperate move......
  2. sorry man...next time im in town Ill def stop by

  3. the sad part is i cant get any panthers fans to come in. ive got over 40 tvs! its depressing. I did free beer last week and that didnt even work

  4. Oh yeah, my boy Mark Mouller is still out there. We could add him!

  5. the only thing that would have been better is if they would have taken Danny Green at 12. Trade the 2nd rounder for Stackhouse. Trade Okafor for Antawn Jamison and Brendan Haywood. DJ for Hansbrough. Wallace for Wallace, because thats the only thing that makes sense. Bring back Eric Montross and then trade a washing machine for Julius Hodge and a back of Juicy fruit. That works for me!

  6. HaHa...he's just hatin

  7. Should have taken Gavin Grant last year, Brandon Costner and Fells in the second round this year, pick up Ben McCauley as a free agent, trade Okafor to Cleveland for JJ Hickson, get Engin Atsur out of Turkey, pick up Julius Hodge in free agency and send 8 future first round picks to the kings for Cedric Simmons.

  8. Sorry it wasnt Courtney Fells. who else should they have taken?

  9. I had tons but that dickhead panthro killed it all down to -807. Now Im at -605 or something.

  10. Thats pretty douchie of you.

  11. I hate Carolina that much....i give neg rep out like candy.

  12. was that really worth -800 rep???

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