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  1. It’s because he’s quiet. He’s not an attention whore so people don’t notice him. He’s quietly one of the best WRs in the NFL.
  2. Don’t forget about Ricky Manning Jr
  3. Madden 22 will have the updated roster with pictures and rating and all that. But you won’t get an official one with madden 21...that’s basically all they do every year now for each new madden. You’re buying an official roster update.
  4. I think we have an adequate kicker in Slye. With a year under his belt, he should only improve.
  5. So many little whiners on this board. It’s shocking.
  6. In before “THE Jordan Mack?!”
  7. “I didn’t know people could be this negative...”
  8. All good, dude. I'm tracking with you! Worth a fight in camp at-least. How awesome would it be if he turns out to be great, or even serviceable... People on here act like they attend every practice and every staff meeting.
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