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  1. That picture is hilarious. On the bright side, the changing of the guard makes me want to watch again. I don't think it's hope, but I think it's the morbid curiosity on how things go, if Sam has changed at all (highly unlikely I know), how Sam looks behind a different line, etc...Same when we went with PJ.
  2. To top off the illustration, basically how big the caliber of the bullet is!
  3. Such a weird path to go in a forum conversation. It's devolved into "Who would win in a fistfight, Baker Mayfield or <random poster x>". That's where we're at.
  4. I don't understand his post. Is he basically saying "I still believe this. I'm still 'here'" or is there some other meaning?
  5. This whole TE group is "Back office" which really impedes our offensive ability. TE's should and can be a HUGE part of the passing game (captain obvious here).
  6. I needed the reminder because I have indeed forgot about him
  7. I went to central cabarrus high. Grew up on the edge of concord and midland. Spent a lot of time driving up and down pitts school, poplar tent, etc.
  8. I went to high school with Natrone Means brother, Jimmy Means. Even arm wrestled him the cafeteria once lol. He was a nice guy!
  9. Loved what I just saw and heard! He's a spitfire and full of positive energy.
  10. Helluva player and worker. Thanks Christian!
  11. Sam can definitely move the ball. I really do think he has a great arm. However, there will be an interception at some point in all long drives.
  12. Was reading an article on the Bucs and noticed this whizzer. Gave me a chuckle. Source: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/tom-brady-led-bucs-offense-has-been-anything-but-a-fantasy-land-and-its-why-the-team-is-struggling-193931866.html
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