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  1. Can’t wait to see Brandon Perna from YouTube “that’s good sports” react to this one!
  2. It’s why I let youtubetv record it and watch it after an hour or so in. At least I can FF the pain as needed.
  3. starring Panther greats Jimmy “pickles” Clausen Matt “who?” Lytle Rodney “we had no one else” Pete Randy “I played a game” Fasani David “killer hair though” Carr Vinny “he’s not retired?” Testeverde and last but not least Brian “bagging groceries yesterday” St. Pierre
  4. My caption best guess: ”almost had a winning season. “Darned tootin drat!”
  5. I love that mindset. When you're not going to want for anything the rest of your life, what is getting even more mean? Hell - even putting a couple million cash in CDs or T-Bills earning 4-5-6% compounds ridiculously in this economic market. I would like to think if I had the type of money and talent these guys have, I would think like Shaq. I would want to play where I want to play and let the money be an afterthought.
  6. I watched between 30-40 xfl games. There is a lot of good talent out there waiting to get picked. One receiver comes to mind “Lucky Jackson”. Dude was clutch and I think the commentators said he had 0 pass drops all season
  7. Just chilling at home. lying in the bed, tv on. Just how I like it.
  8. Years and years ago, I had that issue. It turned out I didn’t use little rubber washers when putting the board in the case. I guess I wasn’t grounding correctly. On a whim, I put some pressure “up” on the board and it turned on. That was what clued me in. I was really relieved at the time.
  9. I remember being absolutely amazed at baldurs gate back as a teen. I think I still have the original box with the 3.5 floppies in the attic. Will buy this!
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