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  1. Here’s a similar look at the offense.
  2. Had a chance to dive into Carolina’s strong 2021 defensive debut. Go check out the thread, if you’re interested. Great individual effort, pressure looks, coverages. Probably close to 20 different film cuts on the thread….didn’t want to clutter the forum with each clip.
  3. Elflein is a solid run game guard. But, he is really bad right now in traditional pass sets. Was last yr, too. Sam looks poised.
  4. Panthers have protected the following PS players for week one:
  5. Oh well, let’s just get to week one.
  6. Plenty of positives, particularly early on defensively. This play was just bad.
  7. Appreciate you listening. I have tried to be open minded about Will’s development, and it’s certainly nothing personal. I covered his first camp. There was a considerable gap between Allen and Grier that summer, in terms of consistency. He’s efficient, and accurate. I still think some of his fundamentals break down a little bit with moderate pocket pressure. Walker has continued to improve, and has great timing on vertical shots. Still has a tendency to take some gambles, and that’s something to work on. That’s a good foundation to work from with a young quarterback, IMO. Coachable guy w/ tremendous athletic traits. Will was so good at West Virginia, and the system was perfect for him. Teammates really like him, and again, he has nice accuracy and good timing on intermediate-level throws. I just don’t see next-level development happening. I get the sense this staff, for most part, prefers PJ to Will.
  8. Was a pleasure to chronicle camp this year from Wofford. We took some time to review some of the highlights from a spirited camp, and plenty of details from their final day w/ the Ravens. (Pardon the audio, I was on the road for the first segment.) Thanks for allowing me to share, and I hope you guys enjoy!
  9. The 3/3/3 references 3DL, 3LB, 3 SAF. I know, it’s a little confusing. I probably should’ve clarified that. Here’s a great article talking about Phil’s defensive structure, including some tidbits about this scheme. This is more of a sub package look, not base. (Base has typically been a 43 under, with Reddick as the strong side backer off the ball, Burns as the “LEO”—edge player on ball. Snow ran this as his base in college, with a lot of C1/C3. Seattle has been running this base alignment for years.) https://matchquarters.com/tag/phil-snow/
  10. Always evolving, but we try to keep it simple and coherent. Some amazing guests coming up in September. Appreciate your support!
  11. Again, I don’t recall an unusually high volume of “player bashing” tweets? Teddy is a old bit we run out, and it’s tired—probably just time to move off it, I agree. We will try to put some extra emphasis on the content most people come to my page for, which is Panthers throwback clips, the podcast w/guests, and film analysis on the 2021 Panthers. ….speaking of which…let’s look at today
  12. Certainly appreciate your understanding of this concept. We’ve said good things about Tep/Rhule/Scott/Dan Morgan, plenty of them. I just try to be fair, which involves being direct/critical as warranted. Tep has made a lot of big decisions over the last couple of years, and I think fans have every right to either say “just trust it” and stay the course, just as they can examine those moves with some level of scrutiny. I’m CERTAINLY not here to instruct fans on how to fan.
  13. I am NEVER above criticism. And I don’t make it a habit of making light of going after players. Teddy was a bad signing, and that’s on people other than Teddy. I can’t think of too many other players I’ve been hard on? I’ve actually built some fun relationships with many of the former and current guys here (Donnalley, Foster, Stewart, McClover, Luther Broughton, Jermaine Carter, CMC follows and likes our stuff). I actually spend more time cultivating and maintaining those relationships than I ever have being relentlessly unfair to anyone. It’s led me to a good place with respect to developing a somewhat small, but well respected circle of sources from around league. I do appreciate your perspective. Teddy’s not here, and I think it’s fair to let it go. Will do.
  14. I’m a radio guy, at my core, so we run bits into the ground. It’s almost a parody of itself at this point. We spend far less time discussing former Panthers QB’s than we do providing film/clips/analysis on the current roster. I will never agree with everything any regime does. I don’t think I’ve been particularly unfair to Rhule or anyone else. I praised Scott Fitterer for a masterful work during the draft, re: riding down the board and still getting good players. Cam was great here. Teddy felt overpaid from day one. Neither would be ideal here now. So, whenever I say it’s a big year for Matt and Sam, I’m looking at progression and a positive lean to playoff-readiness. I do value the opinions here. I don’t think we are a toxic place for Panthers content, but yea, if you catch a thread of Teddy talk you’ll either say “spot on” or “ugh”. That topic makes up a tiny share of our content, minuscule to be honest. Looking forward to the season! Appreciate y’all.
  15. I’ve heard worse, and I do appreciate constructive feedback. Sometimes, you need some perspective.
  16. Appreciate the feedback. I mean that sincerely.
  17. My friend Cody Alexander, one of the smartest minds on defensive schematics that I know, has talked about this with me in the past: Phil Snow’s multiple looks. Here’s the 3-3-3 (stacked) from earlier.
  18. The only reason it went down is because my f-*cking phone overheated. Literally, right in the middle of it, I got the temperature alert. By that point, I figured I would just collect clips. Still posting them as we speak.
  19. Demonstrated those traits as a high volume back in college. Here’s a nice look at his big run yesterday, with a special tip of the hat to Brandon Zylstra.
  20. Jeremy has been helpful in terms of allowing me to share some of our content here. He’s a good guy, we just spoke I camp the other day. I’m sure he’ll let me know if we need to curb any of this.
  21. Show links: The Roar on Apple Podcasts The Roar on Spotify The Roar on Google Pods Blue Wire Pods - The Roar: A Carolina Panthers Podcast
  22. Hey guys. Billy’s back from his world travels soon. This week’s pod: detailed observations from my two weeks of coverage at Camp Wofford, some thoughts on the salty joint-practice with Indy, and a look ahead to Sunday’s game. Plenty of 411 to get your weekend started. Thanks for giving us a listen, as always!
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