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  1. Actually, I took it down because it was from the NFL comms stats hub, and they're not big fans of folks screencapping that data. Judgement call to avoid getting someone in their comms dept up my rear end about it. Stanley and Brian aren't that soft, FWIW. Hope you've had a good one.
  2. Quality velocity. Great protection.
  3. Some interesting tape from last night. Will post some cut ups throughout the weekend.
  4. Happy Sunday! Hope y'all are good. Here's our podcast recapping Carolina's week/game in New England.
  5. 24 days til kickoff…Ricky Manning, Jr. gave us one of the great unsung moments in Panthers history. One of the most compelling playoff games of our era, to be honest:
  6. That’s fair. Honestly, and you’ll laugh, my daughter loves the show, and she met McCaffrey the other day. Her first real “connection” to the Panthers experience, as a new fan of the game. She kinda begged me to use the song lol. I thought it worked fine, but I understand where you’re coming from. Just spitting out some content for fun. I have the entire NFL films music library to pick from, I could always lay one of those tracks w it for an alternate video.
  7. Hope this brings you some joy as we head into another season.
  8. Greetings from Wofford. My full recap from today’s 2.5 hour practice session. Back at it tomorrow, 9am. Appreciate yall!
  9. Greetings from Spartanburg. Interesting day at Panthers Camp. Just cut a 45 minute recap from today’s practice, with a look ahead to the rest of the week. Will continue to do a new episode each day, including a fan fest recap on Thursday PM/Friday morning.
  10. Cleveland was able to utilize 13 personnel (3TE sets) as a pass game tool. The dominant nature of their run game encouraged single high coverage opportunities, and the TE group was 3-deep with reliable pass catchers. The play below summarizes Mayfield’s strengths: play action salesmanship, progressing to vertical reads w confidence, ability to place vertical throws with a relatively high degree of velocity and accuracy. The foundation for his success lies in protection, but just as vital…having the threat of a multi-personnel grouping run game active and healthy, making their early down play action shots a credible two-way threat for defenses to strain over.
  11. There are some imperfections on Baker’s tape, and we will chronicle those, as well. I will say, they don’t measure up to some of the fatal error miscues you see from Sam Darnold on a regular basis. Baker has a higher floor, higher ceiling, better energy and I am surprised he’s still waiting to be named the starter. I don’t think I’m alone there. I’m sure a few folks disagree—fair enough. I’m just going on what I know from tape and what I see at camp. I’ll be at Wofford tomorrow morning for practice, as well as the remainder of the week. Fan Fest, as well. Hope to see some of y’all out there!
  12. Hey guys. Trying to make good use of hours of film I’ve cut up on Mayfield over the past month or so. I’ll create a thread here to periodically drop some clips your way.
  13. I don’t have anything bad to say about anyone over there. I do wish there was a little more selection in terms of highlights. Not for me, I’m there every day. When my kids can’t make it, they love that stuff.
  14. Hope y’all enjoyed Sam Mills day today! Billy is back from vacation, so we had a chance to catch up and go over some of my observations from the past week here in Spartanburg. Thanks again for listening!
  15. Here’s the full week of pods so far, live from Wofford. More to come this weekend. Thanks again for the support!
  16. By the way, some of you may have come across this in the past, but if you haven’t… Here’s the 2005 Carolina Panthers offensive playbook. Plenty of pages on situational football, positional fundamentals, and much more. If you are a football junkie, and you remember those days here, it’s a pretty compelling piece of literature. A few months ago, I spoke with Keary Colbert and Deshaun Foster. They couldn’t emphasize this enough: Jim Skipper was the brain child behind most of the clock management/situational football elements within this book. https://second-effort.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/2005-Carolina-Panthers-Offense.pdf
  17. Yeah, it takes a little bit of commitment to actually sit down and work through it. I love it, been doing it for years, and it’s highly instructive…gives me greater appreciation for the process when I watch practices and games.
  18. Honest is a good guy. He’s one of several guys out there I’ve been able to network with off-line and trade some ideas and concepts with
  19. RA will benefit from getting back into the shallow cross/hitch/pivot route game within 5-7y of the LOS. Teddy fed him a ton of WCO-ish targets in ‘20, and the RAC production was quite good. On occasion, peppered into a 3rdQ situation in which Carolina has established a viable run game, you‘ll see Ben dial up some 2-man route shot concepts, as he did in practice Tuesday when Baker hit Robbie on that 35+ y post off PA. From GB’s pass game install in 2012 (McAdoo was part of this install)
  20. Last year, about 250 to 300 ravens fans rode into town for a joint practice, and Panthers fans showed up in big numbers, and it was like a damn block party, hundreds of phones out. Everybody was filming, and posting, and it was open season. If I had to guess, I’d say that particular practice session had something to do with their new policy. We’re not living in 2003 anymore. If you’re taking pictures, or filming something, it’s not just to have for your own personal collection. Everybody’s running to their social media channel of choice, disseminating the stuff within minutes. So, this is probably the league’s way of adapting, not just Carolina. Oh, and also, there’s something to be said about the social media and digital teams cornering the market on video and photography. And again, that’s for every team out there. Ask Jeremy, he’ll preach about it
  21. Just about every person in attendance saw 88 motion inside and run a slot fade. The team shot video of it, albeit from a tight angle, and quite honestly…I didn’t even diagram the other routes as they were run, for the express purpose of not being an ass. It was a motion slot fade, one read, simple. For the dozens of other plays I have quietly stood by and avoided diagraming, or filming, or tweeting out info about meaningful schematics…I’m not worried that I’ve cost Carolina “the winning edge” w a GL fade scribbled on a steno pad. That said, I actually appreciate your passion lol
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