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  1. I saw him play randomly last year (i dont watch much college football) and after that I made a point to turn on the florida game each weekend. He is so much fun to watch and reminded me of cam so much (although not as dominant as cam was). Id love to have him but if that was the plan i wish they would have just traded to 3 instead.
  2. Sucks for the coach yeah but as a fan I'd much rather have that than finding other things to do on Sundays bc the team is so terrible.
  3. With respect to the topic of super bowl win vs mediocrity. Everyone ask yourself, if the panthers had won the super bowl in 2016 but everything else played out the same way, you'd be totally fine right now bc we can point to a game 7 years ago? If you say yes i really think you're lying to yourself. I would take a decade of playoffs and close calls than one ring. I totally agree with Mr. Scott
  4. It's a flat out crime that no one from the offensive line made this list. Shame.
  5. That's bc if we win out then we win the South, no matter what Tampa does.
  6. You do realize he got to LA on Tuesday right? What he did was unprecedented on an NFL level at the quarterback position. Look at the reactions from players and fans who watched the game, they know how truly special it was. I think you're sorta missing the point. And I do agree that coaching played a huge role in Baker's performance. Anyone notice any batted balls? I watched most of the game, there were none that I saw. Thats because he was taking deep drops on a lot of play action fakes, not quick pass RPOs.
  7. Here's my thing...he says he understands the business but apparently thought he had 4+ years to build a winning product. So yeah, he apparently doesn't understand this business at all. Hes a used car salesmen that also stands on the sidelines during football games. Good riddance.
  8. My biggest problem with him yesterday was that he talked in the press conference about being aggressive and that was the most play not to lose game plan I've ever seen.
  9. Patriots did it convincingly on the road with a fourth round draft pick from Western Kentucky. Its tough but it aint impossible. Coaching matters.
  10. Is this forum just completely made up of bots and teenagers? My lord.
  11. Aaron Wilson isn't a clown. He's actually a well respected reporter who covers the NFL and the Texans. Unless this is some other Aaron Wilson. The part about the coaches seems like speculation perhaps but I trust what this guys puts out.
  12. Up until a few weeks ago Tua and Hurts were absolutely NOT considered franchise QBs.
  13. Dude watch other NFL games besides the Panthers, look at what a quality coach can do for teams/players. Look at Miami, Philly, Jacksonville to name a few. Rhule is the problem, we've had multiple QBs start for this team during his tenure, including Cam and they have ALL looked terrible.
  14. I think the nfl as a whole has pushed back on independent media and dana recording stuff. Team social media accounts are too important right now. Sometimes we have blinders on to what the rest do the league does. Kinda like the black helmets, i was thinking, "wow the panthers finally listened" but in reality the nfl changed the rules and like 13 teams are doing alternate helmets this season.
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