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  1. Appreciate that! Dane and Austin were awesome, as usual.
  2. We talked about it after the show. Dude puts in endless hours on it. Nobody works harder, and it shows.
  3. Hey guys. Hope everybody is excited about the draft coming up. We have a doubleheader draft episode for y’all this week. Dane Brugler (Part 1) and Austin Gayle (Part 2). About an hour run time, each interview goes about 30 minutes. By the way, check out the link below the pod tweet for Dane’s 2022 draft guide. If you don’t subscribe to The Athletic, Dane’s work is well worth it. Thanks for listening, I hope you guys enjoyed it! “The Beast” Draft Guide link:
  4. Hard to argue that the two most powerful people in that building, football/otherwise, are the owner, followed by the HC. It appears the general manager has less resistance and more cooperation this year. That’s not to imply there was ever a conflict, that’s just the nature of the business. I don’t think I’m alone in that assessment. I don’t think any of this is really groundbreaking, like I said.
  5. Let me do a little Twitter housekeeping here. Being “pretty involved” is vague, so let me translate: He’s the owner, and when it comes to cornerstone decisions, such as sizing up their next swing at a franchise quarterback, my understanding is he’ll be an active participant in that decision. Same as he was during the bulk of their pursuit of Watson. I don’t think this is an outrageous statement. Luckily, I’m in a nice position in my life, in which I don’t have to log onto the Internet and make things up. So, that’s what I was getting at, and I hope that helps.
  6. I was off for this episode, so Billy had Emory Hunt on for an insightful chat, re: the draft. I’d highly recommend following Emory’s work on Twitter (link below). Dane Brugler (The Athletic) and Jonathan Alexander (Charlotte Observer) join us next week. Thanks again for your support!
  7. We also had @Vergeon the show today for some draft analysis. I’ll post that interview sometime tomorrow. It was a good chat!
  8. Had a chance to talk with Levon Kirkland today. There are some pretty amazing stories in this interview, and I thought I would share with you guys for the Sam Mills/Kevin Greene reflections, in particular. He was close with both. It’s about 32 minutes long, hope y’all enjoy! Direct link: https://spreaker.page.link/ivXB4qVLN882vNdV6
  9. Mark does great work for USA Today’s Touchdown Wire. We walked through some of the key position groups in the draft, including QB’s. Also had some interesting perspective on Jaycee Horn. Hope you guys enjoy.
  10. I’m enjoying my life. Blessed to have a healthy, ever-too-fast growing trio of kids, a great wife who has been through a lot lately, and a variety of ways to bring some Panthers nostalgia, info, and analysis (and some occasional levity) to those who choose it. Like I said, I sincerely appreciate your perspective. However you view my work, it’s my pleasure to absorb critique along the way—it’s part of the deal. Again, I hope you have a great weekend.
  11. Thank you once again for your feedback. I hope you have a great weekend.
  12. Good value, IMO. Some tape on Foreman:
  13. Thanks Scot. Positive news yesterday. We’ll revisit things in a few months. Appreciate u
  14. Anyway, I hope everybody has a great day. Should be a busy one. Follow whomever you choose for breaking news. I don’t need the clicks LOL.
  15. I don’t know if you follow my work, but I’m extremely fair and cautious when it comes to sharing information. That’s not my role typically, but when there’s something of value to share, and it’s credible, I’ll share it. Typically, I’m looking at tape of what’s going on with potential prospects and current players, and having a good time with fans with looking back at memories from some old moments with the team. My full-time job is sports talk radio, so I’m not jockeying for clicks. Now, please come listen to my show, of course LOL. But seriously, it’s up to y’all as to how you feel about somebody’s work. I appreciate your perspective.
  16. I have cultivated some pretty good relationships around the league, not just with a guy like Stanley, but people I respect who do hard work in the trenches. I’m comfortable with my place in all of this, and I appreciate your feedback.
  17. I don’t hate the Panthers. It’s not my job to cheerlead for them, either. I’m not in charge of how I’m labeled, whether it’s a reporter, radio guy, podcaster, whatever people want to think, that’s cool. I try to provide some information, perspective, a little bit of film breakdown, and some honesty. Having a 27-year interest in this franchise gives me a little bit of perspective, and I guess if you’re detecting unhappiness, it’s on the behalf of fans right now who are stuck dealing with a pretty messy operation. It’s not good these days.
  18. I think you’re confusing things a little bit, but then again, you’re probably doing it on purpose. Let’s take a minute and explain: My understanding is Karolina came in with the most aggressive offer, and was the team most willing to increase that offer. At the end of the day, that doesn’t dictate Watsons destination, as he has a no trade clause. Not matter what, if one team offers more than the others in terms of draft capital + players, but Watson would rather play for another team, he’s going to play for another team.
  19. The hell are you talking about? Done deal? Christ almighty, go to the park and take a walk.
  20. My sources tell me Tepper and the Panthers are viewed as the best trade partner by Caserio and the Texans. Houston likes what Carolina has the offer, and how much of it they appear to be willing to offer. 6th overall, 2 other 1st’s, at least one starting caliber player on his rookie deal. Maybe more than that, but that’s the baseline. My gut is NO might have an edge, based on the fact that Carolina’s culture/results haven’t been very good in years. Watson might not mind that, but I’d be surprised.
  21. Hey Jackie. It’s a wider net than you probably think, and again, it’s more about relationships than trolling for 411. The relationships are the most important thing to me, and if information is offered from that, we go with it.
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