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  1. I actually really like Samuel but prioritizing Moton had to be the priority considering the depth on the oline vs depth at WR and how hard it is to get legit tackles.
  2. How? I thought that was if you were in places that couldn't have satellite. Admittedly I haven't tried so I don't know if that is just honor system or how they know. But since I had directv in the past, I figured they know I could have it and choose not to.
  3. I had Sunday ticket for ages but got fed up with directv and left a few years ago. Since I get the panthers locally, the red zone channel suffices but if the full games are ever available without directv and legal, then I'd love to have them again.
  4. I honestly think we need a better 2nd qb...I would really like gardner minshew if he gets cut or is available in trade. If darnold goes down or is terrible, we are sunk imo. As for Steven's, I like the idea of using him like taysom hill if he shows he is capable. I think the Swiss army knife role would be great for our offense and st.
  5. Rappaport confirming that we would, in fact, have a game in Atlanta made me lol. Overall, our social media team is one of the few things I like about social media in general.
  6. In retrospect, I definitely agree that horn and sustain would have went to Denver and Dallas at 9 and 10 had we traded back. At the time, I would have thought one of them might have been there at 15 if we traded with new England as I didn't really think Denver would go cb. But even then it would have been iffy. I definitely wouldn't have expected one if those to be there if we traded down with Chicago. If a top cb was what we wanted, they were correct to take one while they could. I will admit I was disappointed we didn't take fields because I think he will be a star and even if darnold works out, I'd rather have 2 good options and trade one later than risk him not working out and being without a franchise qb. However, after seeing how well the rest of the draft went, I'm happy to get horn and excited overall.
  7. I knew I liked the houston trade immediately. Are they sure Bill O'brien isn't still their gm?
  8. Also, I wouldn't mind a more experienced backup qb. Does anyone think we might use Tommy stephens like taysom hill. If not, I don't know that he can make the 53. I would root for him though.
  9. Bonnafon could still make the team as a backup rb. He has shown flashes before being hurt last year.
  10. I think this is the ideal year for all these trade downs. With all the opt outs and no combine, I think there are more likely to be more busts and late steals as scouting is harder than ever. Thus, having more picks increases the likelihood of finding a diamond in the rough or two. Seems like good strategy to me.
  11. I felt like houston gave up a lot in that last trade. Assuming they aren't good next year, we probably get an early fourth out of that.
  12. Nope, I've been here since 95. I can't imagine quitting unless the team moves.
  13. Admittedly, I'm a very casual fan and haven't seen them much this year, but I loved the speed and hustle that I saw out of McDaniels tonight.
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