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  1. So power rankings on signing draft picks 1. Panthers. ... Everyone else
  2. Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor?
  3. I wanted him with our 3rd rounder. Like this one a lot.
  4. Got 5th rd pick back (156 overall) to move from 65 to 72
  5. If the rumor that they want a top rb is true, I'm glad they traded down enough to get substantial return. Still lots of great options at most of our needs.
  6. According to espns top 100 free agents, hunt was 5 overall and the top o line. Those type of players aren't cheap but our o line needs to be so much better. I like it.
  7. With the discussion about Caldwell, I remembered dom capers. Is he still around? I haven't heard his name at all in all the coaching changes. I know he is evero's guy so I'm guessing so if evero doesn't leave.
  8. Hopefully soon he can be working with a new stud receiver.
  9. I would be thrilled with Tomlin but I really doubt that happens.
  10. I was in Atlanta when they beat our 14-0 team. We need to knock them out of the playoffs every year for a decade as far as I'm concerned. Hate them.
  11. You may be right...I have no way of knowing. But, I do think some head coaches would dictate to run the ball in that situation. I think riverboat would.
  12. Agreed. I probably would have went if it hadn't been pouring all day. It wasn't worth getting sick right before Christmas to me.
  13. One Critical decision: 1st and 10 at Atlanta 25 with 3:13 left. Atlanta has all 3 timeouts. A lot of coaches will either run 3 straight times to make Atlanta burn their timeouts or run twice and then try to pass on 3rd down. This is especially true in this rain. Tabor passed on 1st down to sanders in the flat and gained 7 yards. This play imo led to the panthers being able to bleed the clock all the way out. However, if the pass is incomplete, it would be second guessed as it would certainly mean Atlanta keeps a timeout when they get the ball back. A safe pass on 1st down when the defense is clearly looking for a run feels like playing to win instead of not to lose.
  14. Many owners would have kept rhule or Reich longer to avoid paying multiple coaches simultaneously the next few years. There's plenty to not like but if he cared only about money, I doubt he'd be willing to pay three expensive head coaches for the next 3-4 years.
  15. With bc listed as a guard and erving gone, our only backup tackle is...Ricky Lee. I've never heard his name. Did he play in the preseason? Guess I was not paying attention if so.
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