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  1. They graded Paradis high for not holding on all the plays he got beaten on.
  2. The conspiracy theorist in me wanted to say the game was rigged. The realist in me knew as soon as I saw Jerome boger was the ref, that game changing errors would happen. They do in every game he refs. The fact that he still has a job indicates that the nfl doesn't care. I just hope he is incompetent in both directions but yesterday I don't think he was.
  3. How do Chuba and freeman compare in pass pro. I think cmc has had some key blocks to allow darnold to make plays so that is a less obvious concern to me.
  4. I went to the stones show last night and it was awesome. Mick is amazing to be nearly 80. He was running around and moving like someone half his age. Fwiw.
  5. I'll bet he lands in Baltimore or San Francisco. They both collect all the running backs.
  6. I definitely think you are right. There is no benefit in deciding now.
  7. With the current ir rules, it doesn't make sense to declare anyone out for the season if they have any chance to come back. This is a hugely positive rule change from the past where you either had to end someone's season or keep them in the 53 man roster for injuries such as horns which are questionable. For horn, the choice of coming back in Dec or January may be different if the team is in contention. If not, take no chances. If so, decide then.
  8. The defense is passing the eye test. The pressure from the front has been great. With that, we have a legit chance to be a playoff team. Whether it happens or not depends on getting at least ok offensive line play and darnold continuing to play to his potential. I thought those were the keys before the season as well but the defense overachieving should take some pressure off the offense as well.
  9. Has there been any word on burris's injury. All I have seen is groin injury. What does our safety depth look like
  10. I still like Josh. Hope for the best for him.
  11. Olsen for a 3rd. Bears fans may never get over that one.
  12. I really hope to see tremble on the field more.
  13. Very speculative and I don't trust Twitter doctors but here is one tweet I saw.
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