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  1. Since he is a free agent, they can structure his contract to push all the money in the future and have a very small cap hit now. I'd bet he goes to buf or kc as well. A trade to those teams would have been more complicated as he would have needed to restructure.
  2. Kickoffs are already the most boring play in the game since 90% seem to be touchbacks (idk the real number but it's high). Idc what changes they make to it including getting rid of kickoffs altogether.
  3. I really liked seeing campen celebrate after drafting zavala. He seemed to be very excited about him.
  4. Found this quote on espn.com today to even out the downgrade quote earlier. I have no idea who this person is or what an "andscape" is but he likes young id say. Jason Reid, senior Andscape writer: Bryce Young is embarking on a career that will one day culminate with his enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Some guys just have it, and Young is one of those guys.
  5. Curious why you think that. I've been to that stadium and aside from being sorta ugly and having the Falcons inside, nothing struck me as bad about it. Granted i have not been to the other newer stadiums that have opened in the last 10 years
  6. I might go to Atlanta for the opener. The chance to see Bryce and all the other new guys for the first time might be alluring for me.
  7. When was our last non Thursday prime time game. I'm having a hard time remembering.
  8. True. I still prefer it to another power rankings article that regurgitates last years standings and panders to the nfc east over and over.
  9. He is gonna retroactively win the previous 10 super bowls too.
  10. Their championship is in 2 weeks. Semis were this weekend and they have a week off before the championship just like nfl.
  11. Wr out of uncc at #4. What a steal?
  12. Ditto. If that were offered, we could take Stroud and jsn and still have 39. I don't know how they could pass that up. I totally don't think it happens but I'd be very tempted in that one scenario. Otherwise, I'm happy with young if that is the choice. I feel like he has enormous potential.
  13. I agree with those who are happy as long as we get one of the big 2. In that case, I'm more excited to go to training camp and preseason games than I have been since cams first year. If we take someone else, I'll convince myself to be excited but I really think that would be a mistake.
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