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  1. All these “experts” picking Falcons you know what that means, we’re gonna win
  2. Seriously. All these hypocrites calling Fitterer a dumb dumb for cutting Corral
  3. positive update https://x.com/willkunkelfox/status/1700241049455898769?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  4. Fitterer is waiting until week 2 to sign a vet 0-limena an/or D-lineman (possibly Chris Wormley) that way their salaries are not guaranteed
  5. https://x.com/avl_mike/status/1700127283686556144?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA I guarantee a win Sunday
  6. https://x.com/willkunkelfox/status/1699887364661985531?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  7. https://x.com/toddhamptoniii/status/1699811280201154748?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  8. https://x.com/joshnorris/status/1699508415691702403?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  9. exactly. Burns is an elite pass rusher but not an elite player like Bosa
  10. https://x.com/rapsheet/status/1699509016798347304?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  11. https://x.com/josephperson/status/1699507892259279088?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  12. he's still alive? I like his voice, also his dick
  13. https://x.com/drewrigley/status/1699479000618356765?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  14. https://x.com/aaronwilson_nfl/status/1699169158053642729?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  15. Falcons gonna run it up Panthers assholes come Sunday
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