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  1. Haven't seen or heard from ya in ages....hope all is well

  2. I see you've been here, how about a post!!

  3. it's been a long time since August.... ;)

  4. You on vacation or something?

  5. It doesn't mean it's not still worth the trouble... When I get sad I just look at a little clown...
  6. You do know where you are, right?
  7. There's always a man behind the curtain and usually he has his dick in his hand, just sayin'...
  8. Satellite view of Earth at night... Then of course satellite view of North Korea at night...
  9. Ah, ok. I have seen the movie, but it was many years ago. You know, the whole age thing...
  10. I didn't get it. Because we are at war in Iraq and we are at war in Asia. What am I missing?
  11. Wonder how often he gets pulled over?...
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