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  1. I think Brenton was alot better but I get your point..lol
  2. I love this post! If your going to sign a fringe player I would have preferred Cam Newton to compete for the starting position. ..Oh well I go back in my shell...lol
  3. Starts at the top and goes down. Look at Cams career It is proven that coaching is just as important to a Qb as a line is. Even if your line isn't great a coach can recognize weaknesses and scheme to hide how bad your line is Also design plays to fit your Qb. Ron and company were good at that but it was a detriment to Cams career. Do you want that again? Panthers need to progress with a new regime. Rhule isn't it. Just look at the statements he has made about players. This versatile stuff. He can’t even determine who plays where good...lol and qb decisions. Knee jerk reactions...ok New browns for 4 more yrs. Atil
  4. If Urban myer who achieved much more in college is fired. I believe Matt is over due.
  5. I know. I don't think he has ever been an NFL starter but I am trying to think like they may be thinking. Play him cause you have to pay him. Line may be better but u still will have to get a new qb in 2023 draft hopefully Young.
  6. And we still suffering from the damages he stayed longer than he should have.
  7. Versatility is for bench players not starters..lol
  8. Depends who is there at qb whether not you take one. You need to get your line soared up no matter the qb. Investment should be on the line and TE, wrs. TEs are a safety blanket need that for young qbs especially. No need right now to really draft a qb when you have so much vested in Sam. Build your line.
  9. Oh yes I agree he is just a good coach. He has enough talent on some of his teams I think to have won more than just one ring. I was just saying that some coaches are just regular season coaches and can't seem to hurdle the pressure that surrounds playoffs. That seems to be the case with him. Good regular season coach, but that's about it. I'm not a fan of him but he does win to get to the playoffs.
  10. I usually agree with u on many things but Darnold is Darnold..he was a turnover machine at USC I believe. I watched him play in one game a drew the conclusion bc in that game I watched him just give the ball away and it wasn't even close to being an explainable throw. He lost that game by himself and it is the same way now. Some things are coachable and some are not. Too careless.
  11. How many times have they not made the playoffs? I mean that's what I would go by. Football is a grueling grind, and it's just a game at a time. Teams get hot and cold, and sometimes certain teams gave your number. I would prefer that the SB would be played like best 2 out of 3 instead of one game and just cut down on the number of playoff teams. To me basketball has a more telling story of who the true champ is. Just like college we looking at Ga and Alabama 2yrs in a row playing different teams each yr and yet they are back seeing who is the best. If ga wins I think the should play again tho.
  12. Qb is least of the panthers problems. They need linemen and coaching. Just wait it out and get Young the following yr. If you build the line and Sam somehow plays better then it's not as bad.Before they do anything he needs to hire some good NFL caliber coaches. Don't want to be the jags.
  13. Tomlin is not perfect by far but definitely better than any coach panthers have had. Yes, he doesn't have many superbowls but tell me who else does. New England just seemed to win best coach and qb together tandem. He should have more subs with some of those teams he had, but we say that about others as well. There can only be one sb winner. He should have let Ben walked a couple years ago. Probably would have had a better chance at the Sb.
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