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  1. If you can’t win the match win the fight
  2. I still think our best combo would be LT- BC. LG- Ickey C- Bozeman RG- Corbett RT- Moton
  3. I feel bad for Wilson looks like it’s time to send Sam home
  4. Show me on the doll where Tepper touched you
  5. I think the DT from Washington is gonna be a massive help and I think Nixon can be a stud. Pressure from up the guts is much better than the edge
  6. Gotta be pretty silly to think this would happen. The blind Rhule hate would have to be strong
  7. I bet he forgets to put his bins out
  8. Play him like the feature back he is and if he breaks down again I think we have an out in his contract next year
  9. It’s near Tuesday you backwards country
  10. I like them both still my biggest gripe with Rhule was his choices for coaching staff but I believe he fixed that
  11. I’m hoping BC locks up the Left Tackle spot I believe Ickey could be a Quinton Nelson level LG
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