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  1. I think the Colts are gonna pair Levis with Saturday anyway
  2. They gotta a bit of cap finessing to do first and the Feb 15 deadline coming up fast
  3. The Saints do now after the Payton trade
  4. We need to take a hard look at Chark this off-season
  5. Yeah I’m cutting Shaq or trading if another team is willing
  6. I’d much rather Carr if we don’t draft a QB in the first
  7. He would be the closest thing to Cam since Cam. Cam was definitely a better player coming out that’s why Cam went No1. But with proper coaching and weapons plus protection he could definitely be Cam Newton or better in the NFL or flame out haha
  8. No one hates Corral we just hate the head in the cloud takes like this that people have
  9. I did see a stat where Willis took 50 sacks his final year where AR took 12 or something in the SEC so at least he has a lot more awareness to go with his physical traits that Willis never did
  10. Use your brain what is more likely Corral is a 3rd round outlier that will be a franchise QB or he’s just another project QB dart throw. And as a team they need to go down the more logical choice
  11. Your delusional don’t compare Wilson and Corral. Tony Pike should have been Tom Brady going off draft position. And Cam was cooked that’s why he was let go
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