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  1. Let’s just beat Houston first then look ahead
  2. Worse than New Zealanders that lot
  3. Rodgers attitude spread through the locker room
  4. Can’t force an owner to sell his side for sexual harassment then go trade for a QB in the same situation
  5. It’s not a coincidence that Luke was in the building today and this happens. A man can wish right?
  6. A lot of time between now and when Moore comes off contract anything could happen
  7. Darnold is going to be treated like a rookie they want to see growth through the year. This isn’t a drop Tom Brady into the side situation
  8. I actually like this approach hope it pays off
  9. All this happening around the world and China has the hide to bully our exports because we called for an independent investigation into Covid origins
  10. I’m sure we try make a move for another veteran LT
  11. Got all this from a preseason game with no starters?
  12. Go get the old fella Brown from the Seahawks give him an extension. Should get 3 years out of him
  13. Brown is the key to Brady collapse the middle for the edge to feast
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