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  1. I still think we should have traded him. Those picks and his upcoming contact being used on FAs could have set this side up just lovely
  2. The man needs to cop a little ban and get on the juice get a bit stronger at the point of attack
  3. Head over and be a Chargers supporter and enjoy your 6’6 QB leading the league in battered passes
  4. If we didn’t trade for him we’re not signing him when he has a choice
  5. The Bears will be picking in the high 20s at the best with our pick
  6. We’ve had a Rib Eye off-season compared to Rhules Vegan steak seasons
  7. Where’s all this fire for our other 3rd string players at other positions? We’ve got our Future in Young and our insurance/mentor for the next couple years in Dalton. Where does a 3rd round injury prone QB (in a terrible QB draft) who looked garbage last preseason plus he already sulked when Bryce was drafted fit in?
  8. I hope we never see him on the field apart from Preseason and when we’re blowing teams out
  9. Well fingers crossed Corral is our Atlanta version of Matt Schaub
  10. I wish him luck but there’s a good chance he has a rookie throwing him the ball after the 2024 draft if Fields doesn’t do enough
  11. I can’t see them hanging around for 5 plus years
  12. His scouting report I think was similar to Trent Williams it would be lovely if he developed the same
  13. Without the correct man under centre all those weapons will only get you so far
  14. Let’s get away from me saying diva let’s wipe that. What I’m saying is I believe for the better long term development of a QB subconsciously getting tunnel vision at the very start of a career for an Alpha WR is best practise. Get the growing pains out the way with him reading defences and attacking matchups then add that Alpha and watch the offence explode
  15. What I’m saying is I don’t want my rookie QB getting tunnel vision for an (stereotype) demand the ball Alpha WR. I’d rather him in a built Offence like we have with all solid receivers that attack certain parts of the field. Sure once the growing pains are done and he’s reading the whole field add that guy to take it to the next level
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