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  1. I’m not walking up any more stairs we all have our nemesis
  2. I can’t see how a team would draft the 2 Alabama WRs in the first when Rondale Moore and Elijah Moore have very similar skill sets that could be had later
  3. Rondale Moore is every bit explosive as Waddle and should not cost us a 1st
  4. Look at the last Super Bowl Generational QB, TE and WR had no Tackles and got embarrassed
  5. Better WRs in the second and third than OTs. I’d much rather one of the Moore boys on day 2 than a Bama WR on day 1
  6. I get lightheaded when I think about CMC running behind Sewell. Probably faint if it comes true
  7. Only way I want Pitts in the first is if we trade our 2nd for Orlando Brown
  8. I see a lot of calls for stats that I don’t think any rookie QB outside of Lawrence would have hit here.
  9. Upside is nice but I’d rather not gamble to much with our LT
  10. Not top 5 yet his physical profile gives him a chance to get there though
  11. I don’t know if there is one but I want a Robert Hunt type guard in the second
  12. Anyone other than OT or CB would be a surprise to me
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