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  1. Was Brady dropped into the worst coached side in football with the worst oline and weapons?
  2. Yes do it. Dolphins and Bills are proof of what you need to do to unlock “Bust” QBs
  3. Neither has back to back winning seasons for us
  4. Burns seemed to get all his sacks early when he could catch a tackle off guard by his speed. Once they got use to him they could shut him down that’s my opinion
  5. His throw velocity will improve with better footwork
  6. Nah the much higher bust percentage for all players suits your narrative too a tee
  7. Another day another Bryce Young bashing
  8. Greg Olsen is very lofty target I love that mentality. I can realistically see him being a David Njoku level player though
  9. Want I want to see is some cleanish pockets, competent play calling and weapons that can get open. If those things start happening regularly I believe we will start seeing the Alabama version of Bryce Young
  10. Imagine if we got into bitcoin at the beginning. Don’t dwell on the past
  11. Fingers crossed you’re right. Just like fingers crossed I’m right about Bryce
  12. I remember the lions getting panned for Gibbs and Laporta. Let’s see the product first
  13. We’re not getting No 1 I guarantee Bryce becomes our franchise QB you heard it here first
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