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  1. I know we’re going analytical and that means less FG attempts but surely it also means we need a more accurate kicker
  2. If he stays I’d much rather him and Moore switch roles. I’d rather Moore on the underneath and intermediate targets to maximise is YAC and Robbie on the deep routes
  3. Players hit FA for a reason either bad fits or want too much money. Spend money in FA for depth to keep the bottom of our roster strong and keep building through the draft and use our money to resign our studs.
  4. The Darnold/Fields depression is real. You need a complete side to win in this comp and our powers at be decided Darnold and Horn were a better distribution of assets. We didn’t win poo with Cam and Fields is the Wish version of him.
  5. I think they might have started the rumour while the Jets still had Darnold and a team theoretically had a chance to get pick 2
  6. And I just nerded out and bought a DJ Moore card hahaha
  7. Good sleep on the whole team show these fools
  8. Pretty happy that it’s not our problem
  9. Ex owner sexual harassment new QB sexual harassment not the best look for a franchise
  10. Helps having a coaching staff that doesn’t stick with failing vets till the end
  11. Well I wouldn’t give him any cheek I like my front teeth
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