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  1. This team has had a couple Cinderella seasons since its inception. But other than that pretty much trash Tepper has just made the trash worse. Need a fuging genie to fix this hoodoo
  2. This NFL is built around offense either hop on the bus or get left behind. Defensive coaches will have flash in the pan seasons but that will most likely lead to his Offensive Coordinator being hired.
  3. He’s checked out gotta tag and trade and invest everything on the offensive side of the ball
  4. The next head coach will be hired on selling what he can do to make Bryce work
  5. Sack the coach with the worst record to hire the bloke with the second worst
  6. This almost exactly the same as Tua and Herbert. The blue print is there to get Bryce back on track
  7. I blame Peppers for my heartache he’s the reason I chose Carolina when I found the sport years ago
  8. Evaro shits over Wilks I’d sack Frank tomorrow and hand the keys over to him
  9. Thank fug it’s Monday here I’d rather be at work than watch this poo
  10. Like any of you wouldn’t be hands on if you owned the team. I know I would
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