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  1. I see a lot of calls for stats that I don’t think any rookie QB outside of Lawrence would have hit here.
  2. Upside is nice but I’d rather not gamble to much with our LT
  3. Not top 5 yet his physical profile gives him a chance to get there though
  4. I don’t know if there is one but I want a Robert Hunt type guard in the second
  5. Anyone other than OT or CB would be a surprise to me
  6. The competent coaching narrative does fit Baker has had a year and a half of it while Darnold none
  7. Mayfield was in the Darnold category before competent coaching and better protection
  8. Look at what the tackles did for the Browns and Bucs last year. Sign me up for that oline improvement
  9. How come in this instance the pick value doesn’t drop a round in value being a year later like a lot of trade up scenarios were being talked up
  10. Well you might as well add the contract from the pick we get and subtract the contracts from the 3 we gave away
  11. Sewell or Slater in the 1st best secondary piece in the 2nd. Safety or CB. Then a road grading guard in the 3rd for me.
  12. We should grab Sewell or Slater and best thing is Moton should get extended and while he’s on big money our LT will be on a rookie deal
  13. Get that franchise LT worse comes to worse we can turn him into 4 1sts like the Dolphins haha
  14. Not just for Darnold imagine a healthy CMC running behind a much improved line. That’s a QBs best friend
  15. Because they want to get Hicks contact off the books and Teddy is still a QB
  16. My dream now is to dump Teddys contact to the Bears for Hicks to pair with Brown.
  17. If CB is the plan I’d rather move down to 12 or so and take 1 there’s 3 that fit the Bill
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