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  1. He’s leaving NY for a payday the only way he takes a team friendly deal is a contender. We’re definitely not one of those
  2. Feels very Justin Houstony at this stage of his career. We need to mine for young players with non stop motors like Luvu was when we found him
  3. Nope but I would trade for him in a heartbeat to compete with Bryce
  4. Williams is a better guard than tackle but I think there’s better options out there
  5. I wanna see some WR short shuttle and 3 cones
  6. Still got enough go to be a suped up Taysom Hill if he wanted to play TE/HB/QB
  7. That’s how people who win the lotto go broke over paying for things. Burns is the definition of overpaying for something at 30 mill a year
  8. Get the first and use half the money he wanted on Huff from the Jets same player as Burns IMO
  9. Players can’t play it’s a business card then get sad if they get traded because they don’t get what they want. Offering Burns 27mill a year is fair and it’s fair for him to reject. But surely players understand as soon as teams realise players aren’t going to accept their best offer they’re going try and get maximum return for them and not let them walk for peanuts.
  10. That would be a home run offseason
  11. As much as you all would like to believe the Bryce Young book isn’t finished yet
  12. Gonna have to redo it when we tag and trade Burns
  13. That’s how drafts should be run FA is for need draft for BPA
  14. You gotta trade Burns for picks then in turn ship them for Aiyuk. Bring Curtis Samuel back in FA (I think he a FA). Plus I’d also kick the tyres on Fant with our Seachicken connections now
  15. Rookie numbers you lot got piss weak booze over there or what
  16. The only thing that would keep him out is he was a career Carolina Panther.
  17. We need to trade for and pay Aiyuk the man is just what Bryce needs to succeed more than a contested catch outside slasher
  18. Pay Brown plus tag and trade Burns would make this offseason an instant success
  19. Bears just released Cody Whitehair is try bring him in
  20. He was almost stood down mid season. This move wasn’t just based on the SB
  21. Need to cop next year on the chin don’t go silly with void years and poo. We need to bottom out properly have a high pick and bulk cash for FA.
  22. Great game from both sides. Wilks fell back into his over aggressive ways at the end.
  23. Yeah definitely but I’ll be hunting for the super experienced college QBs late
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