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  1. Huffed on paint and seen a better option? In all reality, not doing something dumb is better than doing something ridiculously desperate. This is worse than Teddy because we learned nothing from that failure while solving nothing at a higher cost then just a bad Teddy contract.
  2. LOL. This guy got the Jets the 2nd pick and the Panther fans try and spin this as anything but bad. Roby left to get away from this deadbeat. Just face that fact.
  3. The chosen one that gave us San Darnope can drag his sorry butt back to the 7th layer of NFL suck along with Darnope and the pack of idiots that let this all happen.
  4. Has been crap, looks like crap and so far it looks like crap believes in it. Just burn it all down. Gives new and better crap a place to grow in it's absolute failure. Same people said Teddy was the exception, different year same story. Crap is crap, grow things in it not hide your hope.
  5. Flavor of crap is still crap. If you like maybe more in issue of you and not others unwilling to taste crap. Bad future, full of crap sadly.
  6. Holy crap. We are officially worse than the Jets. Spin that how you need to, but it holds true. We are a bottom dwellers and Tepper is a bottom 5 owner. He took a mediocre team and turned it it into a bottom 5 team. We just took the Jets failure as a better option because they get to pick the 2nd best QB in the draft and our 'experts' want Teddy 2.0 for 2021, all hope no reason. Fire them all!
  7. If you are debating if Darno is better than Teddy may I point your attention the fact that crap taste like fecies? As a Panther's fan I buy this product every year, this comes from experience. Expecting a different results just diverts from the fact that everything is on fire and is better off burning down. All hail Calcifur.
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't be making any hard stances as a Panther's fan at this point. We have yet to prove we are not worse than the Jets and he just took their failures as our hope. Those guys are a step up at this point.
  9. So funny. This guy is a joke and should never have been hired. We could have had a real GM. Tepper deserves the poopshow on it's way. We are officially worse then the Jets. Even they know that Darnot sucks. Keep treading water not trying to choke on the fact we are terrible and run by people we would rather be playing against twice a year.
  10. Teddy is more than he ever was...ohh wait it's 2021. That guy was more than he ever was.
  11. It's time. A 5 year plan doesn't explain this commitment to suck.
  12. I promise you I am not being negative for attention. I have no positives left at this point. I'm sorry brother, it doesn't look to be getting better or any path that way. Even as a pessimist I wanted this to work. It is that bad now. I have put up with some poo from this franchise, other fans and opposing fans. This is the first time in 25+ years I just don't give a fug to try and pretend. Maybe I am overreaching but what I see is that we have committed to nothing good and the positives are almost completely dried up. I am not trying to grandstand, entertain or convince: we are about to commit to being a bottom 5 team for years at this point. There is no longer a legitimate reason for making fun of any other team until we do better. I completely sympathize with what you have been through and I truly without malice or condensation wish you well in these times. I just can not commit to blind hope at this time. We are in the bad place and it's time to start acting accordingly. That's my take and I do understand hoping against it.
  13. I get that, it's what we gave up and when. We could have traded for Sam during the draft but we committed to next year way before we know our full options at pick 8. We basically hit refresh on the franchise and started from nul in everything we have learned since conception. The reality is we are years from crawling in the NFL again with how this franchise is being run. It's not just Darnold but Teddy followed by Darnold. It's a trend and the Jets, Jags and Browns of more than a year ago set a heavy and obvious historic evidence to the path we are going down. We are making bad decisions after bad decisions and it's just not worth spinning unless it's a coping mechanism. Things are not well in Pantherville.
  14. I just don't have much left to give to this lot. Not enough positives and I am tired of just huffing hope. This is another big move into absolute bleak for me. I went to my first game at Clemson against the 49ers, it hurts but it has been worse every year since 2015. It's beyond frustration, one fugging positive that was intentional and I could want to believe again. I'm ready for the next house cleaning before that. Maybe it is early but it is time for me. I am 100% against all at this time. Sooner that happens the sooner I have the opportunity to see Panther football in a positive again.
  15. There is no rebuild if they keep making terrible decisions. This is another epically bad move for the new crew. I am over all the BS. NFL is just about billionaires making a poo product. I wanted it to remain fun but it's feels dead now. Now all that is left is to enjoy the burning. Come on man, I am an ass but I have been here long enough. We are headed down, just admit it. Desperate owner with no meaningful experience and 10 years away from not sinking his own ship at least. HC with promise but in a bad situation and no help, we are his learning experince is failure incoming. GM that was a much weaker candidate that accepted because of the weird and ridiculous setup but hey he is likable. It all spells us being bottom dwellers for now. I respect you enough to admit that and not just lash out in frustration. This move is the equivalent of the LIttle pick and not many to admit it that I have cared to read. It's friggen bleak and time to realize the long haul is longer then anyone wanted, including me. You say 3-4 years and I have to wonder if ever. It's that bad.
  16. The games in the mid 80s was fun but also incredibly sad. The Indians games worse. The Major League movies were the high point lol.
  17. LoL. In 2015 we had a QB. Shake them pompoms.
  18. It is a commitment to terrible we as Panther fans have not known. I was a kid in Cleveland when the Browns packed up overnight and moved to Baltimore. This is a worse move. We have committed to being terrible but most of the fans here won't admit it. Clean house or know no hope sir.
  19. Fug Hurney and our blind HC. That last was known and later is now known. Fug them all.
  20. I am on the cleaning house train. I wanted Rhule to be the one but it looks like his only positives come on the D side. I can't wait until this is all a bad nightmare of years past. Our HC is not very good and has no future in the NFL. RIP Rhule, what could have been.
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