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  1. We still do not have a good QB on the roster, and that's with Teddy and Sam. This is just stirring the full toilet bowl. Bring on the losses and a real QB in 2022.
  2. LOL. We just traded for Sam so who would want worse than that? We can't trade to ourselves.
  3. Lol it's 2020 and we just signed Teddy to be a franchise QB again. Tell yourself whatever gets you through the season. We will be picking top 10 again and are closer to being a NFL bottom dweller than we have ever before.
  4. There is no pressure when the owner has no idea what is going on.
  5. Lol don't care or trust anyone employed by the team. The worse they do the faster they all get fired is the best option at this point.
  6. Nope, not a cheerleader. It's obvious which way this is going. Fug'em.
  7. Fire everyone, clean house and I hope this turd gets squashed on the field so there is one positive from this pathetic attempt at running a team.
  8. At this point, just clean house and hire better people. This better not be real.
  9. So we miss on a drafted QB and go with Darnold because it's the only movement can make? I don't see any reason for optimism outside of hitting the lotto numbers and Darno being exactly what he has looked like so far in the NFL, a waste of arm talent. This move would signal the immediate capitulation to the 2021 season. We might as well start talking about QBs in 2022 because we have solved nothing. It's the nearly the same as keeping keeping Teddy, just a new bad option with a different flavor of ass with a Panther sticker on the cup. C+ offseason ceiling with this move.
  10. Smart for them to do and I hope they fug it up.
  11. But if they didn't play for a team you like then it doesn't count! At this point I just don't know what our brain trust likes or thinks. Hopefully one of those guys will be available.
  12. The other guy was also obviously familiar with boxing technique. Still, that was a huge boy, had a foot on the other guy at least and was still as wide as the stocky guy who knocked him out. Being huge but slow and sloppy is not going to work against anyone who knows what they are doing and look in better shape.
  13. Being huge is not the same as being able to fight. That was like watching a 400 lbs punching bag picking a fight.
  14. It's funny because of the ridiculous situation. Jones going 3rd for a mammoth haul? What could go wrong... Brooks isn't some great talent evaluator, he is just an ex-player doing mocks in the offseason filling dead air. Pretty much entertainment value only.
  15. Great takes and the most reasonable and realistic assessments of the QB crop this year I have witnessed yet. Tape over noise and BS, love it! Most of the main stream stuff is overhype and grandiose garbage.
  16. Police open an investigation into a 20+ plaintif civil suit within its jurisdiction? Surprise or am I supposed to belive that it doesn't take 20+ legal accusations in Texas to get thr police's attention on a possible horrendous repeat criminal activity? This is a long ways from truly shedding light on everything. It's big but all of this still reeks from every angle. It just drips WTF? I hope any victims get justice. I have no idea what that means right now. This particular action is hardly surprising given the scope of the allegations. At some point there is going to be a list of facts but this is still not that point. Regardless, NFL radioactive. The only positive here is that it had zero to do with Carolina football.
  17. Non-starter quality either way. Might as well go cheap and see what happens.
  18. I would take either LT and not blink. I don't get the Darnold love. I'm fine with a prove it deal out of free agency just not giving up any draft capital for a guy with that much bad film. One is a flyer approach and the other is overspending on a warm body who is an extreme longshot.
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