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  1. Got there super early, Matt Corrall parked my car.
  2. Good thing we're still arguing over showing up early. 6 pages of horse shizz!
  3. Lol. I gave a Michael Irvin comp for Terrace last year. Well so far Nostradamus I am not. I still have high hopes but I'll leave the prognostication to the professionals like Mel Kiper Jr. (Insert Jimmie Pickles meme)
  4. When were down 35-0 at half, we should just set up the Cornhole board for the comeback.
  5. Sounds a bit like, hey let's run to the fence guy is thinking, hey I like this dude's tactics n maybe I don't have to be a nerd to achieve that .
  6. He ain't Gon be on the list brah. Anyone who listened to the Pickett part knew this.
  7. I think a realistic and fair trade would be Darnold for Mayfield but we pay half of Mayfield's 5th year. We lose Sam's albatross contract but slightly overpay for Baker. Hell it's worth a shot. Listen to my logic Fitty!
  8. Getting scurred but we got this! Buzz Buzz muthafuggas.! Bonk the Hawks!
  9. Can't help but get scared when I watch him slam on the breaks like that.
  10. All I got from Fitts Q n A is that as of right now Johnny Dekker is our best QB.
  11. And time traverses. We will give you a 6th to take Darnold. Stick meet shiit.
  12. Chris Simms, who has a better track record than most, thinks he is the clear cut #1. I like Willis but I'm almost always wrong.
  13. That's some funny shiit right there, when the dude hates you so much you have to throw in a sweeter on 48 million!
  14. Are we still not the betting favorites or are we taking Twitter nerds as science?
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