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  1. Just read on the Bears forum, "What did that monster do to Bryce Young" Must say, cracked me up.
  2. Just in from daughter's Marine graduation, at Caroline's Oyster Bar ran into the enemy, at the hotel apparently this is where they stayed, Lattimore heading to the stadium. we are not from here so was pretty cool.
  3. Chubba Bubba looked good, bout all I got.
  4. Sadly you are right, colud be the number 1 pick next year, if we believe in Bryce, I'm sure you know what that could net us, yes people Brian Burns may have cost us 6 firsts.
  5. I'm old enough to remember "the catch" this was my second favorite catch.
  6. That Rams play, who else lost their shizz?
  7. Jakie, these are feel good moments don't ruin them with that trash. I defer you to the you tube above.
  8. Brought tears to my eyes Dude was a boss!
  9. Even to you old schools watch on you tube Steve Smiths ICE COLD career highlights. Sorry I'm to old o embed.
  10. If any new cats fans never got to watch Smitty you should look him up. He will bring joy to your soul!
  11. One of the guys said, and I quote, "I like your list, Steve Smith was fugging beast"
  12. N Barry n Steve, forget about it, definitely top 2
  13. Just spent a little time in the Lions forum. It was a blast, told them my favorite 3 players all time Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson and Steve Smith, had I not been on their board, probably would have replaced Calvin with Montana, though I was a huge CJ fan even in his Georgia Tech days, so I wasn't playing to the fan base.
  14. When you become the old man, there is something special about it.
  15. Kind of hate it for my son, was born n raised 2 hours from Tampa, he never wavered.
  16. Wish me luck boys, , I don't get out much. My daughter graduates the Marines on the 15th. My son and I are headed to Charlotte for Monday night football. Planes, car rentals, hotels all scary to me!
  17. Well I did deck his room in Panthers gear before he could talk, so maybe I'm a bit to blame.
  18. Know what else is awesome, my son has spent 5 days in NC, He is now 24 and a diehard!
  19. I forgot as I could not help myself pulling for the Lions, my son and I are going to Monday night football but my nephew who has never been to a game, picked the Lions game! Going to be fun. He loves the Cowboys but those tickets are stupid!
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