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  1. Hellz, Id take those two without a trade down gladly. Kiper must be on a bender
  2. Bubbas dream draft 33 Cooper DeJean Cb 39 Ladd McConkey Wr 3rd Ricky Pearsal Wr 4th Will Shipley RB 5th Tommy Eichenburgh Lb 5th Beau Limmer C 7th Sam Hartman QB Do you see the the theme? Lol. That would be a first in the modern draft era. Doesn't even look that bad.
  3. If they pass on Powers Johnson (doubt he drops) but you would definitely be right then. No interest in Center whatsoever. That guy would give us the best offensive line in the league even if Ickey struggles. Christianson is no scrub. Love that Sweat guy for the DL to but need wideouts. Hellz, I need five picks in the 30's to come away happy. Yeah then I could throw in Cb and Inside backer. Guess this going to take two years.
  4. Simms through in 10 offensive lineman. At this point with 50 first rounders predicted we can take a top five defensive player, lol. Someone is full of horse shizz!
  5. I prefer McDonkey. Just seems to get opened effortlessly. People can keep saying he is redundant all they want. I'll take all my receivers quick with great separation.
  6. You put some damn respect on Archibald's name!
  7. Big Katt. You blow. Dan is doing what a Huddler would do. I for one, think he is killing it!
  8. Ain't reading the thread tonight but the dude is better than Burns at a third the price. Winning! Run it at Burns is gone.
  9. It sounded so uncanny I had to look it up. Apparently he calls several college football games for ESPN. Definitely was him. Just looked up some of his crazy football calls. Cracked me up. Thought only Hornets fans had that privilege. Good catch.
  10. Pretty sure Hurney did and tried again with Pickles but real GMs, not that I remember.
  11. Better hope Baby Bryce works out. Next years class is supposed to be cheeks. One channel has the first QB off the board next year at 50. Of course there could be a break out year by someone but not a glowing outlook so far.
  12. It's beautiful world when Juan hi-jacks a thread without posting in it.
  13. If Bryce ends up still being bad with the offensive overhaul, this could end up being one of the worst teams in NFL history. Like old Bucks, Saints bad. On the other hand if we light it up on offense and Bryce ends up a baller well then the rebuild is half complete. Watching us lose 49-42 every weak would at least be a fun watch. I don't mind doing it this way. Know exactly what we have in Bryce. Either gonna be a quick rebuild or a total blow up. Let's hope for the best.
  14. If Bryce kills a play, it's 100% a run not sure why a D can get gashed knowing that.
  15. Brown bout to get Mack money! Well if Laser eyes gets fired.
  16. 6 quarters with no points, come on boys this is our Super Bowl!!! Gonna go get a shot of Ked Woodley's finest! Rawr Rawr Rawwwr!!!!
  17. Bryce has struggled mightily but I bet the narrative would be completely different if he had CMC out there. Our slow receivers would have a much better chance if that threat was there.
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