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  1. I think others wanted to say it too, but were scared of Rhules wraith..... Many on here seen it for what it was.....
  2. His age, mannnn CB is one of those spot where you wake up one day old.. I feel the panthers need to pray for horn and jackson health....... and address other spots.... Love him tho, wish it was 5 years ago or when the cards first let him go...
  3. I dont think finessererer would turn down a good bargain cause of draft picks. They could be late players in FA, that seems to be always the winning move. Burns deal....... it just has to be he signs a hometown deal and keeps getting better....... my 8 ball is leaking. I feel they will trade up for a QB and use lots of the 49ers ammo.....sadly..... so all the depth in top 100 will be missing form the panthers roster cause QB....
  4. about 13 more, but Im done linking receipts.....
  5. I asked many of them "whos Finesserererers boss"....... seemed many never never had a boss and knew the diametrics of how it works. I would loooooovvvvve to know the issues rhule veto'd finessererererer and if tepper was aware of each.......
  6. Viking did the same and got turned down, I hope the panthers are able to bypass that horse shiit by stating its for "asst coach" status. I love to add him and hurt the broncos&payton at the same time.
  7. Good stuff. Me and herniay and similar hope for Duke......I stoopidly thought " This will be the rare great late herniay pick, yes!!".... My "source" or "sources" were my clients and front desk hotel people(was a traveling tile rep whos base was NC/SC).....The wingate near lake norman had a few players meeting whores there, it got bad after they were to told to ignore..... The last one was my uncle was a "connected " high school coach. And my 1st cousin works security for UNC, but panther "scoops" and unc football ones rarely coincide. All of those have changed and old now.
  8. You put out his ultra bait "Appaloosa Model", lols......I sorta miss him, form a entertaining side Truth be told, I bought into(some) after I thought 2020 2-14 was the max record.......he pulled out his standard 5-11 season, *but 8 of those losses were within one scores. Seemed to be a great building block, no other building took place in the coming years..
  9. This great stuff and lots of truth nuggets. I believe like @MHS831 posted above, TE is a main target. Theres were rumors about the Schultz being traded to the panthers, more than a couple. Hope a decent TE and boze is on the menu.... New HC frank has been dropping TE in a few comments, and saying "pass catching"..
  10. Lucky it over lapped with coofus, so most of it is forgettable!!
  11. What odds can we set that Jimmay is bald or balding??
  12. Im honestly shocked at anyone thats able to have both HC and GM duties....theres not enough time in the day/week/month/year. Plus the stress level must reach space. Its super difficult to weigh winning now and future building.....cannot imagine that as both. And David Tepper thought Matt Rhule can do it all and a bunch of other responsibilities......
  13. Its bizarre and such horse shiit....... i had enough when they turned down the Viking form interviewing him, all while they are flying in people for his job?!?!?!? His agent needs to reach out and demand his release........... Is there end-game to wait suuuppper late and hire a new DC, then fire him when all the other staffs have filled???
  14. No worries, hes posted a couple recently......Im just getting his name wrong.
  15. Ejiro Evero needs to ask for his release, thats some BS by broncos/payton. Why be a part of that when they are bringing in others for your current job?? Such BS...
  16. Do you remember the video Zod posted with the basketball game, its jase vs pantheroz? He was a highly active mod at one point and always had smartass vibes. That was his avatar(hair wise) and had the quote "fear the hair"
  17. I disagree, watch a couple games of his this year.....looked NFL legit. Hes been clocked at 20-21 mph and at one point was the fastest recorded time(QB). He started 16 games this year and only threw 5ints...... His age is what puts him over Carr and others. He can get better, while Carr has settle into what he can be. Upside, Im a sucker for it. Jones oozes it. Besides youd like this vid(his walking away form DBs)-
  18. I believe I remember the mods name Pantheroz(sp), he had a T.Underwood avatar for the longest. He doesnt post as much or Id @ him...
  19. Im not a big Carr fan, but this is a fact. Since he entered the league, the raiders have had the 32nd defense. That puts alllllll sort of pressure on QBs, bring out the worst hero ball.
  20. Mine was much father out there...it involved a old RV that had not dumped in some time and the incineration toilet malfunction.
  21. I dont know, but it feels like Monkens agents is doing a great job. I bet scot has a two paragraph in his library of coaches files. I love to add for one simple fact, hes been a large part of the best team in college. He should have great knowledge of the players, not just the bulldawgs either.
  22. Its odd isnt it, I even remember some mod on here asking scot to pie others......... bet its a hot topic among them, or was.... My theory is @Mr. Scot hates to pie, allergic to eggplant, and his mother heavily drank beer. Then he had a traumatic experience poop and fire.....simultaneously.
  23. I think it was smart, raaaaiders can not fire Joke Mcdaniels, so hes safe for getting fired!!
  24. If you take off those UNC glasses, you can see it......I was floored at his speed.
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