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  1. I was done once CMCs mom had a fuging podcast.
  2. No matter if they put on makeup better than, MUCH better than females, they still can NOT fool the sizes and voices standards. I had one rule, once there was a/one/any question they are a guy. I found waist was one of the best methods, dudes just never had a small waist. That's gos for ALL body parts, most times there are CLEAR size differences in feet, shoulders, etc. Then the voice, forgetaboutit....I was blessed with great hearing. I had a blast with many of the trans, the females could NOT pre-game at all.......Plus it would shock this old county boy (as I got more comfy) Id say- " Carmen where are the females?!?!? " She would make one call and 6 models-like females would just appear within minutes and my drooling would take over..... They truly could party along side me and my prime liver. I didn't mean for it come off as bragging, just shared a couple member berries. I've nearly had it with the current triangle NC ladies thinking they are legit smoke shows while the top 1% wouldn't even be dog walkers in Aspen or miami.
  3. Tillis should know this guy very well. I thought he was a recent 5th rounder form like 2022, upon wiki.....he was a 2020 mid-second rounder by KC. Still only 28 too, these are the types of players I vastly over-rated with hope hype.... He's been on about 8 teams, bad/good sign......2 times on the blowboys. If Morgan lands him, its a nice W for this time of year.
  4. This is well made, but it just hits different when odds are they will finish last.
  5. I visited Wilmington last summer........Wilmington >> Raleigh. A tad too blonde, but shocked at the Q&Q. I dated a hooters girl there for a couple years moons ago, its improved 3x since, just more and more. Still doesn't hold a unscented candle to miami or Aspen. Just many Durham/Raleigh/chapel hill(LOLOLOLOlols) triangle women think its one way, Ive seen the light and know the truth. Just been a weird/bad last 20 years for triangle women and Ive been cursed while its happening.
  6. My worst homeless encounter was in miami fl. Just started work there and had to ride the train for the first time. The depot was empty and there were about 15-20 benches spread apart, nice looking as well. I buy my ticket and sit down on one of the benches, alone for the next 3 minutes. Then comes 2 homeless guys and they decide to sit next to me....... After about 47 seconds I hear " BAAAAaaaAAAAAAAAAaaAAA!!!".....this guy is vomiting right in front of himself........ In shock I wait aaaabout 8-10 seconds and get up and go to a bench 3 units away. Few more minutes past and the train arrives. Get on and take my seat. They preseeded to enter the bathroom before the train moved. Miami much like Aspen was a curse. It totally ruined my rating scale about Carolina women, plus Miami nightlife people never slept and everyone was 10s. I came back to NC and just couldn't believe my scale was that wrong........ Im talking girls working at normal stores and gas stations, SMOKED the baddest females in downtown Raleigh. I no longer put up with demands of them and in a way made me more popular.
  7. Depends on his behavior, but Id for sure do it if Bryce was truly clicking with him. It's just the WR market is insane and this guy had some huge baggage. But so does Carolina......... Morgan should have seen enough for there to be talks. Soon or later the Panthers MUST stop having 50 million in dead cap and be able to sign a couple difference makers. I think its either 3 or 4 years in a row with 50 million in dead cap, just piss poor GMing.
  8. I thought Winston was going to be a 10-15 year problem, sooo glad he went the better josh Freeman route. I mean prime Ryan, brees, and if Winston became that guy........Id hate to be a DC for Carolina. The main deal is 1st overall pick goto the worse teams. Looking at the list only Burrow has been able to break the loser mentally fog over those teams. Goff was reborn for the lions and you could make a case for him, but 2nd team. Luck and Cam are about the same, injuries ended great runs. Burrow should get more MVP votes.
  9. The awareness was dogshit as well. 2nd and 16, WR screen to Adam thielen......fuging brilliant!!
  10. Form Michael Jordan to David tepper, why God??.....WHY???? Jordan MUST have the lowest win % for owner over 5 or 10 years, need to see a list. Tepper already has the lowest win % in ALL sports since he took over.
  11. Got to think Mevis is the better tackler right?? New KO rule seems to put loads more pressure on the kicker to make a tackle. Side note, holy lee fcuk you guys are too hard on kickers/Eddie.
  12. Thanks to @Jackie Lee and @Captain Morgan for all the updates!
  13. More to it, this isn't like picking a player 20 selections later or saying "Tom Brady derrr". Any one of those picks would have changed panthers history, recent history and all were NEXT PICK.. Loads of recent juice with the 163 million spent on OGs and I didnt list young or stroud....
  14. Im going to start this curse in 2012 when Marty hernaiy traded a future 3rd in the order to Frank "wtf pot is legal now" Alexander. Well starting in 2013 the Panthers hired a new WR coach in Rickey proehl. He was already helping WRs transition to the pros. Keenan was one of those WRs and they held a workout at rickeys day at Proehlific Park in Greensboro, N.C. First the 2012 "next pick"- 2 40 Carolina Panthers Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State LSC 2 41 Buffalo Bills Cordy Glenn OT Georgia SEC Soft as wet mud silatolu or solid 8 year LT Glenn?? hmmm theme is a coming Now comes the 2013 draft, hernaiy is finally canned and below is the rest 3 74 Dallas Cowboys Terrance Williams WR Baylor Big 12 from Carolina via San Francisco [R3 - 2] 3 75 New Orleans Saints Terron Armstead † OT Arkansas–Pine Bluff SWAC 3 76 San Diego Chargers Keenan Allen † WR California Pac-12 There is the next pick, well next TWO picks. Point is all the press leading into the draft showed the Panthers&Prohel drafting Allen. Or why not a stud LT?? See below.... 4 108 Carolina Panthers Edmund Kugbila OG Valdosta State Gulf South 4 109 Green Bay Packers David Bakhtiari † OT Colorado Pac-12 Kugzilla or stud LT, hmmmmm?? 3rd pick in a row that panthers could have landed an OT. Terrible!! 2014 2 60 Carolina Panthers Kony Ealy DE Missouri SEC 2 61 Jacksonville Jaguars Allen Robinson † WR Penn State Big Ten Sure buffet Kevin was picked with the first, but Dave drafted star and KK back2back. With Smitty on the outs, WR was a huge need. SB break..... 2016 3 77 Carolina Panthers Daryl Worley CB West Virginia Big 12 from Detroit via Philadelphia and Cleveland [R3 - 3] 3 78 New England Patriots Joe Thuney † OG NC State ACC Thuney became the highest paid OG, while Worley is on his 8th team.... 2018 3 85 Carolina Panthers Rashaan Gaulden CB Tennessee SEC from Buffalo [R3 - 11] 3 86 Baltimore Ravens Mark Andrews † TE Oklahoma Big 12 Think for a second Olsen and Andrews, NOPE gimme that 3rd rounder that no one thought to draft that early. Hernaiy is back btw...... 4 115 Carolina Panthers Christian Miller LB Alabama SEC 4 116 Tennessee Titans Amani Hooker S Iowa Big Ten Pushing this, but I was fooled by miller and Hooker is a good safety 2 38 Carolina Panthers Yetur Gross-Matos DE Penn State Big Ten 2 39 Miami Dolphins Robert Hunt OG Louisiana That's right the new 100 million RG was the "next pick" after the Panthers....... Speaking of millions and guards in the same draft- 3 69 Seattle Seahawks Damien Lewis OG LSU SEC from Carolina [R3 - 2] There it is, panthers had a shot at their starting OGs WITH the rookie contract.......... Carrying on...... 1 8 Carolina Panthers Jaycee Horn CB South Carolina SEC 1 9 Denver Broncos Patrick Surtain II † CB Alabama Im ready- surtain is the clear better CB/player. Could go out on some limbs, but to remain with the theme of great next pick and huge panther miss. Easily add fire with young&stroud but it's too early imo. Dan needs to break this curse!
  15. I still got memories of power I hooover and griffith.....
  16. jeezz, bryce needs another seat cushion..... plus how the fcuk do you get mogged sitting down??? by Dalton of all people....
  17. I bet you're like me and a "older" fan........ you got to grab the attention of younger fans too and SM stuff like that is what works.... You may have killed yourself if they drafted rookie Cam in 2023, it would be 100x more of that stuff with him.
  18. Look around the league, no safety is safe. Look at the current FAs it feels half of them are safety. He's had alllll different DCs and HCs, but remained for the new staff at the cut point of his contract. The defense did struggle when he was missing. The point of the thread was to name a over looked/under-appreciated player. I said Sam Franklin was my current pick, but Woods is a good pick as well. He's a true FS and those are harder to find than SS in this passing league. I don't remember him giving up any big plays either. They had a huge communication problem before woods was signed, he was the driving force at fixing that.
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