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  1. I had Neal as the best, but Ickey was 1a. This is like picking between twins of the same sex. Local part is a + for panthers picking Ickey too. He also seemed to have more football IQ too. He was nastier than Neal too. Campen wanted him more and you have to give way to that.....not like Rhule prepared him....
  2. I went into weekend mode shortly after my online stuff and about 1:38am-ish a thought popped into my head, "Why didnt you ask Zob how he was doing, thats rude Bas!!"
  3. I will break it down for you- January- Watson "I want a trade" Texans and John- "No chance we are trading him" \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ --------Time passes few months------ Sports tickers- "New reports of cases being brought against Watson in regards sexual misconduct" Week passes- "more women come forward and up to 8 women in the case against Watson" "" "" Now up to "23 women with claims against Mr. Watson" John Mcclain- "He will never play another down for the Texans" MORE TIME passes John Mcclain "Texans are prepared to sit Watson for the whole year if price is not made" Sizzlebuzz- "HE IS WRONG HERE IS SOME HIGHLIGHTED PAGES SAYING TEXANS WILL NOT TRADE HIM FORM YEARS AGO" Bas- " but Sizzle that was before the massage accusationS" Sizzle - " ignores tripled down "He said no trade!!" Bas- " you dont care about the timeline and how much a deal of 23 woman coming forward. A couple of which said rape" Sizzle- <Breaks the highlighter on a the same old ass report> Bas- I longer care about shitheaded people whom ignore facts and defend wrong. What a hill to be dead wrong on.
  4. Great news, best thing to happen since hornets came back.
  5. ??? now you dont accept the texans wanted to keep him until the 23 women and thus the story changed. Ive seen you be a man and admit your mistake, you on the hardcore drugs or something?? Bro, total shithead take here. disappointing...
  6. LG will never down his QB takes, worse than Rhules QB skills. Tho, Ive heard Frank on Mac&bone echo the lines LG is using....You know what, I think there is a little something to it. Both years later in season when playoffs were looking impossible, CMC ends up on IR......The deal is EVERYONE single players has "issues/injuries/pain/hurt/etc" late into the season. Pros play on, while some others got different plans. Dont know how much pain or larp as some MB doctor to speak on it, just ironic and theres plenty of that type of thing now..... Highest paid RB for nearly 3 years running, when most times players have alreary re-set the market.....The best weapon is CMC and come week 7 seems like hes in IG vacation mode.....
  7. Theres a few pass rushers available right now- A Barr and trey Flowers. Clowney is a bigger edge. JPP is out there too. I mean thats 4 legit names, whom are 30ish but had pr-bowl seasons recently. Griffen and dunlap are 2 more, sure they are older, but still got snaps&stats last year.
  8. I maybe wrong, but I think Finessere has already traded away 2 picks in 2023(i know the 3rd is gone). But I believe panthers have bufflaos 7th form the LB aSmith deal from 2 years ago. *Now I member, panthers dont have a 6th due the gilmore trade....so yes 2(3rd&6th) picks already gone......ugh With the unknown I do wish would feeze using future picks given the coaching deal....
  9. Brother, brother........ALL of this was *BEFORE* the 23 tiny towel deals aka flown in massages.....You understand that watson wanted to leave and the whole texans org was 100% against??? *THEN* 20+ women came forward and the deeply religious texans flipped 180. John came out and said "he will not play another down" So you played a "gotchu" game to the max and ended up getting got.......... wanting sooo bad to prove false information and you are creating it, you are wrong and this a bad look.....
  10. A game of poker is being played- JimmyG = 24 mill and Mayfield = 19 mill. Seems both teams want to move them, but cannot come to terms about the salary part. HOLLLLLLLLDDDDDD!!! Let them sweat it out.....Pure BS of the reports that Browns are only willing to pay 3.5 million, LOLOLOLOLOLololol. 49ers are in a similar deal, giving 3 firsts for QB that needs to sit for 2 years......bruh. They may have to cut Jimmy and take the 3 dead cap hit. HOOOLLLLLLLLLD finesssererer just like you are doing, they are playing dumbass games.
  11. I miss goose, he was like the NFL wish version of Charles Barkley. I like the off-wall comments he gave. I still member that toy truck they gave cat man.....ugh
  12. It would be real goofy if CMC had not missed most of the last 2 years and brought up in a non-dead zone. Foreman filled nicely for the king. I watched the playoff game and he was the better RB than henry (whom just came back). Hubbard got some run and he was coming off a college injury. Two PS looking RBs have the NFL RBs look. One should make the PS and if the injuries hit, I think either could give 10 snaps. Bradwell has been on a NFL team setting for 2 years. Brown is the all-time leader at UAB in rushing yards, tds, and 100 yard games. Panthers kept him all season on the PS and thought enough to bring him back. Again RB is one of the better spots to dumpster drive. Not in my top ten "worries" , but nothing wrong with some panther talk among fellow fans!
  13. Two things I member that he said first and all alone on was- watson would not take another snap as a texan and GM would not move off his insanely high asking price. Both were spot on, what do you have that were wrong?
  14. people this is the off-season dead times, depth RB for a topic is fine.....OR you can whine in the 847th threads about tepper/rhule.
  15. bills may have the best fans, 27th is a pure joke.
  16. Mills would have been the 1st QB drafted this past one, said that during last season..... Only reason for Taylor is if Corral replaced him, now the panthers have a NFL QB in Corral....
  17. Id had too much skin involved in too many games to give a 0.000 Id say he has about the same chance as the panthers winning the SB... For that, I will give you one- John Mcclain No one knows the houston area better, plus hes a straight shooter. Hes a vet.....thats just retired but still somewhat involved.
  18. @Green-Ghost followed him and loooonnnng before draft thought he could be special. He looks a gamer, like if you need to get TD, FG range, or burn clock hes able. He impressed me with what felt like it was a one-man show vs SEC stud-filled defenses. He was the main reason for the 10 win season. I needed a shot of hopium. Coming out of the draft with Ickey and Corral while not having a 2nd or 3rd headed in, thank you football gods!! Going hold off the real hype til PS games, but I want to go HYPE crazy, just know better.
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