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  1. Is their a Rb able to take a QB snap, that you trust?? Its one of things that even most college QBs have to learn entering the NFL.. I just got a new idea- Young in shotgun, hike, Derrick brown tosses him over the LOS. 103% success rate guaranteed..
  2. I seen where he wants wilson to wear a wristband, cause they can not communicate the right play calls during games, LOLS
  3. Close but not the same as under center snap. I mean missing out on 94% play is my issue.
  4. They didnt attempt one and had a few chances. Sorry about the exhausting part, it can be viewed in a bad light, which i jumped too. Please post when young does attempt one.
  5. I found it- https://www.panthers.com/news/notebook-jaycee-horn-s-injury-frustrating-for-him-and-teammates boze can bulldoze DTs and young can fall in the small crack....
  6. I swear, I read this- the panthers will not even try the play due to youngs frame. I cannot find it, i think it was right after the game talking about the 1st quarter 4th and 1 failure. Along the lines "Panthers staff wouldnt dare QB sneak given Young is their QB". Tons of QBs pull it off, without the huge workout. Arod along with brady are/were pros at this.
  7. Still a high success rate that the panthers will not even try. Hate to add the rando mess of "complaining about werido _____ " panther fan. To me this a huge issue on any goal-line or inch deals when you cannot use a 94% win rate play....
  8. he is needed, hope he can last and remain healthy...
  9. Tom brady was the best or near tops and hes about least athletic as a QB could have been, plus I doubt he had a much better squat than young...
  10. I want to be part of the 93.84333% success rate for a first down. I didn't know it was illegal for young to do this... maybe he can get in shotgun formation and run towards the LOS just before the hike......
  11. A virus stole my energy and drive, sorry to let alll you down. Plus the huddle is crazy levels of hate, sooo sad about the current topics and replies.
  12. The most unstoppable play on 4th and 1(or less) and it's not in the play book? I cannot find the source, but I saw it was in one of the panthers.com fluff pieces. Defenses dont have to even game plan(even the fake snap/draw them off-sides is null) against this when playing the panthers. The rules crew is reviewing the play call in the off-season cause it has like a 94% success ratio(ala extra point change).
  13. At the cost Id take LUVU allllllllllllllllllllll day. in fact I thought luvu should have been a OLB, atleast he doesnt get washed via run blocking. I got no clue on how many people will be used on D( ILB luvu included ), we'll talk after a few games. ill and you do the same about remembering this luvu vs burns topic we will see who makes the more difference during those games.....no clue on what % blitzing luvu will be called on.
  14. Coming innn hot with a spicy take- Miles Sanders will be the Panthers Offensive MVP and the main reason for winning the SOUTH.....as Carolina rises AGAIN!!! People just dont know...
  15. he was for the 2022 season, it doesnt matter where he came form or what round. He was the difference on many plays and had more impact at seasons ends than any other D player. He was hell on tank tracks and didnt get the attention. He was one of the best value/perfomance returns out there that was non-rookie salary. Frank called him the steal of the century. I know you watched the games last year, you dont recall luvu making play after play each week??
  16. i agree and im a fitt supporter......i get corral had no future here with young, still hes better than a empty spot especially after you used 3rd and 4th for one year of IR sevice.... wooten was just cut as well, very piss poor. I take it no one has checked on the DL depth, what in the heavens balls is going on.... i agree with juan about the vet part, still had two open spots with no DL and injury-ish WRs, plus lost a young QB too. not a good look no matter the spin or plan.....
  17. Has anyone seen juan after this news????......better check alll the local hospitals for stroke via over fapping.
  18. luvu was the best player on D last year.
  19. Goodluck, RR keep fighting the good fight!!!
  20. first off fuuuuuccck you and enjoy those castles, this is my home land and #1 on my travel list.
  21. very odd, one deal is any vet on week 1 roster salary is guaranteed. still looking at the FAs, very silm i must say. maybe steal two young PSer??
  22. you could say payton was the best HC ava, but the best fit for carolina was reich and totally not wilks...
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