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  1. I dont get why hes trying to force SO god dam plays thats NOT to his players strengths........ Baker needs alll sort of help. Put in some dink dunk CMC gravy plays for the love of god... Call plays for other WR not named Smith, PLAY other WRs more than 2 snaps, play CMC in the slot and run foreman with you go-to drive tard call....
  2. Add in a real proven DC, coupled with DL coach, LB coach, and wilkis you can stick around......I'll ride with you/this...
  3. I dont know, this DL is still developing and may need 3-5 or just 2 depending on how the youth gets older. But depth is a ??? and love to have at least one more feared DLman.......with 2022 Brown and Burns. Maybe more depth talent as well. DBs have about everything you want/need LB have Shaq and Luvu......maybe smith? Not as bad as I feared at the start.
  4. New rule for me- How ever many wins Dan Quinn has, I want a HC that at least has one more..... *subject to change**
  5. Man he had a good looking game against zona.....I know they are not filled with killers, but it was the first time I thought "he got better and belongs". I also loved his effort early on, he ran like 20+ yards when Moore (ithink) was refusing to go down. Mayfield was there too...I was like, here it is, they get over the strugglies...
  6. @kungfoodude I mainly used Erv, but the search doesnt like that. But I still got a few Erving ones Got some more hateful comments I know, but the search machine doesnt list any with "Erv". hmmm
  7. I got no clue on how the non-existing new staff handle their business, I do doubt hes dropped form the roster tho. Pure guess is the new staff will use either the 1st or 2nd on a QB they love and it puts Corral in pistol about starting.......but hes cheap and panthers are against the cap. The kid got some real NFL talent in certain areas, I know a new staff will see that, if they have football IQ.
  8. The book has just started, he was just as talented as ANY QB in the recent draft. You can not judge him with 4th stringers, Rhule, and other big issues. His mid-game is there and nothing is wrong with having a quick release. The guy won 10 games in JV NFL with little to no help. Not going to call him the next great one, but Im not counting him out either.
  9. @kungfoodude heres over year post that I hit on Darnold, Erv, and ELF
  10. bro you got me mixed up, I hated when they announced the signing. Only thing I liked about him was hes a great backup to carry on gamedays since he can play all 5......bad but still. Check out any of threads when he signed and most of the ones where he was the main topic.
  11. Thing is panthers are like 20 in the red for 2023. Magic cap dust gets them to around 20 n the green......but thats not enough to make a difference.... Best way out of this hellscape is a hitting on a rookie QB. I know he looked bad with 4th stringers and all, but I have not given up on Corral. Draft another early *preferred and sign a cheap vet......hope Rookie or Corral shows enough to get back on the winning side. I saw some of that OSU kid, hard pass from me.......Now that KU giant is about the only QB I even care to follow. SEC Ds will test the guy, handling adversity is my #1 tell...
  12. Park it then, take 4 week IR trip and strength whatever knee/back/calf/ankle......cause Motons play is Erv bad.
  13. Panthers are going to have 10+ players on IR after this one.....49ers got real badasses on both sides. Carolina prepare thy anus....
  14. Brother look around, its dire times........this is just like the Baker or Darnold deal. I got around 50+ post dumping on Erv, hated the move since it was signed. Motons 2022 is on par with Ervs 2021, deal is that was at LT and new OL coach may have improve him some. Plus I do not care if its Bozeman, Mays, Erv, or even a PS call up like Brown......just need better RT play. Overall the OL has been good enough, weird that the weak point is Moton.
  15. He also got a 7th for Greg Little...... Take out the Sam deal and most have been late rounders for players.....In the CJ henderson he also got the 1st 5th rounder in that draft, plus jags paid for part of his salary that year. CJ is getting paid 3mill per yr and they still have the 5th year option. Insane to poo on that ultra small risk with a huge upside. As they say haters hate....never the in the history of sports has a GM been right on alllll trades. Glad he is only throwing around late rounders for potential starters....
  16. My guy @ForJimmy already answered this. Only those that watched all the games and pay attention to the OL can see how bad Moton has been this year. The OL is much improved form last year and gotten better each week. Been good enough to place in the top 1/3 of many rushing stats. Id never thought Id type - "Moton is the worst OLman" after 4 games. But he is and if thats his best, past time to find a replacement. I love warrior heart and all that macho BS, but when youre hurting the team...... maybe go on short term IR and fix/strengthen whatever injury is holding you back.
  17. @TheBigKat brother look up them dead cap figures......those about kill any trades this year.......DJ is around 40+ and CMC is 20ish off my mind... coming off-season is much better, still bad overall tho....
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