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  1. Just hope we don’t get swept this series. This isn’t Nashville.
  2. Maybe they’ll still pull it off but I’m just glad the canes avoided the presidents trophy and limped into the playoffs against the very team they wanted to face lmao You just know when it’s Carolina playoff time.
  3. Whelp, at least we get another year of the beloved Hornet’s potential talk. So got that going for us.
  4. Nice to see Ron still riding the coattails of another’s impressive achievement. Should get dog owner of the year!
  5. Lol boy mention that Fields could be our pick and question why he is mysteriously falling due to supposed “intelligence concerns” and “off the field problems” and it gets some people acting very very antsy.
  6. Anderson feelings be like........
  7. Damn I watched a YouTube video of him doing some navy seal type training exercises just two weeks ago and was wondering what he was up to recently.
  8. The horribly called penalties have been huge in this game but remember when everybody laughed about the Bucs dream team status while a ton of people here actually thought Teddy Bridgewater would make us a top offense and a winner lmao
  9. Mahomes to Kelce is one of the most dominating connections in recent football history. Bridgewater to Thomas or Manhertz is laughable in comparison since none of those guys are any good. Bridgewater couldn’t hit an open DJ Moore in the end zone and literally cried about the play call being the problem like the dude is that horrible lol. The closest we had to KC was Newton to Olsen but we obviously have to upgrade big time to even come close to that again on both fronts.
  10. Mahomes is an incredible talent but man seeing him operate with the type of coaching and people he has had at the skill and other positions always reminds me we gave Newton a combo of Rivera/Mike Shula/Ted Ginn with terrible lines as our best support like really lmao
  11. Lmao yeah Mahomes, the talent at their skill positions and having A legit HOF head coach and great offensive coordinator have no connection to the fact our genius crayon sniffer Mike Shula and Rivera didn’t give this crap player any kind of help against one the best defense in our era is telling.
  12. KC will win another championship assuming nfl won’t interfere I wanted the bills to advance but did they really rely on the concussion protocol I mean lol.
  13. That’s what I’m relying on. I hope they did. I have my doubts but hopefully it can be corrected.
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