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  1. No idea it looks like it’s been edited already. Got to assume a rival fan.
  2. Newton has made a career defending his horrible coaches in Rivera, Shula, Rhule etc. Meanwhile, on the other side, those same guys will feel it required to say things like they would have taken a shot too or wrongly blame him for certain plays in the media at the drop of hat. Let’s not pretend like this is new or surprising.
  3. Darnold almost has as many passing yards as Brady maybe Rhule is onto something after all.
  4. Well Rhule wanted it to be like a college game…….. Complete with a blowout and an opponents backups in the game still beating you.
  5. Rhule never wanted or supported Cam and threw him under the bus on certain plays to the media when he didn’t even know the situation lol. This isn’t Rhule trying to lose this is Rhule thinking Sam was and is the better QB because he was his guy. He defended and babied him the whole time. I could support a plan to maintain good draft position by losing meaningless games at this point but sadly this is just Rhule being terrible and actually losing games he’s trying hard to win because he can’t evaluate or coach. It doesn’t bode well for the future and frankly this two headed/three headed QB attack is just flat out embarrassing.
  6. Nobody gave him anything? Dude got paid more money than many established (and successful) nfl coaches all with his extensive background as a assistant’s assistant for one year in the nfl and as HC at a couple crappy college programs that accomplished nothing but get some wins against even crappier teams and lose to any decent ones. Nobody gave him anything lol
  7. Chase Blackburn can barely spell his own name and you expect him to have a basic contingency plan in place? lol
  8. Just hope we can still swindle a 3rd or 4th for him when that time comes.
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