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  1. Yup preferred Willis if it worked out but either way this is the goal. No point wasting another year on a known problem.
  2. Just watching Brown he doesn’t occupy multiples blockers and gets beat one on one far too frequently. His burst and pass rush technique is nothing special, he doesn’t control his gap, and his strength which was great against college competition, has not been enough to overcome nfl caliber strength and technique. People made a big deal about our edge guys lacking in run defense, and it was accurate, but look at how many times a team ran right up the gut at Brown being soloed. The dude hasn’t played well and I highly doubt someone was offering a mid first pick for him it lol
  3. Yeah right lol Article says sources told him we turned down a mid 1st rounder. The guy has not been particularly good at pass rushing or run defense. A few outlier plays don’t make up for what he should be for spending a top ten pick. I would be disappointed with his level of play even if he had been drafted a couple rounds later. Hoping he might finally be good in his 3rd year would nowhere near justify turning down such a pick.
  4. Now just need all that value gained to actually produce and we will be set.
  5. Sam Darnold The gift that keeps on giving.
  6. Honestly, I can understand not getting Watson. I just wish Tepper and Rhule would save the losing for the regular season.
  7. I was really starting to worry we could jeopardize our last place standing in the division. Should be safe now
  8. No matter how you spin it that’s embarrassing. I bet Tepper is prepping that contract extension for Rhule already.
  9. Rhule probably told Watson how he could get any HC job he wanted but chose to stay in Carolina lmao.
  10. No idea it looks like it’s been edited already. Got to assume a rival fan.
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