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  1. Will we survive at home against the injured powerhouse known as the Jets?
  2. Rhule really wanted that touchdown instead of testing a new kicker and still came up short against Pittsburgh backups lol.
  3. Dude made some quick easy money off the Panthers without doing a thing. Not bad for a guy who had like .001% chance of playing lol
  4. The good - Defense won’t be elite but should be above average to good (top ten) 1st unit got gashed on a big run but otherwise looked pretty fast and aggressive in limited action. Some concern at linebacker and secondary but considering just two years ago it was one of the worst defenses in the league it’s going in the right direction. - Frank Luvu stood out with the backups and will make the team. - Grier had his best game and surprised some people. - This draft should have lots of starters and contributors sooner rather than later. Not trying to get too hyped this early but guys from all rounds have having been showing up and playing hard. Might be one of our better drafts. Shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish since both Hurney and Gettlemen could F up a cup of coffee. The Bad - QB situation still sucks. I gave Grier credit but even terrible players will have their moments. Walker is really banking on his Temple connection at this moment. I don’t see him or Grier as worthy of roster spots. Probably will end up bringing in someone else’s cut or PS player. Darnold had limited action but still think he leans more towards backup quality than solid starter. Just don’t feel it with him combined with his known history. He’s our best hope out of these 3 QBs though. Also, seemed like the staff was hesitant to pass with him in the red zone. Really weird how they are handling him. Hopefully we can see more Friday. - Bradys play calling in the red zone is still bad. Might be preseason but it’s not like we didn’t see that all of last year too. - Joey Slye continues to be terribly inconsistent. Need to find a new kicker. - DBO sign. So far two preseason games and in both games the Panthers lead in penalties. I mean if it was working that would be one thing but lmao take that damn thing down.
  5. Lmao DBO So far Panthers are looking at 2-0 in leading at penalties.
  6. Yup. Moton has the ability and skill to play LT and anytime he’s been there, game or practice has indicated he can handle it. The whole back and forth just makes it annoying. They could have had him at LT and brought in a guy like a solid RT vet in Morgan Moses. It’s not like he went to a contender or for much money. Freaking Cam Erving signed for more money and has never proved more than a so so backup. Would have stabilized both tackle positions. Instead they feel more comfortable playing musical chairs with him and hoping a guy like Erving or Scott can somehow magically be good. Kind of self inflicted wound and will just make the QB situation that more difficult to evaluate.
  7. Really is a shame we didn’t get a chance to draft a guy like Harrison Butker them the breaks tho
  8. Rhule should call a timeout so the guys can go tag the DBO sign
  9. Needs to let a star QB that gave him all his success get illegally head hunted and hurt while accepting a COTY award and commenting “I would have taken a shot too” before he earns that category. But also yes
  10. Obviously helped. I heard the group jumping jacks as punishment in the locker room had guys eye rolling.
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