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  1. Anyone else go last week? It was a good time, LOG rocked the place and old man Dave still has it. I was a little disappointed in Megadeth's sound but, overall great arena experience. If you get a chance again, go!
  2. Happy Jesus respawn day.
  3. The red table conversation should give you a better perspective. This is the honest version.
  4. Been listening to you latley on your Fox Sports Upstate radio show. It's funny when you get on a Panthers rant. Good stuff.
  5. Speaking of rock. Did you guys know Jada was a metal fan? In fact she was the frontwoman for one. I dont agree with the band name, I think August Burns Red may have been a beter suited name.
  6. That was a joke...again. Embarrassing. Give it up.
  7. Again, according to you. I'm just interested in the interview.
  8. According to you I suppose. Carry on.
  9. Fair point, poor chioce of a word on my end. But the fact remains they went all in. Bet the fuging farm to win the big one. Two 1sts and a third. And got the goddamn job done! The Panthers will never have balls like that. Edit: I stand corrected after thinking of it. They DID go all in on Stafford. The Rams beat us out. Maybe they do.
  10. The rams were inept for how long? The LA rams that is. How long did it take for them to win a super bowl? And why? QB. It would absolutely make us a contender. Remember, we put a high bid on trying to get Stafford. I was one the people saying, thank you Rams! How foolish do I look now! This is very true. 100% absolutely true. He has never, ever said that. Not one time out of his mouth were those words spoken. In on every deal, I am here for it. Sell the farm. No one, and I mean no one, could predict Stafford getting the big one in my opinion. Cry about the team money none of us own if you like. Without a competent QB, you go nowhere. Fact. With a competent QB you go to the playoffs. And sometimes you get back to back winning seasons, which we have never done. Get a deal done at all costs!
  11. In the book, from the half I read, I would agree with you in regards to how he actually is. However, in the tv series the actor lacks the depth of the Jack Reacher I was familiar with. Maybe that is my disconnect. I have made it to episode four now, and I still have the same feeling from the OP, and that is on me. I haven't enjoyed it yet. Mindless entertainment as @Pejorative Miscreant put it earlier, I can see that. Yeah. It just isn't coming across as anticipated in regards to what I read before. But, that can be true with any book to film I suppose. Yeah @thefuzz I am more looking to see Jack Ryan. Two Jacks! That's a good hand in poker. Well, at least 20% haha
  12. Date currently unannounced. It seems it may be an early summer schedule, I could be wrong. I remember in 2019 when Joe was calling the mma match, he called it a joke. He clarified his thoughts on a later show, seemingly saying, Hardy wasn't ready for a co-main event. Sitting with Joe for probably at least 2 hours or more usually turns into a raw conversation. It should be interesting to hear Hardy's perspective on things after all this time. And you know the Panthers will be brought up.
  13. So, I read the first book about halfway through. I liked it a lot, I went through things known as life and didn't pick it back up again but I wanted to. It was good. Saw it was on Amazon as a tv serires, and thought, why not? What I have learned in three episodes, so far. Take NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, and toss in a bit of Columbo and a sprinkle of Murder she wrote. Tie all of those together with a 6' 4' 265 lb lead with the acting skills of a pet rock and lean back in your executive chair and pop the cork of intellectual success. Correction, ineffectual success. To be fair I am only three episodes in, but so far I have seen better writing on the side of an iodine bottle. This would be better served aired on the CW. Harsh criticism I know so far, I could be absolutely wrong. What say you fine folk?
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