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  1. Greg Olsen reacts to Matt Rhule being fired as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers
  2. After only being with the team for about two months. Not being named starter until the final hour, yeah. I can agree with him. Oh btw, new OC. Does Baker even know half the playbook yet? Is it Mcadoo's playbook? If not, who's is it? If it is, well thats new too. Either way some continuity has to develope. So, again, yeah I can agree with that.
  3. All I know is that NBC pregame show is full of estrogen.
  4. It needed to be done to advance the plot. You need Daemon to be gone, you need to sow the idea of Rhaenyra not being a "good noblewomen". There is a lot that has to happen before the time jump
  5. Goddamn this place has become unbearable.
  6. Dammit. I am going to wake up in the morning thinking its Monday. Glad football is back!
  7. Second of his name. Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. Good episode last night. The intrigue is deepening. Rhanaerys just scored points by returning, covered in blood, from her own kill. Instead of that laughable masquerade of her father's. And Prince Daemon gets points by winning the war on his own, spurning his brother's offer. And Viserys continues to be really good at being a really bad king. Also, Rhenaerys saw the REAL white hart instead of the brown one that her father killed in the most cowardly way possible - I mean, if you have to have the beast tied up for you, what's the point? And it's a shame that no one other than Rhanaerys will know that she saw the White Stag, which supposedly portends who the rightful ruler should be. So far so good, the dialogue has gotten a lot better I think.
  8. Well, kind of. I started reading it, life got in the way, then I started reading at it and now my memory's of it are mostly poo. But watching the beginning episodes, it stirred up some things.
  9. haha oops we posted about the same time.
  10. The Rogue Prince Spoilers incoming. Seems to have been a bit of a slower episode laying foundations as strategies go on, of course. In many ways King Viserys Targaryenmay may have pulled a Rob Stark. He potentially decimated his relationship with his daughter, took the most powerful house, and sided with Daemon. Even though trying to be the best King he can be. Also, the prospect there is some massive dragon no one knows where it might be is thought for nefarious cause. Rhaenyra is probably about to move up the ranks as well, a disturbing problem. Considering the position Allicent has been put in. Being portrayed as best friends and maybe a hint of something more. I am looking forward when they go to the Stepstones. As well as getting to know the crab feeder.
  11. I enjoyed the first episode. The tournament was really well-done; it was the colorful pageant and disgusting spectacle of violence combo that we should have seen in the early King's Landing scenes in Game of Thrones season 1 (the tournament in Ned Stark's honor, where he brought Sansa, and Littlefinger met Sansa for the first time and very quickly showed his fascination for her). Queen Aemma Arryn's fate drives home the precarious position of married women, even queens who could expect the best medical care in Westeros, facing childbirth. The friendship of the teenaged Rhaenyra and Alicent is bittersweet, considering what will befall them in the future. Dragons! We see dragons in flight as a fairly commonplace occurrence for Targaryens and for King's Landing - Rhaenyra taking a fun ride on her Syrax and Prince Daemon and his girlfriend/spy-advisor Mysaria flying away on his dragon Caraxes. That prophecy of Ice and Fire certainly came out of left field, didn't it? Wonder if that was GRRM's way of sticking it to the showrunners of Game of Thrones, who pretty much ignored the prophecy and the birthright of Jon Snow... With that being said, ouch. Some of the dialogue came across cringe worthy. Some of the effects seemed unfinished...maybe rushed. There was also some lack of humor that GRRM always peppered in. Overall, decent first episode. They are setting the stage obviously, looking forward to see how things play out. If it's ok, I would like to post an individual thread each week, per episode just to see how things unfold. I am hoping for the best. Spoilers will most likely to be incoming.
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