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  1. I split a beer atom with a hammer and chisel once.
  2. No idea, I'm just happy I was able to pull that one out of my ass lol Edit: Morgan?
  3. Indentation is a lost art. Pie.
  4. Let's also remember there is a Roaring Riot membership card entombed in the newly paved parking lot when the stadium was being built put there by our very own @SCP This has to account for something, right? Positivity! May they be bereft of mind and memory, be it a Ryan or those who deprive us of victory. May the worms, and maggots penetrate his hands, head, feet, as well as his limbs and marrows.
  5. I'm drinking the Rhule-Aid Panthers 35 Atlanta 27 Matt throws for 250 yards with no Julio.
  6. I agree with this. This team is absolutely demoralized right now and their confidence is shot. I mean their season is starting off at 0-4 and that's not ideal at all, and who knows where Quinn's head is right now, the team just seams uninterested. I see 0-5 coming next week.
  7. I was also one of those guys that went to Clemson...a couple of times actually when they played there. Since that time and today I want nothing more than my Panthers to win every damn game. Even when times seem hard.
  8. Damnit I want a center console boat so bad but they are just so damn expensive!
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