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  1. Speaking of undergarments. I just found out something recently that shook me to the core. Some people put on their socks standing up! Who does this?? Are any of you one of these people, if so why?
  2. Yes. However, if it was like last year they had their own in house sports people calling the game and they were absolutely abysmal.
  3. Good. With a capable QB he would be over a 1000 yard receiver every season.
  4. Not to get off topic but, just a slight petty correction here. O.J. was found not guilty. There is a difference. Carry on.
  5. This thread has some serious off-season potential. I'm here for it.
  6. I enjoyed the miniseries, Olsen and Bettany turned in excellent performances. This was the takeaway I had as well. They seem to have turned Wanda into a character who, while not a total villain, is probably too dangerous to civilians to be allowed freedom, at least not until she gets some professional help and I'm afraid the writers didn't see this. Wanda has powers she doesn't fully understand or control, and, when her grief over the loss of the Vision got the best of her, she kidnapped and tortured civilians. What's more, once she realized she had harmed real people, she did
  7. The preparation sure is a pain in the ass but damn worth it.
  8. Smoked Armadillo Eggs Bacon Wrapped Armadillo Eggs are like a jalapeno popper meatball mashup. Filled cheese jalapenos are wrapped in pork sausage and smoked low over oak.
  9. I just signed up because I wanted to buy a couch.
  10. Newton's day planner has fewer holes in it than Ray Charles's dart board.
  11. The dude was out before he ever hit the ground. Clenched fist and stiff straight arm before and after he went down. That has to account for something.
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