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  1. If Sam can play better behind this line, Great! If not and he puts us in position to get our QB next draft, thats cool too
  2. Can't remember the last time I was excited about our Oline, this is great
  3. I really expected Rhule to be gone today, not sure why I was holding on to that hope, but I was. Guess its time to embrace the suck now. 'It is what it is' would be a far more accurate motto for this organization than 'Keep Pounding'
  4. Maybe Nixon can lead the OC search like Hurney did for GM. I can't even muster up the energy to be upset about another year of Rhule, or care who he picks at OC, thats just what it is to be a Panthers fan
  5. While reading the series I pretty much have to study the map after each chapter, all part of the fun
  6. I'm just clinging to the hope that Tepper can't be dumb enough to keep Rhule around another year. He just can't be that dumb. I refuse to belive it. God, we're fuged.
  7. I started reading the series a little while back when I heard Amazon was making a show of it, I've read the first 3 books and have enjoyed them. Thought the show was pretty good overall, didn't mind most of the changes, though some did bother me. I think Amazon insisting that it be 8 episodes per season hurts it and makes the pacing difficult and I agree on the last episode being weak. Overall there is a lot to like with the adaptation and I'm looking forward to see where they go and how they finish next season.
  8. Almost looks like he wants to laugh at times saying this poo. Hes probably as shocked as we are that he hasn't been canned yet.
  9. I'm not sure I'd classify anyone thats still sticking around talking about this team as 'fair weather.' The fair weather fans checked out a long long time ago
  10. my gut feeling is another Rhule offseason is going to set this team back several years
  11. Choosing to resign with the Panthers might be the worst football decision Cam has ever made
  12. My dog puked all over the floor when that happened. They'd converted the 4th by the time I got it cleaned up. Not even my dog can stomach this crap, lmao
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