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  1. I presume you are joking. Otherwise you aren’t doing it right.
  2. I was on board for this. But for anyone to think you just snap your fingers and get a good QB is crazy. Fitterer has said you try and try again until you hit. That’s what he has tried. Of course you can say why did we guarantee that 5th year for Sam, but even that was a one year throw away.
  3. All indications are that Darnold is a decent locker room guy. Unless you get $3mil plus in salary covered by another team, no reason to not keep him. Let’s say you cut him. Why would another team offer anything more than the league minimum for him. (Unless I’m overlooking differences waiver and cut).
  4. I can spell this out if you need me to. First, someone says he is cheap for a top 15 qb. Then you replied you got anything to back that up. Then I provided a link to rankings from just this past month from Chris Simms, a well regarded QB analyst, showing he has Baker as #17. Apologies there is such a massive gap between 15 and 17.
  5. Chris Simms rated him #17 this summer. https://sports.nbcsports.com/2022/06/14/nfl-quarterback-rankings-2022-chris-simms-top-40-qb-countdown-ahead-of-upcoming-nfl-season/amp/
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33887625/new-york-giants-release-james-bradberry-failing-find-trade-partner-cb
  7. Fitt has said in the past he will continue to bring in a new QB every year ideally. No reason to think we won’t draft one almost every year (hopefully with later and later draft picks). Would’ve been nice to have not given up any future pics, but nice to have 1, 2, 4 and 5 next year and yet still have addressed top two needs this year with guys some thought could both be first rounders.
  8. David Newton reporting ladies and gentlemen…. Gilmore played the 2021 season with the Carolina Panthers, who traded a 2023 third-round pick to the New England Patriots in October.
  9. The benefits to having your own jet I guess. Flying isn’t exactly an inconvenience.
  10. Hell yeah! Hopefully four years in a row to come (Smith, Pep, Luke). Congrats to the Mills Family!!
  11. Well, we could have basically had Trubisky for free vs what we paid (in cash and picks) for Darnold. Would be curious to see the pro scout notes that led to that decision.
  12. I’m not suggesting this is what we will end up with, but these are the players currently under contract. I think we can all agree QB, OL, and LB are question marks. But there are some solid building blocks (skill positions on O, backfield of D). Currently under contract through ‘22-23 season: ‘22 Panthers: QB- Darnold, ? RB- CMC, Hubbard WR- DJ Moore, Anderson, Marshall, Smith TE- Tremble OT- Moton, Erving, Christensen OG- Daley, Brown, Moore, Jordan C- Elflein?, Tecklenburg DT- Brown, Roy, Nixon, Hoskins DE- Burns, Fox, YGM LB- Shaq, Martin, ??? DB- Horn, Henderson, Bouye, Pride, Taylor, Thomas-Oliver S- Chinn, Franklin, Hartsfield, Robinson Special teams: Fletcher, Charlton, K?
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