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  1. Greg Olsen on Twitter: "Thank you for the outpouring of ! TJ is in surgery now and we’re anxiously waiting for more updates. Thank you for keeping our little buddy in your prayers! #playforTJ" / Twitter
  2. “Enforcer” That’s what the position would be called according to this 4 year old article from The Ringer. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/8/14/16141666/nfl-positional-lexicon-rewrite
  3. Yes, he is a generational MLB, based on his career. We were discussing the fact that no one is a perfect prospect. See analysis from before the draft: -routinely driven off the ball -Kuechly takes too many false steps. -No player makes more tackles, but rarely are these clean tackles where Kuechly read the play and made a dynamite pursuit and form tackle. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1031882-luke-kuechly-2012-nfl-draft-scouting-report
  4. They said we had 16 players with a first round grade. If one of them is there at 39, you take them. If not, try to trade back. If that doesn’t work, take the player at the top of your board.
  5. Seems like a rare win-win trade. Broncos get a top level backup/low end starter for $3mil. Panthers don’t have to give $10mil guarantee and got something in return.
  6. That 8th pick becomes more valuable if one of the top QBs is still there. I think it would take more than a 2nd in that scenario. And not sure Pats would move up unless it was for a QB.
  7. The trade value chart shows that a future round pick is worth one round later than current year picks. So even if we are the worst team next year, which is highly unlikely, the future second is like a 2020 third round pick.
  8. They restructured Hill, which will push about $8mil into future dead money. They cut about $40mil in salary, including starters (LB Kwon Alexander, WR Sanders, CB Jenkins, TE Cook, LG Eaton, P Morstead. They also “officially” still have Brees on the roster. Once he leaves they get hit with an additional $10.4mil hit, so even though they are “only” $11 mil in the hole, they need $5mil+ for cushion throughout the year and another $8mil for rookies. So they are still about $35mil in the red for ‘21, plus they’ve restructured contracts to push money to future years.
  9. His tender as a last year restricted FA is fairly high (I believe $3.4mil). It isn’t like the last couple years where he was a league minimum salary. Tougher decision.
  10. These are all guys that wouldn’t count against comp picks. Are under 32, and started at least 40% of the snaps last year (sorted by position):
  11. When we have $100mil+ in cap room.
  12. Agree. Any of the top 4 QBs at 8 would be fine by me.
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