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  1. Clearly it is the number change, ha! (Stud D-line and much improved secondary likely helps, not to mention the absence of Whitehead helps too).
  2. 3-1 and 3-1 worst case a reasonable expectation? I think most would’ve been happy with 6-2 at that point, right?
  3. True, but if you had to pick a quarter to win, the 3rd would likely be 3rd or 4th most important, right? 1st and 4th definitely higher. 2nd vs 3rd is debatable.
  4. Santosa isn’t noticeably better than any other off the street kicker, so might as well save the 7th round pick. We are in year two of a rebuild, need all the assets we can get.
  5. 2019 season. Game is on the line… Against Tampa, down 6, 4&1 at TB 2, direct snap to CMC, no gain Green Bay, down 8, 2nd at goal at the 2, CMC stuffed short of the goal as time expires. Washington, down 8, 1st and goal at the 1, CMC, loss of a yard. 2nd and goal, CMC, loss of a yard. 3rd down incomplete, 4th down Allen fumble. CMC is the man, but short and goal is not for him. I think we miss a big target like Olsen.
  6. General consensus was Moton extension was perfect. The concerns over CMC extension was 1) the timing (still had a year of rookie deal, plus at least one franchise tag) at cheaper price. And 2) $16mil is a little expensive for a RB given higher chance of injuries (which happened for most of last year).
  7. If you can’t trust K for a 50 yarder, and he can’t make an XP, you gotta cut him to save that draft pick, right?
  8. Too early to look ahead to ‘22? Maybe, but oh well. Here is our current roster that is under contract through 2022: QB- Darnold RB- CMC, Hubbard, Clark WR- Moore, Anderson, Marshall, Smith TE- Arnold, Tremble OT- Moton, Erving, Christensen OG- Daley, Brown, Moore, Jordan C- Elflein? DT- Brown, Roy, Nixon, Hoskins DE- Burns, YGM, Fox, Johnson MLB- OLB- Shaq DB- Horn, Bouye, Pride, Taylor, Thomas-Oliver S- Chinn, Franklin, Hartsfield Special teams: Santoso, Fletcher, Charlton *Paradis and Reddick have voided contracts after this year. Clearly the biggest question mark is QB1. Then LT (and how the rest of the OL works out; seems like some good pieces, but how do they fit). But if this rookie class is as strong as we think it might be, we are in pretty good shape for year two of a rebuild. Extend DJ and Burns, figure out LT and the LB crew through the draft. Add in some cheap vets.
  9. We should’ve picked the guy up off waivers just to complete the fleecing.
  10. Or a long snapper. We might need another one.
  11. The players received that money when they signed a new contract. Lets say a player gets a 3 year contract with a $15mil signing bonus. That $15mil is paid right away, but for the cap, the team spreads it out over the three years. So if a player gets cut after the second year, the team still has to account for $5mil of “dead” money.
  12. Gratuitous reminder that we accomplished that cap space despite $45mil in dead cap. Third most in the league this year. Also, we will have $8mil in dead cap next year from Paradis (void years) and $4mil from Reddick (void year). Name Cap Number Teddy Bridgewater $17,062,500 Kawann Short $11,017,000 Luke Kuechly $7,130,000 Tre Boston $2,666,666 Stephen Weatherly $2,000,000 Graham Gano $1,537,500 Denzel Perryman $1,000,000 Greg Little $893,895 Michael Palardy $500,000 Zach Kerr $250,000 Kenny Robinson $249,150 Will Grier $205,545 Christian Miller $184,254 Jordan Scarlett $155,300 TOTAL $44,830,708
  13. Gets paid $800k to wait a year to become the long snapper. What’s a better backup gig in sports?
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