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  1. Am I crazy or does it look like she gives Fitterer a "look". He's a dead man walking.
  2. Burns constantly running himself out of the play isn't hard to watch? Teams intentionally run AT him because he's a liability.
  3. Lmao you're the same dude constantly shitting all over Bryce, right?
  4. Frank likely wouldn't have got a shot anywhere else. He's a dinosaur.
  5. Optics be damned. Firing Reich wasn't a mistake, HIRING him in the first place was.
  6. Too soon to tell but it's safe to say the team as a whole is a hot fuging mess.
  7. Bryce showing how weak the arm is on the hand off. A stronger arm and Chuba would have scored easier.
  8. I'm just being a realist. No idea if Bryce is the guy or not but given the state of this team there's no way to know right now. Why did the announcers feel nobody was open either? Are they in on some massive conspiracy as well?
  9. Tepper is obviously paying the announcers off and for someone to alter the film. I have a buddy at the game and he's telling me our WR's are running wide open all game. Idk why they keep showing this altered footage of nobody being open.
  10. The people upset that the QB's aren't slinging the ball around have obviously never played football in weather like this.
  11. I don't think he understands the concept of touch. Every ball doesn't have to be a rocket. Bryce doesn't have the strongest arm in the league but he's shown zip when needed.
  12. Did Bryce sleep with your gf or something? Even when Bryce is completing passes you nitpick the way he does it.
  13. It's not that hard to believe. He gets a bunch of garbage time stats.
  14. I don't know how anyone who watched the game last night felt FSU was worthy. That offense is PUTRID.
  15. Relax. I've heard from reliable sources that Fitterer is going to be fired at the end of the season.
  16. Rookie Cam had a good offensive line, a great tandem of RB' to lean on and Steve Smith, Greg Olson and Jeremy Shockey.....
  17. It might come as a shock to you but both teams are completely different from last season. Last season means absolute nothing when comparing the two situations.
  18. If he didn't care about winning he wouldn't be handing out huge market-resetting contracts to coaches.
  19. Reich had a system? Sure could have fooled me.
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