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  1. The thing that has always impressed me most about him is his inability to ever gain any yardage after contact.
  2. Will Witherspoon and Karl Hankton are two that immediately come to mind.
  3. There's nothing wrong with getting away from your job on your time off. I know I don't answer work calls or pull out the laptop when I'm on vacation. Looking at him it's obvious he did some strength and conditioning work.
  4. I'm not concerned. Our scouts might be poo at everything else but for whatever reason they know the secret to finding good kickers.
  5. The Legette trade was a very smart move fiscally. We didn't give up much and got a 5th year option. You are correct that under our previous regime our drafting was putrid. But I'm not going to judge this current staff before the team has even taken the field. I really do understand being hesitant to trust given our recent history but I'm choosing remain cautiously optimistic until I see reason not to be.
  6. The problem with your premise is you don't know what their board looks like right now. Believe it or not NFL teams don't go by a Mel Kiper big board.
  7. It cracks me up how some of you feel if you don't recognize the name they automatically suck.
  8. You don't know that. At this point in the draft if there's someone you like you take them.
  9. If he's anything close to Munnerlyn than he'll be a great pick.
  10. I'd be good with this. Sign Gilmore as a one year rental at CB and we're pretty set.
  11. People have been crying since the 2nd round. All I'm saying is there is clearly some medical issues that we aren't privy to. When we drafted a LB other than him people began melting down.
  12. Wilson slide continues... What do you huddlers know that NFL GM's don't?
  13. It's attention seeking. Some people resort to this when they don't get enough love in the real world.
  14. Nah, your trolling doesn't really affect me that much. I appreciate the offer though!
  15. Do you do anything other than poo post?
  16. I'm sure he had input but obviously Scott was calling the shots. Do you honestly believe he'd be our GM right now if he was lockstep with Fitterer these past few years? Tepper might be a lot of things but you can't question that he wants to win. He wouldn't have hired Dan if he had agreed with Scott on every pick.
  17. Dan Morgan was calling the shots before this draft? Weird, I thought it was some other guy.
  18. I'm guessing you like him because of name recognition. What he has shown on the field isn't that great.
  19. I'll give Morgan the benefit of the doubt that he knows a good LB.
  20. It was NOT a panic. It was a smart move to get him in the first so we have the 5th year option. We didn't give the farm away.
  21. If anything Beane did Morgan a solid. We didn't give up much at all to gain a VERY valuable 5th year option.
  22. Sources tell me he actually had the manager at gun point when making this demand. Just a nasty scene all the way around. Children were crying.
  23. He was most likely told "We'd love to have you on the team." and he added that extra bit. We wouldn't even tell Bryce last year that he was going to be #1 overall, we're not going to tell a guy we're going to draft him at #33 without knowing how the draft is going to play out.
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