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  1. Explain to us how he is “beyond done”. I don’t understand how anyone could look at our depth on the Edge and think that we need no help there.
  2. Productive veteran player that you can get for a year for cheap. He’s not expected to come in and play every down, but moreso to provide depth. How anyone could see this is a negative is beyond me
  3. Dunlap and Robert Quinn were a solid high school bookend duo at Fort D
  4. Jealous af. Wife is due in Nov so with the season starting off with 5 outta 6 at home I’m out for any away games. Where do you purchase your tickets? Those all look like great seats.
  5. With all the Ohio natives in the Carolinas, they should have no problem charging that
  6. We played Tampa in the last game in 2021 only. The prior 3 years we finished against Nola
  7. Prayers to the grounds crew if we play SF week 2 at home on the same day as Elton John
  8. He finished 5th in the heisman voting a month before that hit
  9. Jaylan Foster would be a nice pickup from right down the road. 1st team all-SEC safety, 2nd team all American, 13th in sec in tackles; 4th in the country in interceptions. High character guy. Didn’t get his chance until this past year so I guess that’s why he didn’t get drafted.
  10. And with that 2nd round pick, we take a sure fire bust, ala Sam Howell
  11. I’m good with that draft. Pay Rhule under the table to lose out and resign… draft a qb number 1 next year and in the super bowl by 2025
  12. I mean, he finished 4th in Heisman voting a few weeks before that game. He def took his junior year off for the most part though and went number 1 due to his potential. Micro fracture knee surgery and other injuries definitely damaged him further. Hard pass on signing him unless hometown discount for 1 year.
  13. He wanted us to say yes so that he could go back to Atlanta and tell them to match it. He was never coming here if he had other options
  14. I would take that deal in a second.
  15. We completely wasted the last 2 years. We should have been in straight rebuild mode, grooming a young QB like Fields to take over the division while the Saints, Bucs, and Falcons begin their rebuild. instead, the Saints and Bucs will begin their rebuild in 2022 while the Rhule goes all out to try and save his job. Will probably sign another bum QB to a ridiculous contract, and when he’s fired next year we will be a year behind the Saints and Bucs
  16. Was a better football game than last night. probably one of the best football games of all time and certainly of the Panthers. Smh at Kasay though
  17. The Bucs could potentially lose their OC, DC, and Brady after this year. The Saints could potentially lose Sean Payton after this year. Tepper had 3 years to rebuild the team to take over the division when those things happened, and he straight up blew it due to incompetence. In fact, by giving Rhule another year, we will likely be a year behind those two teams in our rebuild.
  18. Can someone explain to me what would happen if a new stadium were to be built? Let’s say I purchased a PSL for however much money and a week later a new stadium is announced. Am I fvcked or would it transfer over?
  19. Here’s to hoping our first 4 games next year are: at LA Rams Pittsburgh at Baltimore Tampa Bay
  20. With the high likelihood that we finish in last place in the south, here’s next years opponents for anyone interested. Home Tampa Atlanta New Orleans Arizona San Francisco Pittsburgh Cleveland Detroit Denver (this one is still up in the air, because they are only 1 game back of LV and LAC) Away Tampa Atlanta New Orleans Seattle LAR Baltimore Cincinatti NYG
  21. Good, young defense, personable GM, owner willing to spend, new state of the art facilities coming, money to spend this off-season coupled with a top 10 draft pick…. It’s not a terrible situation.
  22. Does it bother anyone else that Matt Rhule wears a hoody during games? Dude looks like a fat slob out there.
  23. That’s funny, I actually caught myself yesterday wishing that Shula was calling plays.
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