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  1. 7 bud lights and a Percocet
  2. Don’t shoot the messenger as this could (and probably is) 100% inaccurate, but from what I’m hearing Diaz is out at Miami, and Kiffin has accepted the job. Ole Miss is down to promoting OC Lebby, or going to get Rhule. Not sure it makes sense, but that’s what I’m hearing from my sources.
  3. I don't see anyway the first QB off the board is #10. I also don't see Pickett being first QB so who knows
  4. I'm talking long term. This season is shot, doesn't matter who is the OC from now until January.
  5. Damn it sucks we're tanking and there isn't even a good QB coming out this year. Guess we'll still get a great LT with a top 5 pick at least
  6. I cannot fathom how he still has play calling duties. I guess that’s what happens when you promote someone who wasn’t even the OC in college to an NFL OC. Damn Sean McVay effect
  7. Could also look at it as were 5-6, same amount of wins from the last year with 6 games left to play. Have our QB for the next couple years locked in, defense is almost completely rebuilt, and we’re only on year 2 of our rebuild.
  8. Thanks for all the advice guys, I just went ahead and bought on Ticketmaster. @Jai. if you could venmo me back when you see this that would be awesome
  9. When I purchased he mentioned he pays his PSL monthly and he doesn't get the tickets for that month until the monthly invoice is paid. Seemed to make sense to me and his account is 8 years old so I was ok with trusting that reasoning.
  10. Yeah no need to PM him, I've contacted on here, Venmo, and trying Facebook now. I'm sure there is a reason he hasn't responded yet
  11. fingers crossed! seemed like a good genuine dude when we first spoke. just need to know if i need to go on ticketmaster and start looking for new tickets haha
  12. I did Venmo so probably won't be able to get a refund unfortunately but hopefully he can just come through. Buying 2 tickets next to each other now would be tough and way more expensive than they were pre Cam haha
  13. @Jai. I purchased the WFT tickets for this Sunday, can you get back to me and transfer over? Thanks
  14. I bought a ticket from @Jai. on here a couple months back for the WFT game. Seems like a really nice dude, but now I can't get a reply on here when I DM him and his phone has been disconnected or I was blocked. Not really sure what I'm trying to accomplish here but I guess hoping he sees this and responds. I already bought flights (non refundable) and hotel for this weekend so really hope he comes through with the 2 tickets I already paid him for. Mods, sorry if not allowed, just wasn't sure how else to try to get his attention. Again, seems like a really good dude from when we initially talked so not bashing, I'm sure he has a valid reason. Just trying to get his attention with a post tag since DM isn't working.
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