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  1. Nah dude you specially said Baker has never lifted an NFL team and now back peddling when called out on it. You’re moving the goalposts now. (Even then I still don’t agree with your analysis)
  2. My brother in Christ, the Browns were 0-16 the year before he got there then were winless the first 2 games he didn’t play in. He comes in game 3, wins the game, then 6 more.
  3. not sure how you possibly got that with the lack of footage that is being released, but by all accounts Baker has had 2 really good days in a row now and his stats on the 2 min were fine. me thinks you have an agenda
  4. no no no, the tweet is wrong. Matt just never left practice from Saturday so he's still technically first
  5. So he has not practiced at all yet this year. Has Jaycee practiced yet? Not ideal for 3 defensive starters to miss TC, 2 from the same position group
  6. No reason for PJ to be here imo. Baker with the 1s, Sam/Matt splitting with the 2s/3s
  7. You’re completely missing the point and harping on one thing. First on the field is just one of a thousand things a player can do to show coaches how committed and driven they are. Film study, Weight room, off season throwing sessions. Those things matter and all things being equal can play a part in the decision. forrest for the trees
  8. You’d be in the minority here. If 2 players on field performance is the same, the coach is going to 9/10 times go with the one that shows more initiative, heart, guts, all that stuff. That stuff matters way way more than a fraction of a tenth second forty time
  9. yeah you really have until we get to 53 to be worried. Think that is the last week of August
  10. what's the point of this comment? throw out Brady and Stafford, every top qb these days run to some extent
  11. I mean... it's common knowledge he never wanted to go to Ole Miss in the first place. It was just his only real commitable P5 offer after the Gretzky stuff
  12. Man keeping PJ makes no sense. Reps need to be split between 3, not 4
  13. It literally says he’s above average lmao we gave up a freaking 5th and haven’t had above average since 2018. Be happy
  14. Link me the “wife beating asshat” article
  15. You’re literally just making stuff up now. Log off and calm down. Jfc
  16. Patience paid off, what a steal. Anyone complaining about this deal either is perpetually miserable or doesn't understand how the NFL works. Not sure which is worse
  17. Let’s be honest, if this defense is bottom 5 it’ll be on Sam. It’s impossible to be consistently good when you have to go out there 15-16 times a game because your offense is majority three and outs or turnovers
  18. Assuming a family is “well off” when you don’t know anything about it? Yes that is what we call an assumption
  19. He had him about Kenny on his draft board so I guess he will be above Sam too. Crazy he has never played a snap before in the NFL and he will rank him above Teddy, Gardner, and Tyrod.
  20. Yeah I’m pretty sure we cut him at some point and nobody claimed him
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