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  1. probably the same kind of person who bitched to no end when teddy wouldn't push the ball more than 7 yards downfield. That throw was on the money and moore just dropped it, let the gunslinger sling the ball. Going to get burned occasionally, going to make big plays as well
  2. Is there really no XFL kicker from last year chilling at home that can make XPs?
  3. That one was legit though. Any crew will call helmet to helmet as blatant as that
  4. Not to jinx it but did we get our franchise quarterback for a second round pick?
  5. Hmm so the earlier clock management issues cost us 3 points. Besides that perfect first half
  6. I’m amazed every single one isn’t one of the big 3 light beers
  7. I agree. It feels like it’s finally the year IF we decide Sam is the guy. If not I see us going all in on a QB (idk if that’s trade our 1st round or draft one). If Sam’s the guy we’ve gotta go OL with our first pick this year
  8. This is my favorite line in there… under Zach (who he has at 20 lmao) “just look at how Wilson's predecessor in New York, Sam Darnold, struggled against backups in his preseason work this year in Carolina.” i must have missed where 19/25 and 2TD is “struggled”. Did this clown even look up stats before writing this…?
  9. Wow I can’t believe he didn’t have any trade value. I really thought we could get a 7th
  10. Better than what we have. Think he’s a plug and play at LG. At worst he’s solid depth. Great pickup
  11. Man, how does he NOT end up in Washington? I can’t really see any other scenario right now. I’d actually like to see him play with Ron again and a stellar D
  12. If the Temple connection doesn’t come into play then Grier really should get it. Either guy is going to lose us games if Sam goes down so I say roll with the higher ceiling which is Grier. Now I’d be fine if we somehow get a cheap veteran and then cut both PJ and Will. I’d prefer to only keep 2 on roster
  13. Only one I’ve been tracking has been Shi and I haven’t seen anything new come out since Rhule said yesterday “not too long, hopefully” when asked how long he’ll miss. Hopefully that’s a good sign? I’ve heard 4-8 weeks
  14. I disagree. I think Luke is his own incredible piece but he also elevates everyone else on the D. Burns and Luke are already pro bowl level, and I think chinn is there this year too
  15. Luke makes this defense top 3 in the league. All pros at each level if you count Chinn at S, plus a stud CB1. MVP Cam was great but still like 60% completion rate. I’d take the 2 studs OTs and Darnold
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