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  1. See, this doesn't bother me. I'd like a HC who is fine with moving on from someone because he can't get the job done, regardless of how good a guy he is. Not saying Tua is horrible or anything, but Flores knows he probably isn't winning a SB with Tua as the QB. Rhule on the other hand will try to save face with another season of Sam
  2. This is absurd. I've lost almost all respect for Tepper here. Do the right thing and pull the trigger. Go cut Flores a check
  3. I would take Cousins in a heartbeat if we could get him cheap if Vikings release him. I would LOVE Cousins here if we could somehow get the Vikings to take on Darnold as a trade partner
  4. I don't agree with keeping Rhule prior to Flores but whatever. When Flores was fired, I thought there was no way we didn't immediately cut ties and go get Flores. Tepper can cut whatever check needed, and Flores would have a great base here for defense which he loves coaching. Guess Tepper didn't see it
  5. What a dumb dumb move. Wow what an instant upgrade here. Please go get him Tepper, that dude had his team always playing hard and showing improvement.
  6. You take Evan if he's there. If not, yeah grab Tyler. We should have our pick of one of the 2
  7. Man if I’m tepper im doing some black ops poo that billionaires can do, and Calling Aaron Rodgers in secret and asking him to name his next HC
  8. lol it literally doesn't matter just end this season and get me to a top 6 pick
  9. Good thing is Saints playing for playoffs, and the NFC is so tight up front Tampa could still get the bye. Really need Packers to lose one so the Bucs have to keep playing
  10. Why Pickett? Rhule sucks, but no reason not to give Pickett a chance if we take him. First round QBs are a crapshoot anyway, we'll eventually get another franchise guy if we take shots. I mean that dude isn't on the roster now, and veteran QBs have shown they don't want to come here.
  11. Can you believe two years in a row we were 1 pick away from having Herbert and Sewell instead of Brown and Horn
  12. Pickett or Corral (whichever ends up the consensus 1st QB after the combine). If gone, Charles Cross
  13. I bet it has something to do with him never leaving the pocket or intending to be a runner during the play. It’s so subjective anyway it’s all garbage
  14. Was that blown or did KT just get beat that bad?
  15. it would be incredible to snag a franchise QB at 10 in this draft. Just haven't watched any of this dude this year.. Will def be watching at the combine. He's got the size for sure
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