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  1. DT Malcom Brown was just cut by the Jaguars. We should look at him for depth.
  2. Christensen, Ekwonu, Mays, Corbett, Moton. Would love to see more out of our rookie and year 2 guys.
  3. Belichick was being too cocky by assuming he didn't need a true OC.
  4. Lets not be delusional here. Matt Corral will be on the roster. We traded up to get him, he has a ton of ability, he has the work ethic, and his upside is the highest of any QB on the roster. PJ is just a guy. No one will be kicking his door down to sign him if we cut him. If he makes it through waivers, he will be our PS QB. If not? A similar QB can be found to fill his role.
  5. I don't truly believe Barno is a DE. I think he plays much better in space where his speed is an asset. He should be a LB imo.
  6. Atlanta won't trade within the division, and even if they would, no to Jones. I would LOVE Roquan Smith. But I don't know what it would cost to get him.
  7. WTF was Haynes doing here? He is either hurting or putting up a poor effort, because damn.
  8. Belichick has a history of sucking at drafting corners and wide receivers in early rounds. He is great at finding offensive linemen and linebackers. He is also notorious for overdrafting guys from Florida and Alabama.
  9. Exactly. But he was putting in the work because he needed it and he knew it. It had nothing to do with leadership or showing initiative to the coaches. He knew he might have a chance if he worked more on certain things. So he did. Simply saying that some of these guys are going on the field first not because of what this shows the coaches but more so what it does for their chances because they put in the extra work and get better
  10. You guys do understand that while the guys showing up early does show initiative, it isn't necessarily about that right? It's because these guys know that have to put in extra work to have a shot. Corral has a lot to learn. Getting on the field early gives him more time to fine tune smaller things so that when the team is out there, he doesnt have to worry about that stuff. So... Give it a rest. Does it show leadership and drive? Sure. Is that what it ALWAYS means? No. For those that have been here long enough, Jeremy Leman LB was always the first one on the field at camp when he signed as an undrafted free agent. And he stayed late. Everyday. He KNEW he was on the outside looking in. AND HE WAS CUT ANYWAY. So neither side of the argument is completely right.
  11. How was that a wasted pick? Icky was still the best player on the board. AND he can compete for a starting position at LG or LT and instantly make the team better wherever he plays. That's hardly a waste.
  12. The starting offensive line could look like this in week 1: Christensen - Icky - Bozeman - Corbett - Moton That, ladies and gents, looks pretty promising, even if Icky starts his career at guard.
  13. I'm not sure why people are mad at this. Brady Christensen is the most athletic lineman we have. That's a fact. He also played well at LT last year when given the opportunity. That is also a fact. He has also had a full year in the NFL and been able to develop as needed to improve. He should be a starter. And the best combination of 5 OL is the best decision to make. What's the problem exactly?
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