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  1. I think we go into the season with: LT Erving LG Christensen C Paradis RG Miller RT Moton And I think we end the season with: LT Christensen LG Brown C Paradis RG Daley RT Moton with C/G Moore and C/G Elflein taking heavy reps rotating with interior guys and T Scott being our number 1 swing tackle
  2. It is hard when you consider that Morgan Moses would be taking the roster spot of an offensive lineman that is younger with more potential, while also taking up a significant chunk of the cap. Signing Moses could mean the end for someone like David Moore who would need that 9th or 10th spot for O-line. And David Moore's upside is much higher than Moses'.
  3. The issue, to me, is that if Washington's offensive line was so stout, it wouldn't be purging starters and replacing them with a rookie and a low-level starter from Chicago. Morgan Moses is not going to do more for our offensive line than what we already have, and we would have to overpay to get him.
  4. I just want one square to put in my yard.
  5. Ideally? Christensen Brown Paradis Moore Moton Because that will mean 3 rookies EARNED the starting jobs over vets and still have room to grow and build chemistry for the next 3+ years.
  6. Well Gross' measured arm length was one inch longer than Christensen's. I think that, coupled with being a 25 year old rookie, is what made him slide. But he has all of the tools to be a plug and play starter. And he could very well be playing part of his prime on a rookie deal.
  7. If Brady Christensen's arm length was 33", he may have gone in the first round because his tape is so good. I'd say the job is his to lose.
  8. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and you have a scheduled Q&A during lunch, can you elaborate on how that might speak to how you value your readers?
  9. This has now become a thread to ask questions of Joe Person in the style of Joe Person. So Joe you're having lunch, can you talk a little bit about that and how this lunch might be different than other lunches you could have had?
  10. A couple things are very clear after watching some of the analyses on Darnold. 1 - His improvisational skills and ability to extend a play are great. He is a player that CAN be the difference. Teddy was not that type of player. 2 - His interior offensive line was absolute garbage. Van Roten got destroyed routinely, McGovern could barely handle the guy he was assigned, and Alex Lewis was solid at times but was hurt for a portion of the year. Fant at RT was basically Byron Bell; he would get in the way and if he latched on to you he was good, but he got torched by speed and bend. Becto
  11. Burris is more of a SS and a big nickel. We are lacking a true FS with starting potential on the roster. Kenny Robinson fits the profile better than anyone else and he is a huge question mark.
  12. Anyone know why Nixon slipped so far?
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