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  1. What weapons did they draft for Luck exactly. He had T.Y. Hilton and that's about it. They drafted two tight ends the same year they drafted Luck but they didn't draft a difference-maker for him at all when he was there.
  2. Speed will get you a shot but he is likely just camp fodder. Looks like at best he is a Philly Brown type. He has wheels but he really plays more like a possession receiver. Doesn't have the functional strength or elusiveness to create yards on his own.
  3. Well for one reason, you can't trade draft picks from more than 3 years out.
  4. I don't see Mahomes in Lance. I do see an unpolished Russell Wilson. And that, to me, is more than worth the number 8 pick.
  5. Moton would play left, Daryl would play right and we would be a power rushing first team with quick passes to our new speedy receivers.
  6. Good to see Joe Person already in midseason derp mode.
  7. With Mackenzie Alexander, Vonn Bell, and Kendall Fuller still on the board? Not to mention the onslaught of talent that somehow slipped? Yep
  8. I know you have a dream job but I also can see the extremely hard work and long hours put into it for the fan base to enjoy. Very much respected and appreciated good sir.
  9. I still remember the hissy fit that some mouth breathers on this board threw when we took Kony Ealy over Morgan Moses. Hysterical. Great stuff as always. On to Dallas.
  10. Great stuff. It was kind of like porn where I finish halfway through, but instead of closing the video and deleting my history I actually finished it. Kudos sir. Great work.
  11. Marlowe on the team today doesn't mean Marlowe on the team Monday. He is a good PS candidate, but I doubt he is on the 53 come regular season
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