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  1. Bill Walsh: 2-14, Season 2: 6-10 Tom Landry: 0-11-1 Jimmy Johnson: 1-15 Chuck Noll: 1-13 (Record of 31-42 before Steelers owned the 70's) Bill Parcells (Giants): 3-12-1 (Nearly fired after first season, stuck with him and they won 2 Superbowls under his leadership) Bud Grant: 3-8-3 *Andy Reid: 5-11 (Didn't win a Superbowl until the Chiefs, regardless of how many NFC championship games) *Tony Dungy: 6-10 *Bill Belichick: 6-10 - *Fired from first head coaching job before finding sustained success Am I saying that Frank Reich is a hall-of-fame coach because these guys were? No. But what I am saying is that getting an accurate depiction of a head coach after 3 games? Absurd. He hasn't built the team he wants yet. Any head coach deserves two full seasons to receive a fair evaluation. If you see growth or believe the vision is coming to fruition? Stick it out. If you think the coach is flailing and has no answers, vision, or understanding for what has happened? You cut and run. This was ALWAYS going to take more than one season. We were never a team on the brink. We were a team with oddly fitting, talented parts with massive holes, and 2 years of misdirection at the helm. This season, we will see players rise and fall. The roster will change, the coaching staff will likely be shuffled, and perhaps even the front office too. But if there is any truth in history, the right match of QB and coach will make the difference. And time will tell. But Frank got to choose his guy. Enjoy the successes and grumble about the failures, but having high expectations and calling for jobs at this juncture because YOU are upset? That's your fault as a fan. The best thing I ever did was take that step back and realize, I can't do a damn thing about what is happening. So I'll root for the team anyway and hope for the best. But the owner, GM, and coach aren't considering my feelings or any of yours. Do with that what you will. Oh... and btw... those of you saying that this season is worse than 2001 or 2010? It isn't. Not by a long shot.
  2. Exactly. Corral made plays tonight. Luton is JAG.
  3. This is in reaction to the first preseason game of a new regime? Some of you guys need to find inner peace.
  4. Looked like Achilles to me. Immediately pulled up. Couldn't move foot and sat down.
  5. Reich and his guys would know if they were putting too much on him. They know they have too much at stake to break him before he even steps on the field. They can't screw this up. Bryce keeps showing the staff he is the guy they hoped to be drafting. Until that changes, there is no need to do anything different.
  6. Super impressive by Young. And I'm very encouraged that the coaching staff was able to recognize the maturity and awareness the play required. If guys starting in the NFL have never made that call, and he did it as a college freshman in garbage time, it tells you a lot about Young's approach to the game. Every play matters, every call matters, every opportunity matters. And he wants to get it right.
  7. We need to trade back once in the 4th and once in the 5th. Need to walk away with 4 day 3 picks at least.
  8. Tell me you cried dude. I know you did.
  9. I honestly see a Josh Rosen situation playing out with CJ Stroud. The whole ordeal just gives me the same vibe.
  10. I think Stroud falls out of the Top 10. That S2 test is more regarded than people think.
  11. As long as he doesn't go to the NFC South. I would not want to play him twice a year if he reaches anywhere close to his potential.
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