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  1. Damn tremble, arnold, marshall, robby and DJ to go along with CMC?!? If darnold has time (oline still a ?), there's no reason we shouldn't be a legitimate playoff contender, especially given the enormous ceiling with our defense
  2. These are 3rd round picks, not 7th rounders. Or sarcasm?
  3. Move down 7 spots for an extra 3rd. I'll take it!
  4. Oh size really? Like when we drafted kelvin benjamin and devin funchess. How did that pan out? Dumbass logic to focus on "size" when drafting anyone
  5. Wow 2 1st round picks to move up. We shall see
  6. We can still trade back into the 1st round. Don't lose hope y'all
  7. Definitely gotta field (no pun)offers now. Trade down for sure
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