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  1. Not opposed to the vaccine, but the new rules are a little ridiculous. Unvaccinated players can't eat with their teammates, can't use social media or marketing tools, can't leave the hotel room to eat at restaurants, can't use the sauna, can't even do normal activities outside of football like go to clubs or concerts?! They also face huge monetary penalties if they refuse to abide. I mean these aren't even guidelines anymore. This is the NFL coercing players to get the jab or else face a litany of restrictions and huge inconveniences if they refuse to do so. For a non FDA approved vaccine without any long term clinical trials that has killed approximately 5,000 people (per the cdc) directly after or a few days after being administered, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of side effects ranging from a mild fever to bells palsy, myocarditis, paralysis, convolsions, and death, this vaccine is definitely not one size fits all. I just don't get how people aren't outraged over this. I get it, the NFL is a private entity that can enforce whatever rules they feel fit, but just basic bodily autonomy and choosing what substances you feel comfortable putting in your body is the very premise that I think any level headed person can agree with. A little shocked the NFLPA was in favor of this
  2. They'll probably get a jail sentence and then immediately released bc of fears of "covid" ... Meanwhile hard working small business owners defying health officials for keeping their businesses open to simply feed their families get fined and even put in jail. In those cases, there is no "fear of covid." What a backwards ass world we live in. Crime and murder has skyrocketed ever since the whole "defund the police" narrative has swept the nation. We all know very well who needs the police more than anyone, yet the media and other bureaucrats stay silent while they continue to feed us false narratives that are causing more harm and devastating these communities. Accountability only applies if ur a police officer. If you're a perp committing a heinous crime, ur a hero in some eyes.
  3. Patrick jeffers Rocket Ismail Rae carruth No particular order Edit nvm they played in the nfc west
  4. Yeah I was kinda joking when I made that comparison. Dilfer was pretty atrocious, and sam is definitely more talented. I just think Sam will be at his best if he doesn't try to do too much, be a game manager, feed CmC and Hubbard, sustain drives to keep the defense fresh and just let our guys feast on opposing offenses. I think if we average a measly 22-25PPG, we'll be a playoff team. Not too much to ask for
  5. This panther defense can be elite, I'm talking 2000 baltimore ravens elite. Can sam darnold be the next trent dilfer? Not a high bar at all, but could be all we need to get us to the promise land.
  6. Also by next year, do you mean this coming season or the following, bc I can definitely see this team as superbowl contenders in 2022
  7. Not 100% sold on a superbowl win, but this team defintley has playoff potential
  8. Damn tremble, arnold, marshall, robby and DJ to go along with CMC?!? If darnold has time (oline still a ?), there's no reason we shouldn't be a legitimate playoff contender, especially given the enormous ceiling with our defense
  9. These are 3rd round picks, not 7th rounders. Or sarcasm?
  10. Move down 7 spots for an extra 3rd. I'll take it!
  11. Oh size really? Like when we drafted kelvin benjamin and devin funchess. How did that pan out? Dumbass logic to focus on "size" when drafting anyone
  12. Wow 2 1st round picks to move up. We shall see
  13. We can still trade back into the 1st round. Don't lose hope y'all
  14. Definitely gotta field (no pun)offers now. Trade down for sure
  15. Remidner. Anyone on twitter right now don't tip sh.it!!!
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