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  1. I'm no homer I can assure you. I like how the FO was aggressive in addressing all the needs but like you state, the odds of everyone working out are very remote. That doesn't mean that we won't be a much improved team though and I do like our chances against them much better today than last year.
  2. It means exactly that; it isn't always a good thing. I didn't never I said not always - there is a difference. Yeah they were good last year and, no doubt, will be again but I seriously doubt they were so good no changes were needed. There was a book that came out years ago call 'if it aint broke break it". Basically it preached to always challenge the status quo if you want to get better. So again, I don't believe continuity is always good.
  3. I think Tremble is the perfect TE this year given the questions concerning the OL. I can't help but wonder if they drafted him solely for his blocking. If he eventually develops into a catching TE, that would just be the icing on the cake.
  4. Continuity is not always a good thing. Age WILL eventually get to Brady and everyone will be gunning for them this year. Needless to say they will still be good but I like our chances better after the FA signings and draft.
  5. I know everyone is excited to have Tremble and expectations are high for him but for whatever reason, no one seems to be excited for Dan Arnold which is a shame. Here's a guy with a great story who produced at a high level last year in Arizona. In what was really his first year, he had 31 rec for 438 yds, 4 TD's and 24 first downs. That's one more TD than R Anderson had last year on over a 1000 yards and the same number as Moore and he had almost 1200 yrds! His 24 1st downs came on only 45 targets which means he produced a 1st down on every other pass his way. And for you stat guys, Football O
  6. My only concern with the draft is historically Seattle pretty much ignored the OL and it looks like we did the same thing in this draft. Seattle could get away with it given they have RW but SD is not RW. I seriously doubt SD would have any sort of success behind most of those Seattle OL's
  7. Here's a visual representation of all the trades. Personally, I think it looks great!
  8. I don't think going from 52 to 59 is going to make much of a difference in talent
  9. I posted this earlier but it looks like i get to do it again lol
  10. Saw this earlier on ESPN....more 3rd round selections actually started last year than 1st or seconds.
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