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  1. Defense keeps us in the game...just hope the offense can do their part. Panthers 20..Saints 17
  2. Ironically, the defense looks solid and should play at an even keel whether it be good or above average for the rest of the year. This should free Rhule up to concentrate more at what the offense is doing or not doing and make some corrections along the way.
  3. Keep in mind that with an inadequate offensive scheme and lousy play calling can make a Hall of Fame QB look average!
  4. Looked like a different QB for Denver Passing CP/ATT YDS TD INT FPTS T. Bridgewater 28/36 264 2 0 23
  5. Looks like play calling will be our biggest issue this year!
  6. Offense play calling pretty bad. Defense again kept us in the game!
  7. The D kept us in most of the games...not the O.
  8. WOW...it's hard to believe there's only 2 1/2 weeks until the 1 st preseason game. Must be a lot of work ahead to get the team ready. Maybe that's why the 1st couple game are very vanilla...not enough time to get everything installed.
  9. And at his age there's no guarantee he will be healthy and be playing anyways. Could be a good break for us.
  10. Look like that's a s demerit on Brady.
  11. I thought Mike Davis declined as the year went on. Didn't seem to have the explosion, run to the open holes, or finish the runs with power when being tackled. W
  12. Does this mean we subtract the dead cap money from the cap space giving only about 8.5 M cap space?
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