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  1. Christensen might be a very good OG in a zone blocking scheme. That system gets the interior line out in space and moving around a lot, which would play to Christensen's strengths of athleticism, agility and speed for his size. Christensen is not a power guy like Deonte Brown. Brown will thrive in a man blocking scheme where you have to be big and strong enough to just dominate your opponent. I can't see Christensen doing well in man blocking unless he got a lot bigger & stronger.
  2. anytime you add All-Pros to the roster, it's a good pick
  3. Christensen might not be a future All Pro but he looks like he can develop into at least an adequate LT (and who knows, maybe he could ??). In any case even adequate would be a huge improvement for the Panthers after years of sub-par play at that position. Voltaire - don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
  4. I think the mega-football schools (Alabama, Texas, Clemson, USC, Ohio State, LSU, Michigan) with loads of wealthy donors will have even MORE influence now given the fat NIL contracts their players will be eligible for. The transfer portal is really going to suck for the non-powerhouse teams who will now lose their best players to the mega-schools. North Carolina State gets a 1000 yard receiver like Torry Holt one year. The next season he's transferred to Miami or Clemson for 1M per year.
  5. As we discuss the differences between NFL and college head coaches, I found this article pretty interesting. It describes how the college jobs are rapidly changing with the recent introduction of the transfer portal and NIL money. It seems that college coaching positions are getting a lot less desirable. College coaches are losing a lot of their control over the players. article
  6. With a CMC trade, the Panthers would take a huge cap hit. Probably would have to absorb some of CMC's massive salary to get the deal done. Wouldn't get much in return since it's all about dumping the salary. And finally we'd likely see him become an All Pro on his next team if he were used correctly. All in all a huge fail for Carolina.
  7. I never said it was a good idea to turn Deonte Brown into a Center. I think it's incredibly dumb. But that's what the Panthers are doing apparently. Any HS coach could tell you it's best to put a player in one spot and let him get used to it. So I don't know why brainiac Rhule insists on moving his rookie OL around so much. It's so detrimental to their trying to establish themselves in the NFL. Both Christensen and Brown should have been plunked down in their respective spots (LT and RG) and kept there ALL SEASON LONG.
  8. It's Deonte Brown they want to try at Center. "Brown also knows that as he competes for playing time, versatility can only help him. He said he wants to spend some time this offseason learning to play center as well." https://www.panthers.com/news/brady-christensen-deonte-brown-working-for-future-roles
  9. When the Texans walked away from the Senior Bowl coaching opportunity, it was obvious that Culley was going to be canned.
  10. with Urban Meyer gone, Rhule is now the whipping boy of the NFL
  11. Hire Mike Munchak for an obscene amount of money as the OL coach. He's a former 9x Pro Bowl Guard and one of the most well respected OL coaches in the game. Make him Assistant Head Coach. Give him a guaranteed, multi-year contract. Whatever he wants. Just get him here. Give him the first two picks in the draft. At #6 it would likely be Tyler Linderbaum or one of the LT. In the top of the 4th starting interior OL can still be found so trust Munchak's eye to get one there. Then give him a blank checkbook to hire any FA linemen he needs. Will be expensive but it will add one or two more top guys. All that influx of talent + Moton and great blocking schemes fixes the OL. Brady Christensen & Deonte Brown finally get good coaching and start to develop as credible linemen. Cut every other guy on the Panther's current OL. Add a couple of blocking-first TE and a massive FB as UDFA. Nobody wants those positions anymore so it wouldn't be too difficult to find them. Also some UDFA RB to have a bunch of bodies available for the expected injuries during the season. Fill the practice squad with these guys. With the vastly improved OL and the extra beef to support the run, our rushing game improves significantly. This provides great support for the QB and makes the play-action pass work. We're stuck with Sam Darnold as QB next year so maybe he plays "OK" with all of these improvements. I don't think he'll ever be a long-term starter in the NFL but maybe he's good enough to get through the year. Sign a vet QB as well. This team wouldn't be too explosive but would eat up clock, let the defense rest and cover up the sins of having a below-average QB. Maybe leads to a .500 record but it would be a vast improvement over this season. And it would set the stage for drafting a top rookie QB in 2023. All the pieces would be in place for him to succeed right away.
  12. JAX, DET, HOU all played with heart at the end of the season. Jets have a talented rookie QB that will get better if he is supported (OL, good WR) The only team with a poor record that I think might be behind us would be the Giants. And that's only because their starting QB got a neck injury and his health status is up-in-the-air. If Daniel Jones comes back fine next season, I'd say the Panthers are #32.
  13. It seems like Tepper has given Rhule a reprieve if he fires a bunch of guys - most of whom deserved to be let go anyway. I doubt Rhule can survive another 5 win season.
  14. Flores is a good coach. The players didn't quit on him even during a lost season and they won 8 of their last 9 games. I think he'd be an excellent hire anywhere.
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