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  1. I thought the Campen connection would be helpful bringing in FA linemen. Several of his former OL have said how much they enjoyed having him as a coach.
  2. I think the hate is from Pickett's connection to Rhule when he was recruited to Temple and the assumption he'd be our pick at #6 over much more talented, higher rated players.
  3. all this will be finished by the start of the NFL's new year on Wednesday
  4. I still see the Saints as the leader in the clubhouse. Too many offensive weapons that Watson would like to work with. But the Saints would definitely have to take some lumps to make the deal happen. Probably most of these on defense.
  5. That's where I am too. If this deal goes down I will find another team to follow.
  6. New Orleans is a totally wide open, do whatever you want city. I don't think the people there would care about a player paying hoes for some action. So there likely wouldn't be any public outcry if Watson joined the team.
  7. the loss of 3 first round draft picks, 1 or 2 good young players and their ongoing salary cap hell could make the Saints a team with a great QB and nothing else
  8. Houston is setting the terms of the deal. Not us. With so many teams trying to get Watson, they can ask for whatever they want and get it.
  9. my only hope is that Rhules incompetence as a head coach and general bone-headedness turns off Watson
  10. Ian Rapoport reporting the Panthers & Saints have definitely made offers for Watson. Maybe other teams as well. That includes the 3 first round draft picks as well as some young players. Watson will meet with the teams and then decide if he wants to waive his NTC. On Reddit Houston fans are already savoring the 3 Carolina draft choices (which will be high picks) and looking over the young talent we have on defense for who to take. It's absolutely sickening (and soul crushing) for Panther fans. Rapoport on Twitter
  11. Not only does Rhule do a lot of stupid, he also seems to be quite comfortable in broadcasting his mistakes. That makes him look even more foolish. Why say you didn't draft a Pro Bowl LT because his arms were too short ?? "maybe we should have played Brady Christensen more at LT" I am Jay-Z "you can't see the changes" and so on and so on . . .
  12. Christensen played LT in college and some last year. Just keep him there from day 1 of training camp and let Campen work with him to iron out any problems. Moton is comfortable at RT so he stays there. The pairing of the vet Moton with Brown may be a good one. Lots of beef on that side of the ball. Christensen - FA - Elflein - Brown - Moton
  13. I'm hopeful Carolina's ineptitude and lack of talent will be our shield against Watson
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