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  1. Other guys who also played on the Panthers Senior Bowl team: OG Deonte Brown LS Thomas Fletcher UDFA LB Paddy Fisher The benefits of coaching the Senior Bowl during the COVID quarantine season just can't be overstated. It was close scouting and interactions with the players that almost no other team had in 2020. That's a huge advantage. Basically the bottom of our draft and many of the UDFA were Senior Bowl guys. The close contact with the Senior Bowl players might have even affected our draft strategy. Carolina traded down and amassed lots of late roun
  2. It was a good risk. Small school kid who's team canceled the 2020 season during COVID. Scouting NFL-wide was way down because of the epidemic so a lot of teams likely didn't even know who he was. Is short for an OL at 6-1. Panthers had 1-on-1 experience with him at the Senior Bowl. So we knew his potential when many other teams did not. It was a shrewd calculation of his likely availability.
  3. Maybe the coaching staff told Thompson to bulk up during the off-season in anticipation of a specific role they had for him ? But in general it's better for older players to get more lean instead of adding weight. The loss of weight helps improve quickness and speed, which counteracts the normal speed decline due to aging.
  4. Absolutely. Defense almost always outshines Offense in early season camps, regardless of the team. Offense is a big dance where everyone has to learn the steps. That group coordination takes time & practice. Defense is far more "read & react" which favors raw athleticism.
  5. No but the Carolina coaching staff sure sees it. And coaches are a big fraternity who are networked with each other. So you don't want to have a reputation as a lazy guy or poor worker. It could affect whether another team takes a chance on you or not.
  6. For a 2.2M cap savings, Thomas better be fairly impressive as the 3rd TE or he's going to get cut. The Panthers aren't strapped against the cap right now but I'm sure they could use that money more effectively somewhere else on the roster.
  7. I'm really curious how the greatly expanded practice squads are going to affect team behavior. Will there be constant grabbing people off of other teams PS ? The wild, wild west ? Or will it be "hands off mine, I'll be hands off yours" detente. It will be fun to watch.
  8. The practice squad consists of 12 players in 2021. So a few more marginal guys can hang around. NFL roster rules 2021
  9. I see this too. Tremble's position versatility allows the team to save a roster spot. But in case of an injury to Tremble, the team doesn't want to have to change its gameplan. So a FB will be kept on the practice squad to serve as an immediate fill-in.
  10. I have some concerns about CMC and his coming back from a lost season. I am hopeful that we'll see the same explosive player that we saw in his first three years. But it's always unclear how guys come back from multiple injuries, both physically and mentally. And now he's got the big contract and I wonder about his focus with all his recent photo ops and social media posts with his Miss Universe girlfriend and such. The good thing is that the injury last season wasn't a knee or some other structural problem. Still I think the Panthers over-use of CMC has contributed to him bei
  11. Richard Sherman is a really interesting case study for the draft. He was a WR for 3 years at Stanford and then switched to CB for his last two. So he had some position uncertainty among scouts. He ran at the Combine and really bombed the 40 at 4.56. Which was ridiculous since in HS he was a track star. Sherman was a USA Today All-American after winning the California state title in the triple jump. Placed third in the California state finals for 110 hurdles. So he was a great athlete. He returned several punts for TD's in HS. Sherman re-ran the 40 at his school's
  12. With his size I thought maybe Carolina was considering Taylor as a potential FS. But you generally want ballhawks in that position, as well as guys with excellent speed. Taylor doesn't fit either of those qualities. So I'm not sure how he'll be used.
  13. For me, the biggest plus for Taylor is that the Carolina coaching staff saw this kid first hand at the Senior Bowl practices. Even though he was on the opposing team, they still did some drills with him and would have had the chance to talk with him often. So I trust if the Panthers saw something in Taylor, he was worth drafting. As to Taylor's expected draft position, the NFL had him with a 5.50 grade, which is for end-of-the-roster / practice squad guys. So not that positive. NFL prospect page
  14. There will always be exceptions but you generally want your CB to have some speed. One of the criticisms I have read about Taylor is that he gives too much cushion to receivers, which might be his own recognition that he lacks overall speed. Which seems odd since he did some track work in high school where he ran some decent times (low 11's for the 100 meters). Maybe getting bigger, heavier since HS has slowed him down a bit ?
  15. I'm not so sure about Taylor. His RAS scores are pretty mediocre including a 4.54 40 time. At that stage in the draft you take it but it's not great. Also his 0 interceptions in his college career questions whether he has the ball skills to succeed at the next level. We'll see if the Panthers staff can make the most of Taylor's length & coach him up to be a productive DB in the NFL.
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