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  1. Horn has played well for a rookie. He's made some mistakes but also came up with his first interception already. So he's flashed some real ability. One thing is for sure - his size is elite. I'd be watching the game and think to myself "why is that DE lining up against that WR ?". Horn is a big boy for a CB. And that is a huge plus against the Julio Jones type WR in the NFL.
  2. Games are thought of as discrete data. You play in a game or you don't. Yes / No. Here the study is talking about averages. In statistical terms, averages are continuous. You can have an average of 2.6 games. Or 2.3333. Or 2.19293. A continuous measure can include any fraction because you're looking at an overall summary of a whole bunch of games. The most important conclusion of the study is the average of 2.6 games missed for hamstring injuries. So the best guess is that CMC will miss the next 2 or 3 games.
  3. yeah - definitely an odd way of saying it I think the conclusion is an average of 2.6 games missed with a standard deviation of 3.1
  4. This is the truth ! CMC is a special talent. Get him the ball with some room and the guy can do magic. OP was right on the money suggesting CMC be used as a slot receiver. He would excel in that role.
  5. In the first 3 games the Panther's defense has been outstanding. That's not the entire season but it's a very good beginning. I'd much rather my defense have A REALLY GOOD START TO THE SEASON than A REALLY BAD START TO THE SEASON
  6. LIKED: The team's resilience when CMC went down. Several players stepped up in the second half to keep the offense moving along and secure the win. DISLIKED: The soft, prevent-defense playcalling on Houston's last drive of the first half. It's a rookie QB in his first start. Blitz him EVERY PLAY !
  7. I think some of the bad OL play was just great defensive playcalling. Lovie Smith is a savvy DC. As soon as CMC went down, he dialed up the defensive pressure on Darnold. Smith knew Darnold just lost his safety blanket so he went after him. And, for a few series, the tactic was pretty effective.
  8. Yeah, I really didn't like seeing Darnold almost get decapitated on that touchdown push. Both Darnold and CMC have had to make a number of short yardage plays so far this season. What's needed is a bulldozer like FB/RB who can get those tough yards. A player who's built for that kind of contact. And somebody who's not so crucial to the team's overall offense. So if they get banged-up in the pile, it won't impact the team's entire season. Why the Panthers aren't using Royce Freeman (at 238 lbs) in this role, I don't know.
  9. Over 17 games our current sack rate would equal 79 sacks for the season. That would top the NFL record of the 1984 Chicago Bears (even if you subtracted the extra game).
  10. I like the Julian Edelman comparison. They are about the same size and shiftiness on the field. With his skill set, CMC could be one of the top slot receivers in the NFL. The Panthers could also sprinkle in a few runs with him per game to keep the defense off-balance. The change would go a long way toward protecting the team's most valuable asset and getting the best long-term productivity from him.
  11. He's going to get all the reps in practice for the Dallas game. Also has a few extra days to work with the coaching staff on his performance with the Thursday game. So we should get a much better idea what he is after the next game.
  12. and the Houston DC realizes this so he brings the heat every time
  13. don't forget the dumb penalties the Panthers have been racking up
  14. It was beautiful watching the Ravens OL open up big holes between the tackles time and time again on Sunday night. Compare that to the penetration the Saints DL routinely got against our OL. Ugh - it was night & day.
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