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  1. Yep. If Darnold pans out and can run the Brady offense and we stay healthy...I like our chances in the South. Add a possible pro bowl LT for the next 10 years and it elevates the likelihood that Darnold pans out.
  2. Reminds me of a more athletic Phillip Rivers. Makes some really good plays. Makes some really dumb plays. Has an above average arm... I will take that all day long and see if building a team around him can elevate him.
  3. Maybe the teams in front of us are going to get their guy. If QBs fly off the board 1-3 (which appears they will)...Going to be hard to pass on guys who are the best players in the draft. Chase, Pitts, Sewell to the Falcons, Bengals, Dolphins basically leaves the Lions as the trade out candidate. They really going to pass on Waddle and Slater when OT and WR are their two biggest needs and they just traded for a QB who they want to win now? If the Panthers are in the same situation the only way I’d want them to trade out at #8 is if they’re getting 1st round picks in 2021 and 2022. Otherwi
  4. Denver has basically three realistic choices (for a team who thinks they’re a Qb away): 1 - Trade up (Falcons or Panthers) - Falcons are going to be way more expensive. I also don’t think they’re taking a QB with Ryan still able to produce. They’re going to go after more weapons bc they think they’re win now mode. 2 - Draft a QB in the second round or late first round. Maybe they trade back. 3 - Trade for Jimmy G (49ers saying they want a 1st which probably means they want at least multiple 2nd round picks. The Broncos are in a bad spot...I thinkn they’d do do what
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of pitting DEN and a team like WAS (Hurney) against each other...and getting a lot more than a 2nd.
  6. I think the only QB we draft if he’s there is Trey Lance. But I think Fitterers next level gamesmanship is controlling pick #8. The Falcons, Lions, Dolphins, Bengals aren’t trading out of their picks. They aren’t going to miss the opportunity to get who they want. That makes pick 8 very very valuable ahead of DEN if a QB is there.
  7. You guys remember when the Hawks signed Matt Flynn....then drafted Russell Wilson. You better believe Scott Fitterer was thinking back to those acquisitions when he made this deal. He’s right....Darnold gives the Panthers options.
  8. Before destroying this trade: https://www.google.com/amp/s/jetsxfactor.com/2020/05/27/100-reasons-to-believe-in-new-york-jets-qb-sam-darnold/amp/ The Jets were arguably the worst offensive roster in the entire league. If Fitterer can protect him (cough) Sewell (cough)....he’s going to be a very good QB for us.
  9. Yeah I mean it wouldn’t have to be Darrisaw. But if we traded back with a team like WAS and it puts us in the late-teens range the deal could net: 19th overall + 2022 1st round pick. Players that are mocked in the late teens right now: Micah Parsons (which is insane to me given his production and numbers). Put him with Perryman, Shaq and Keuchly as a mentor...sheesh. Jaycee Horn Christian Darrisaw Still leaves you enough ammunition to go after Darnold and STILL bring in a 2nd round pick like Mond. The only wrong move right now imo
  10. How about this: Trade for Darnold. Put TB in the package to help bring Wilson along. Just make it a straight up trade. TB for Darnold. The end.
  11. Thought the same thing. I just don’t know how Darnold could be bad with a line that has Sewell, Moton. A backfield with CMC. Moore, Anderson, one other piece at receiver. He wouldn’t have to be a hero. Just make the right reads and be able to stretch the defense with downfield throws.
  12. Sewell in 1st and Darnold for a conditional 3rd would be a dream.
  13. I’m really starting to think it could be trade back...and end up with Darrisaw and Mond + 1st next year.
  14. Trade down or trade for Darnold... Thats gonna be the plan imo. Plan A: WAS gonna be do whatever it takes to get DW Plan B: Darnold Plan C: Trade back for more picks Plan D: Trade multiple drafts for an unproven QB from BYU. Plan B is still in play and imo the best play to not potentially screw us for years to come if we get it wrong.
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