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  1. This is one of those “injuries” that Erving could bounce right back from if necessary I’m sure…it’s called coach’s decision.
  2. Yeah…Idt you can compare Daniel Jones missing Barkley, Golladay, and their 1st round pick to us missing CMC. They’re putting like maybe the worst offense in the league out there without those guys.
  3. If Rhule loses this game it’ll be the first time his seat has been warm and I would expect some sort of coordinator change. You can’t lose 4 in a row and one of them be to Daniel Jones (throwing to nobody).
  4. I can’t believe that a team is willing to give up a top 5 pick and multiple first round picks for a guy who might not ever play again. Everyone realizes that Mike Vick went to JAIL for dog fighting and his career was basically ruined at after 7 years. People can say what they want about the Philly stint. Dog fighting is serious…but what Watson is facing is even more serious. He could legitimately go to jail. How do you give up Tua and a trove of picks with that possibility?
  5. It would look bad for Tepper if he left for a college job. DT would make it way too painful imo.
  6. Idt Wilson is going anywhere. He’s going to force them to fire PC and he’ll stay and have a bunch of power. Who knows with Watson and his legal stuff. I doubt Rodgers wants to chase a SB wjth Brady in division.
  7. He can’t. The offense will remain incompetent as long as CMC is out and we have the worst line in the league. Want to fix it? Trade for a proven veteran and fix the line. Other option is another season down the tubes….draft the future. PJ isn’t the answer. If he was then Sam wouldn’t be on the team.
  8. The problem becomes as soon as you do that you will miss the playoffs by one game or miss home field by one game. The NFL just needs to be less greedy and get rid of the TNF games. If I was the McCafferys and Horns I would throw some weight around with the NFLPA to try and get rid of them altogether.
  9. DJ is gonna get a massive deal and it better be us giving it to him. He’s been productive, healthy, and improves every year. He’s a stud and should play the bulk of his career as a Panther. He’s the most valuable offensive player on the team over the last 15 games.
  10. If there is anything the last 2-3 game have shown me it’s that Darnold is a MID-tier QB. Which admittedly is better than he was at the Jets. But there is no hope imo of him being a guy who can carry a max contract. He has to have ALLLL the pieces around him. Then the question becomes…who is the last team to have a QB like that and go to a Super Bowl? I guess it would be the Goff Rams (lost) and the Eagles (flash in the pan can’t count on that).
  11. Literally the only thing that matters for the rest of our season is if CMC comes back. Even if we win this game..if he doesn’t come back the season is probably going nowhere. If we lose this game and he DOES come back there is hope. So in grand scheme of things probably need the win for end of season jockeying. But if CMC is gonna pull a “2020” then none of it matters anyway.
  12. Who knows….maybe if they trade CMC and gain Stafford they look at the draft priorities differently. They reevaluate and say “we just gave up a potential franchise player and someone who is beloved by the team for this QB..we better protect him.” I really think they DE-prioritized the OL bc CMC is such a weapon and makes everyone better. So they went and got the guy the coveted (Horn) and counted on CMC to be healthy and carry the load. That’s a great plan IF he stays healthy….which is a huge gamble. One that isn’t paying off right now.
  13. Dude is an amazing player but the chance to include him in a trade for an elite QB is gone now. We gambled that he could be healthy and it’s not paying off. Meanwhile the Rams are rolling with Stafford where I’m betting if you had offered CMC and a 2nd for Stafford the deal would be done. Stafford would be QB with one of the best Ds in the league backing him up.
  14. Wasn’t that the story last year too? At some point he’s gotta play. Playing 10-12 games in a span of 2 years ain’t gonna cut it for a guy who’s got a $14 million cap hit next year. He’s amazing. But in order to be amazing he’s gotta be healthy and that has been a huge negative for the last 12+ months.
  15. The blindside of that line looks brutal. They’re going to have to make a move either in season or after to shore it up. In the meantime….we need to hope CMC can stay healthy all year. Bc honestly I think that the real reason we didn’t prioritize highly drafted OL or FA is bc they were hoping the quality of perimeter weapons SD has to play with will trump the deficiencies. CMC showed in first couple games his availability hides a lot of problems. Need him to be healthy….
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