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  1. Levis and AR are going to shoot up boards Justin Herbert style imo…I’m Frank I trust.
  2. I voted for #3 assuming the Bears keep #1 or swap with the Texans and don’t draft a QB.
  3. Not happening. Look at what Reich has said he wants….A QB who will win from the pocket but be able to move. That isn’t Lamar and wasn’t Cam. Stroud, Young? Yes. Lamar? No. There are two, possibly three generational QBs in this draft. Position the team to get one of them.
  4. Everyone is still under contract and Fitterer isn’t dumb. If the Cowboys decide they want to bring McAdoo back as OC (which has been talked about) then there could be compensation if he’s still under contract with us. It’s massively lazy for Panthers reporters to not even investigate that possibility…
  5. Richardson imo RIGHT NOW is not an upgrade over Corral. Corral was elite in college. So was AR. Corral had a 20:5 TD:INT ratio and ran for another 11 TDs with a 68% comp %. That is really quite a good stat line. The biggest issue is injuries. Stroud probably has a better toolset than Corral simply bc of the accuracy and size. So…moving up is basically the only option for a QB and trying to get Stroud or Young. Whether Reich thinks AR is a better mold than Corral is unknown. But right now AR isn’t an upgrade.
  6. QBs win in this league. I agree Burns is a centerpiece for a defense but if Reich sees the next Luck and thinks he can get by with trading Burns for that QB then you free up a bunch of cap and you go sign Ngakoue, Clowney, Jessie Bates and call it a day. Think about if someone was like “you can have the next Mahomes/Burrow but it’ll cost you Burns.” You’d be dumb to turn that down.
  7. Sorry…why would the requirement to draft a player that went 12th (in a weak QB class) be a higher 1st and multiple 2nd round picks? I’d offer two 2s and maybe a future 1st and keep #9 and tell the Bears to find a better offer if they want to. I think Fields can be good…but he threw for 2300 yards and 17/11 TD/INT ratio. He eclipsed 200 yards passing twice all year in his second year. Arguing he’s worth top 5 pick compensation is bananas. Especially if the team who drafted him is admitting they want to start over.
  8. This dude made Dak Prescott look good. Kellen Moore + Dalton Schultz. Let’s make it happen for Stroud.
  9. The trade chart doesn’t support that and you also have to have multiple interested parties which there won’t be imo. Nobody is getting into a bidding war for an unknown draft commodity with an insane price when there are multiple options in the top 10. The price would be: #9, #39, 2024 1st ~ 3000 (assuming we’re drafting between 12-17). The benefit we have is that we have a top 10 pick already and a high 2nd round pick. But it’s not going to be three 1st round picks. That’s basically what Cleveland traded for a proven QB playing like one of the top 3 players in the league.
  10. Agreed. I’m seeing a lot on NFL twitter and from NFL reporters about David Tepper being part of the problem here. Has everyone already forgotten that he was the lone owner in the league that gave Eric Reid a roster spot? That he openly supported his players when they protested the anthem (agree or disagree). That without coming out and DIRECTLY saying it…that he thought Reid was being unfairly targeted for random drug screens? That he hired Steve Wilks and gave him the associate HC position AND basically gave him a risk-free audition as a head coach for over half the season. Wilks, imo, had a case for being the head coach of the Panthers. But it wasn’t the BEST case to be the head coach. If Wilks was a former QB, offensive coordinator, with successful head coaching experience he would have gotten the job. It’s as simple as that. Hell…you could argue that if Wilks had just prepared his defense and we beat a really really mediocre Bucs team with Darnold playing the best football of his career then he’d be the head coach. The Panthers were NOT GOOD after he took over. They are average at best and lost to every good team they played other than Seattle at home. We also lost to a bunch of bad teams and played one of the weakest schedules in the league down the stretch and couldn’t close the deal. So…Wouldn’t have been upset if he was hired. But there is no argument statistically, historically, or otherwise to say that he would have been a better choice than Reich.
  11. We’re going all in for Young. He’s a day 1 starter and an anchor for the franchise for a decade or more. The foundation has been built. We’ll trade the 2024 1st, re-sign Burns and force a bunch of restructuring and try to win big on a rookie QB contract. This is literally the reason Reich was brought in…
  12. Moore could also see the writing on the wall with Dak/McCarthy in DAL. May see an opportunity to work with Reich/Wilks as OC as an upgrade.
  13. Icky, Horn, Corbett, Bozeman, Marshall, Foreman, Christensen, Luuvu. That’s basically in two offseasons he’s given the panthers probably the best OL/future OL in team history, a stud LB on a good contract, a pro bowl caliber corner and a RB that everyone wants to re-sign….bc he’s playing behind that OL. He fixed basically every problem position we had except TE and QB (hopefully fixed this year).
  14. Idt that’s what anyone has said…It was pretty clear that during the Rhule era Fitterer was in charge of scouting, drafting the players, contracts. Rhule had final say but wasn’t as involved in the trades to net picks or the lead up to the draft or FA. But you can connect the dots on the Henderson trade. Fitt wasn’t with the team when CJ was drafted. Rhule was. Rhule said multiple times that he was high on their (Rhule/Hurney) board. So…Rhule drove the train on what player he wanted in that instance.
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