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  1. Idt anyone is ever gonna be Rodgers. His arm and on the run accuracy are just freakish. I DO think Corral favors Russel Wilson coming out of college tho. He needs to bulk up (that’s the Rodgers comp imo)…but either way I think he’s gonna be really good and Idt there is any way Darnold is the starter to start the season. I think they lean on the D and running game and help acclimate the rookie similarly to what the Hawks did with RW.
  2. The idea is that if you have a secondary ELITE enough to play a single high safety and not help your corners on the perimeter then you’re not going to give up points. It’s been this way forever in the NFL. It frees up rushers. Frees up LBs and the free safety to pursue RBs. Elite corners change the game. They always will.
  3. This honestly just seems like a “too many cooks in the kitchen” type of scenario waiting to happen. Why do you need all of these people? Football has never had this much input and teams have been successful. I know these guys want to be “CEOs” but football isn’t THAT complicated.
  4. Horn. Not close. DPOY candidate this year. If Corral is good enough and Horn, Burns live up to what everyone thinks they are….we could make some noise.
  5. It worked out. We would have taken Corral with their 1st. Now we have Corral and CMC. If we had come away with no QB this year I’d be pissed. Guessing Beane wasn’t parting with multiple 1sts. If that was the offer then it’s hard for me to believe Fitt turned down the picks and potential cap savings.
  6. I think some of it is relative. If you are in a situation to go to the super bowl then you can make the argument there is “good” dead cap (Saints, Packers etc). If you are just swinging and missing trying to put a team around a bad QB situation (Panthers) then that’s “bad” dead cap…..Which was Hurney’s M.O. But yeah I agree if we can get a starting QB on a rookie contract for 4-5 years we should be in a good situation for a while.
  7. This is what happens when you have to pay players to make up for bad QB play. When you have a QB who can play and wins…you get better deals at every level. Have to cut players less often to try to upgrade. The fact that Fitterer has take us from 2nd to 13th in one season shows how much better he is than Hurney.
  8. Texas isn’t getting a third team before London or Canada gets a team.
  9. Carson Wentz scored a 40 and sucks Cam, Watson, Carr scored 20s and they were MVP candidates. Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Kelly, Steve McNair scored 15 and are in the HOF The wonderlic doesn’t mean poo.
  10. Idk all of the facts. PFF did a story about it and basically said that personalities clashed. I’m sure it’s not all on Riley. Maybe Rattler wasn’t taking to being coached up on his mistakes. He had some ego stuff off the field. But they showed clips and stats for his arm strength, throwing on the run and at difficult angles and the throws he’s capable of making are Mahomes-ish. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if by the end of the 2023 pre draft process he moves up to QB2 behind Stroud. As far as physical capability he and Stroud are tier 1. Everyone else is second fiddle.
  11. Baker did pretty well at OU.
  12. TVD isn’t gonna be the best QB in his conference…
  13. PFF basically said Rattler is the best QB in the class. His situation caused his stock to fall. Judging by how Riley is handling NIL etc I’m gonna go ahead and say if you’re a QB and get on the wrong side of him then you’re done. I think Leary and Rattler are incredibly underrated right now. But…it’d be nice to get JSN and not have to worry about QB bc Corral turns out to be a stud.
  14. I mean maybe but Idt anyone really knows what we are right now. How are you gonna feel 5 games into the season though if we’re 3-2 and everyone is looking around saying…”if we could have held Fournette under 100 yards and pressured Brady we would have won that game.” Why take the risk and not sign a guy if he could be a difference maker when it’s gonna be a one year deal and we have the most cap space in the league?
  15. It’s gonna be someone in house-ish. Someone with ties. If this was the Seahawks then I’d be worried. Not really the Steelers.
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