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  1. I was waiting for someone to post this. You are so right, does it even matter who we sign at this point? This franchise has wasted so much talent that has gone elsewhere to shine.
  2. This. If you don't admit that this league plays favorites, then you are kidding yourself.
  3. Yea, the most Hornets thing ever. Have a great player, trade him so you can draft him again.
  5. But, Fhule thought he was a starter. Yet another gift that keeps on giving from that POS.
  6. No, they are too young and he'd kill their development. Also, what exactly have we done with that talent so far?
  7. Not only no, but HELL NO. Draymond is great when he has talent around him and he can be the tone setter, but if you ask him to be the team leader, then it will result is absolute disaster. His talent is waning and he will not be able to positively contribute any longer, his antics won't be worth the trouble.
  8. Don't forget, that same starting roster of a bunch of selfish prima donnas could not win poo. Now, when the young guys come in and actually play defense, they win some games. This organization is putrid from top to bottom and no one holds the players accountable for actually playing as a team. Sad how a bunch of bench warmers can create more excitement that the overpaid idiots we call "stars". Oh look, Oubre just took and missed yet another ill-advised 3 pointer and no one ran back on Defense.
  9. I don't think it is because he didn't care, I think is is because of his ego and thinking he knows more than anyone because of his GOAT player status. He surrounds himself with "yes" men who are all scared to disagree with him and he constantly meddles where he has proven time and time again he is clueless in. Id bet that most of the outright terrible draft picks are all him.
  10. What a chickenshit move by MJ. Can't make it work, quit. I am kind of kidding, but this may be good for the team to have new blood leading, these guys have proven they don't know what they are doing.
  11. Just what we need, another idiot who cannot get his poo together off the court. Did you see what this guy is involved in? He makes terrible decisions off the court and will probably do that on it in the big leagues.
  12. Not defending Kupchak at all, but you see who is the problem, right? This is squarely on MJ and MJ alone. HE is the one who inserts himself time and time again to tank this franchise. Blow it up.
  13. Agree. But, is that GOAT behavior? I think not. If he doesn't want to tarnish his basketball legacy, he either realizes he is a shitty GM/Personnel guy and gets out of his own way or gets out. He is the common denominator in all of this, so unless strongly proven otherwise, it is on him.
  14. Hot take. *If* LeBron goes on to be a top GM, owner, etc, that will vault him to the GOAT status in the NBA (not just player, but overall). The bottom line is, MJ needs to get his poo together if he doesn't want to soil his legacy.
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