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  1. Special teams is going to cost this team at least one game this year.
  2. Yes, this. See how the Texans OC is moving the pocket and setting up quick throws to get the ball out fast? Stupid ass Brady keeps calling slow developing plays and is killing Sam.
  3. WTF do you mean, have you seen the WRs running wide ass open in the first half while Sam checked it down to CMC? I agree that they need to make plays, but Sam needs to actually deliver the ball to them.
  4. Yes, it was. He is playing scared and won't throw the damn ball.
  5. See what happens when you throw down the field? Maybe Darnold will be shown all the WIDE ASS OPEN receivers he was too chicken to throw to in the first half.
  6. Need to bring in competition for Blackburn, his units have all looked bad.
  7. This. Rhule should tell his wife to stay out of football.
  8. What an idiotic call by Brady. Chuba up the middle???,
  9. Pass block? I think the problem here is our supposed "power back" got run over by a CB! There is no excuse for something of that magnitude. Yes, I know he was technically pass blocking, but it was a CB not a Dlineman!
  10. Here is a thought, maybe Blackburn is not making it any easier on them, his coverage and blocking units look really bad. He needs to be on notice.
  11. Well, he sure as hell cannot do anything after he catches either (he is not a good route runner either). So, why in the hell is he on the roster again?
  12. GREAT TD run, but what in the holy hell is Ian Thomas doing on the play? Also, why cut Santoso again? Because this kicker is WORSE!!!
  13. Or one who calls the games after the script, because Brady clearly cannot call once the script is done and he needs to adjust.
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