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  1. We finally picked the right guy and it happened immediately after MJ bowed out. I hope this is a good sign for the future. Don't forget the Magic won a bunch of games this year, not long after Cliff left. New blood, new results!
  2. This is so disheartening, what a selfish prima donna. How are you supposed to be a team leader when you can't even be there with them for a few hours. Cliff needs to assert his authority on him.
  3. Officially a Prima Donna. Dude better wake up or his NBA career will be short lived. No one wants to put up with this crap.
  4. Looks like the regular Hornets are back. Blow out after blow out and no one plays defense anymore. Cliff is in over his head and LaMelo is his dad, a primadonna who will not help this team.
  5. Good Lord, did Fitterer make ANY good decisions? Everything he touched went straight to poo. Can't use the Fhule excuse now, dumbass.
  6. Morgan decided to keep Ian Thomas. I've seen enough, this is more of the same stinky crap.
  7. Geez, the Panthers are being led by a bunch of idiots. Keep only the complete trash and get rid of actual decent talent.
  8. Right there with you. Add in the absolute asinine Ian Thomas thing and he has lost me. Why can we ever get out of our own way? Morgan inspires NO confidence and looks to be more of the same.
  9. Dan Morgan with yet another whiff. More of the same.
  10. Morgan doesn't seem to know poo, see Ian Thomas. Gonna be a miserable regime, gents.
  11. Dan Morgan is an absolute joke. More of the same.
  12. But, he cannot block worth a poo! Surely, you can find a blocking TE for cheaper who can actually block. And don't give me the line that it isn't his fault how he is used. It is totally his fault, as he has proven he can't do anything they ask him to do.
  13. Unless your name is Ian Thomas, apparently.
  14. W. T. F. Time to cut the bum, he sucks at EVERYTHING, even his supposed strength of blocking. How does this guy survive every year? He is truly the worst TE we may have ever had. This alone makes me have NO confidence in the new regime.
  15. I hope I am proven wrong on this, but as long as Bryce Young is the QB, this team isn't doing poo. He is going to look as bad next year than he did this year.
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