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  1. I think we can all agree on one thing- Rhule is a clown.
  2. Well, if you watched those guys last year, that is your OL depth. Remade the roster, but these bums are still the backups.
  3. Well, that is exactly the problem here. MJ and his emotional decisions are killing this team. You have to evaluate the consequences of something like firing a coach who is doing a pretty good job and what it will do to prospects to replace him. Many said before it happened that unless you can get someone better, you keep what you have. I get that the play-in was a complete embarrassment 2 years in a row, but are we better off now from a coaching standpoint? That is debatable. Stop meddling, MJ!
  4. MJ, you should have thought of this before you emotionally fired JB. Who are you going to get that is BETTER? It is a shame that the GOAT player is such a putrid GM and Owner who cannot get out of his own way.
  5. Yes, he has. But wasn't the Borrego firing all him? I know Mitch is covering for him, but this seems an MJ decision. When MJ "interferes", bad things go down.
  6. Let's draft Adam Morrison, let's draft Malik Monk instead of Donovan Mitchell, let's draft MKG... MJ, your decisions are crap, let your GM do his damn job. Who in the hell are you going to hire now? He better be head and shoulders better than Borrego since your emotions decided to can him. What a cluster this is.
  7. It pisses us off because of the absolute disaster we had as the OLine last year when Fhule flat out refused to play BC at LT until the season was tanked. Now, all of a sudden BC is the man? Does anyone trust this idiot?
  8. Philly Brown was only serviceable in the regular season. Remember when he allowed Talib to almost rip his head off in the Super Bowl? That's when I knew we were done. That dude had NO fire in the most important game of his life. Neither did most of the team, Gettleman got rid of those guys.
  9. Dave G sure had an eye for WR talent. The two TEs and Philly Brown.
  10. Great news, he seems to be able to keep MJ in check of his ego. Let's see what kind of hire he makes and how he keeps the players we need.
  11. Shouldn't teams do some interviews and dig into players who they are drafting in the first round? This seems to be Gettleman's biggest failures, the guy had no interpersonal skills, so good luck getting him to interview players.
  12. Exactly, put BC at LT if not the rookie. Moving Moton is asinine.
  13. There must have been no S from Baylor. What a Fhule.
  14. Another "2 for 1", ala draft a CB and trade for a QB? See how that worked out last time? Horn is a great player, but we have up way too much for Darnold. It's this kind of thinking that got us where we are now.
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