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  1. Gonna be a Texas standoff...although I think Watson will win this...his endorsement money will be enough to support him while sitting out...meanwhile team will get tired of attention and media...not to mention additional draft picks for draft are more than enticing..
  2. @Panthers are following him but he is definitely not following @Panthers!
  3. Was able to see Bouges, Morning, and LJ at the old coliseum!! Not gonna lie.... Ball and this team has rejuvenated my enthusiasm!! It’s contagious! Gonna buy some gear... haven’t since the old days!
  4. Tepper keeps stadium uptown Charlotte!!
  5. All Lawrence has to do is say...I don’t wanna play for Ajax...but I will for the Panthers!!!
  6. The more I think about it....we are not moving up to draft a QB...if one falls then so be it...doesn't make sense at this point..based on analytics. WATSON or run it back with Teddy Bear! Build the team and see what QBs are available in 2022..
  7. Looks like he is following now.... And his IG is set to private...not sure if its always been that way...
  8. I believe it started in the afternoon because I remember listening to them Monday AM.
  9. I went over and read Bears Forum and the feeling I got is that they really really really want Wentz
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