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  1. This keeps up I hope ST Coach BLACKBURN is gone and OC Joe BRADY!!!!
  2. Yeah, this College Offense is NO WORKING in the NFL....so disappointed in BRADY!
  3. Its on the OC first...then OLINE....then everyone after that...
  4. Too much Wine and Cheese!!! Fools gonna be fools!
  5. Ummmm nope Clausen was bad real bad!! Delete thread!!
  6. CaM is Done!!! More focused on his entertainer and icon persona than a leader of men…plus he’s been hit too many times!
  7. Let’s start with BRADY…then OLINE…fix those then Darnold should be good to go
  8. Ehhh no he didn’t..players either performed or they didn’t….no out coaching in this game
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