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  1. Not likely I'll be here one way or another as I have been before you.
  2. Awehhh poor baby chuck can't help but resort to personal insults.
  3. Pretty sure razors gonna ban me so it's been fun as TLT boys!
  4. To Raleigh Charlotte has proven they don't deserve professional sports.
  5. Six years of strait ass is too much even if it is "entertaining"
  6. If only I would have wasted far less time clown. Delhomme to Rosario Dawson
  7. IGAF either way I'm not from that sh*t city of Charlotte.
  8. I'd rather we get 7-10 to witness the meltdown
  9. So the plan is to subject fans to yet anther year of suck after this one minimum? Yuck 90M dead cap this year and next now..... lmfao literally more than 35% of next seasons cap is dead.
  10. Yes because you need a top 2 picks to get a good QB PM JH LJ say hi
  11. God I hope this miserable team manages to win 3 more games by some crazy accident so all of horrible fans have heart attacks.
  12. 114k followers... seems legit! BURN THIS MOTHAFAKA DOWN
  13. Hes trying to imply cam newton should have been your favorite player.
  14. Too much enthusiasm there years of dealing with you miserable lot! Can't wait for the Panthers relocation!
  15. Five crap seasons in a row is enough to kill.
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