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  1. You do understand most of that was against a very soft zone and in a situation were teams typically soften up the coverage and Cooks had like 85% of Houston's total yards, AJ Bouye will help.
  2. I am 99 percent certain of that, I'd guess they score 13-17 and many here complain because we give up 300 yards for the first time this season.
  3. This defense is legitimate regardless IMO, Losing Horn sucks but I have an odd feeling Bouye will return to form behind this rush.
  4. SMITTY wasn't even talking about Bouye he didn't even mention him he kept bashing Melvin.
  5. Regardless of who the QBs have been our Dline rosted NO and Houston (both had been excellent in pass pro coming in)
  6. Oh Lord pardon we have allowed 7 points more in an entire extra game..... 10ppg allowed a game is insane..... The best Panthers D in PPG allowed a game was the 2013 Panthers at 14.7 I believe.
  7. I have my doubts if we will get into any shootouts with the way we pressure Quarterbacks I'd be surprised if AJ Bouye didn't return to form.
  8. "Very Vulnerable" pressure is king giving up a drive or two is not "very" anything.... Every QB is vulnerable to pressure our rush defense has managed to stuff everything..... When you do that when the game is on the line you can pin your ears back and go after their QB
  9. The pass rush somewhat expected let's not forget the run defense that has allowed them to get after the QB surrending less than 2.7 yards per carry and 130 yards total on the ground....... That's less than our average per game the last two seasons that's HUGE.
  10. CMCs hammy isn't a season ender, I don't often agree with you but the Horn loss will sting, it changes how we can call the defense and limits our ability to man up and fire a blitz from anywhere.
  11. You really are one to talk, or should I go back and quote all of the whiny baby posts you made about how we were gonna lose again.
  12. @frankw what happened to losing? maybe you should lose the clown shoes.
  13. In the NFL for guys that get hammered by 250 pound men week in and out it sure does.
  14. Youth helps with those kind of injuries Olsen was 32 at the time JC is 21.
  15. I question our equipment manager and have to wonder if our guys were wearing proper cleats for this field.
  16. This is domination @hepcat you were wrong about losing but these injury's sour this a lot.
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