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  1. This is the best post on the subject today.... The Huddles herd mentality is par for the course.... It's why I didn't post in this forum much the past few seasons few can balance their emotions and he realistic.
  2. He did get that, pretty amazing feat since he had no part in any positive yardage.
  3. He's not the savior this season as some wanted to delude themselves into thinking but judging anything from this beyond that is pure stupidity.
  4. Coral with the GWD!!!! Rippadon is gonna slobber.
  5. I'm not @rippadonn I am not crowing him... just saying he's not had much work or much to work with.
  6. Coral is gonna lead a game winning drive via penalty.
  7. Hes seeing ghosts right now... but given his lack of reps and who he's playing with I'll reserve judgment.
  8. 0 points allowed, a three and out then a forced turnover, and 10 points? Are you high?
  9. He looks nervous... but it's not a fair metric to judge considering he's playing with guys who won't make the roster.
  10. The knee jerk reactions on the huddle have gotten so much crazier over the years it's preseason he's a rookie chill on both sides.
  11. Probably Ron has his coordinators calling plays most wouldn't use in the pre season.... It's a good thing these games don't matter, I really only look at it as it was 10-0 "starters" vs starters.
  12. Let's see how much poo I get for this one.... Matt Rhules lineups are looking very validated so far this game.
  13. Hes a rookie playing with 3rd-4th stringers and Ron always forgets preseason games don't really matter... Throwing some pretty exotic delayed blitzes and double gaps for a pre season game.
  14. I remember that hit, The days when Canes hockey was the equivalent of the last three panthers years, Agreed and I'm not hating on Matt at all its not irrational to call it what it is.
  15. Don't try to be logical with those arguing this, no one is saying he's horrible but that's a rook throw.
  16. He led that throw right into the linebacker... because he was locked in on Kirkwood, he's a rook but that's definitely a ball you think about because that's how you get your WRs knocked out.
  17. Coral getting that guy killed.... wew.... Also no flag? JMO but that's a defenseless receiver.
  18. Trying to watch Coral and they annoy the crap of you with a Darnold interview and runs on 1st and 2nd.
  19. Former actual NFL HCs as the OC and DB coach spots....
  20. That's why Cams return and two rushing TDs while Walker had an INT....
  21. I'm trying to remember the second game he started, I know one was a shutout vs the Lions 23-0 but we could have won that game without a QB... Got two fgs off two turnovers in the redzone.... Hes is 2-8 TD to INT... He's not an NFL talent.
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