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  1. Weak calls NHL just doesn't want us embarrassing any more of their big markets this week.
  2. It's understated that he's also better being back on his natural side.
  3. Just don't commit any dumb penalties and this games over the rangers are 30th in 5v5 goals.
  4. The Watt brothers should have been drafted by the Chargers it would have been more poetic.
  5. Idk Pitt has that guy that tied the single season sack record in 15 games.
  6. He's also under contract for another season and a 5th year option after.
  7. I'm actually glad ive missed most because I don't have bally sports anymore.
  8. That's debatable seeing as we were much closer to winning 38.
  9. It's hard to judge imo simply because there are a ton of players who just don't try on it..... Now Kelvin Benjamin's 7 that one was spot on.
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