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  1. I mean I could gamble all of my money on the stock market, might as well let me gamble on sports in a non shady way. At least I have a better shot to break even…
  2. IF they’re gonna do something it needs to be asap. You don’t cause another Cam situation by bringing in a QB when they haven’t had any time to get accustomed to the system or teammates.
  3. Yeah that’s bullshit talk to hype the fanbase up like we got a steal.
  4. Yeah and Teddy was playing from behind almost the whole 2020 season so we were always throwing the ball playing catch-up. Passing yards aren’t the end all stat you’re making it out to be.
  5. Give a 5th and I’m good with it. Baker is a decent quarterback and I don’t think Corral is good enough to be thrown to the wolves just yet. I do know I refuse to watch 17 games of Darnold this season though.
  6. I’d rather watch Sam/Coral suck all year than watch one of my favorite players of all time further tarnish his legacy.
  7. This is the biggest story in the NFL during a dead period so what do you want another fire Rhule or we’re gonna suck next year thread that is going in circles by the third reply?
  8. Yeah if it can be substantiated that they were providing NDAs I don’t know how you couldn’t force the McNair family to sell while the league takes over the team on an interim basis…
  9. You’re right but man this is the biggest contract in the league and I don’t see how you don’t do something super fuging drastic…. I know this isn’t a choir boys league but fug me man, this situation is to the point where I legit feel gross for supporting the sport..
  10. There’s no way in hell you can allow a guy with almost 100 victims to ever see the field again. Even if half lied we’re talking over 30 women… that’s fuging insane.
  11. I'm really interested to see how he translates to the league...I think he can be a damn good gunner if nothing else...
  12. I'd love a top edge rusher as it stands today...but who knows what the hell is gonna happen this next season? We could find ourselves a playoff team outta nowhere at this point...
  13. Unless there is still some backroom negotiating going on, I'd be pissed as hell to be a York county/Rock Hill taxpayer...
  14. Trading back up has killed us before though. The price was a next year first last time we did it.
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