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  1. If anyone thinks that a team in the worlds biggest media market is gonna trade for Watson, you’re outta your damn mind.
  2. If we bring in Pep, only thing that tells me is we're going all in for Watson... Which means we're fuged....
  3. Aren’t we pretty much guaranteed the 6th pick in the draft now regardless of outcome? If so, we can win this and I don’t care since I think we’re keeping Rhule win or lose anyway.
  4. Cross or Neal should be the only two players we even entertain with the first pick.
  5. But we already have Sam Darnold at home
  6. Apathy is the main course today
  7. To be fair, looking at a random ass vase being worth 10k is way more interesting than our pathetic excuse of a football team…
  8. There is a better chance at us continuing fuging up our rebuild by giving up our 2022/23 first rounders for Jordan Love than us firing Rhule…
  9. If and when we lose to the injury depleted Bucs hopefully this sentiment gets louder in the media…
  10. And after the German people were subjected to the inept American product, the seeds for WW3 were planted…
  11. Well I meant he seemed more suited to be a college coach. Although with the way he left Baylor, we never got to see what he could truly build with a power 5 team….
  12. Rhule has proven he’s a superior college coach rather than a pro coach so I’d be great with that.
  13. Just...fug me man... I just can't deal with this shitty team this year....
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