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  1. McAfee just kinda roundabout said the rumor is we signed Chark as well when speaking about Thielen…
  2. This offseason has been one for the books.
  3. How much could a Burns extension save us this year in cap space?
  4. Heard on the radio that Renfrow is on the trading block, I wonder what the Raiders would want for him?
  5. Since the second 2nd round pick isn’t until 25, by some people’s measurements, doesn’t that equal to a 4th rounder anyway?
  6. Man I really want Stroud, but there is something to be said about having a proven commodity and saving a first round pick as well…
  7. I’ve been sounding the alarm on CJ since September…let’s fuging gooooooooooo!!!!!!
  8. Man if we get the quarterback situation right this team could be super special.
  9. This is who I’ve wanted before last season. Although I was scared at what a Matt Rhule staff would do with him, but with the all star staff we have now I don’t care what it takes to move up to #1 to get him I think he’ll be that franchise guy we’ve been waiting for.
  10. Without a quarterback that might as well be us now.
  11. Whomevers burner account is posting keep it up.
  12. When it’s finally revealed that Rodgers has been in some weirdo cult the last few years I’m gonna probably die from lack of oxygen due to laughter.
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