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  1. Fields career record is like 7-28 or something like that. When whoever their backup qb happens to be starts the game the bears are 6-6.
  2. Yep, and we have probably the least talented overall roster in the NFL. During games sometimes the announcers talk the team up that we are even playing close at the time, like we are a college team playing against an NFL team. That is absolutely unacceptable and that's on the GM.
  3. Im not sure hes a snake, probably more of a rat trying to save himself from a sinking ship. Either way hes terrible at his job and should have already been fired, and if hes not fired this offseason, i think that is the absolute worst case single decision this franchise could currently make.
  4. Bryce will 100% be the starter next season. At least in week 1. Next season will be his make or break.
  5. Devonte and Burns are on totally different levels when it comes to production.
  6. Yea we arent rock bottom until after the draft when the bears make the pick and then Burns refuses to play under the franchise tag and we have no leverage and trade him for a 4th rounder, and we let Luvu walk in an effort to overpay Burns.
  7. Especially when his mechanics were clearly regressing over the course of this season.
  8. Ive made this argument since before the trade deadline since everyone here was arguing it made no sense to trade him then instead of just franchising him and getting two firsts (which definitely isnt going to happen, that 2 firsts trade value sailed a long time ago)
  9. I want to actually win in the playoffs though. Lamar doesn't do that. He mostly feasts on average to below average defenses.
  10. For sure. Its annoying hearing all this drama abour Burns and an overpaid extension and not trading him when Luvu is also going to be a free agent after this season and as far as Im concerned he means more to the defense overall.
  11. I wouldnt be as confident as you. He has regressed this season. Most of that through no fault of his own but if he doesnt show improvement next season and we are in the running for the first pick then hes gone i would bet.
  12. Reich said if executed correctly its a touchdown or something like that and if anyone knows how to call plays to get touchdowns its Frank.
  13. Bryce will be the qb next season. There is no reason for him not to be. He will be replaced after next season.
  14. When all pass plays are to the line of scrimmage, most interceptions will be pick 6s
  15. If they let Beane go we need to fire fitterer on the spot and bring him back asap.
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