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  1. I hope you're right. I just dont understand how many fans are so certain. I believe he is 0-9 in his last 9 starts with the team?
  2. I never said Darnold was the answer. Darnold was a gamble on young potential. I just dont think Cam is the long term solution either. I wouldn't be so sure the coaching staff believes that either or they would have offered more than a contract for the rest or the season probably.
  3. Yea I wasnt talking about you specifically. You cant really base his health on one game though. Especially how his shoulder holds up over a season.
  4. I already specifically said Cam played as well and efficiently as you could ever expect in the situation... I don't hate Cam. I dont think we lost because of Cam...
  5. I'm not saying hes not a decent player. I'm saying hes not what so many on here want him to still be. There are multiple reasons hes been sitting on his couch for months. There are definitely Cam haters dont get me wrong. There are also people that are blinded by Cam and what he did for us in the past. Then there are also Cam realists. Most of us are instantly lumped in as haters though.
  6. The Cam being the saviour guys are really spiraling now it appears. Blame everyone! These players/coaches werent really getting blamed that much with Darnold back there. Cam player efficient and as good as you can expect in the situation but hes not carry your team Cam any more. The problems we had with other QB playing is still there.
  7. I'm not riding for everyone. I just see a lot of hypocrisy on this board where it's ok to have certain opinions on certain players based on certain things but not other players for the same things or you are a hater.
  8. So people haven't been doing the exact same thing about Darnold all season until Cam came? How is it different?
  9. You're a mod here? You definitely seem to be letting your emotions and love for Cam get the best of you. It's ok for people to not be sold on Cam. He was on a decline the last we saw him, he has had multiple nagging injuries and he was sitting at home last week. The same as it is ok for the people who constantly bashed Darnold or PJ, or any other qb we have had since Cam that you have agreed with. Stop taking questions about Cam's current potential level of play as personal attacks.
  10. Cam scored twice from the 1 yard line. Yes he is a great red zone threat but dont act like hes who got us there.
  11. You cant say anything that's not 100% Cam Newton hype right now without being called a hater. No matter how much sense it makes. I think it makes much sense to keep giving him more snaps each week but there is no major benefit to rushing him in full time. Until PJ poos the bed anyways.
  12. Cam has one of those... with much higher stakes. Nothing against him but this seems like a weird statement to make.
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