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  1. This place lol. They cry about Icky not starting immediately, Rhule wants him to earn his spot, he does and is now the starter, the huddle cries. The huddle cries that Baker isnt the starting qb, rhule says their is a competition, Baker wins it, Baker is named the starter, and alas, the huddle cries.
  2. This is a bad take. They are trying to convince him hes not good and not ready? His play has clearly done that so far..
  3. Why? Sam is going to be the backup unless some team wants to trade for him. Pj probably isnt going to be on the roster and so far Matt hasnt done anything at all to earn more reps. Most third round rookies arent handed a bunch of reps. They have to earn them. So far getting to practice early hasnt been enough surprisingly.
  4. Hes our 2nd best qb by far and as you said he most likely wont be traded. Yes a fine backup for a season.
  5. 99% hes going to be our backup QB this season. I'm not sure what the outrage is about.
  6. He still managed to get one of his wrs hurt on their catch attempt and no completions. I mean, he is a third round player, he HAS to show a little something to add more snaps. You can cry about coaches till you're blue in the face but Corral has to do a little something at least to justify more snaps and apparently getting to practice early isnt enough.
  7. Yea everyone is chomping at the bit for football which is understandable and a lot of people feel negatively about the team because of the coaching staff so it is manifesting with a big negative leaning but long story short it's a bunch of fans overreacting with first preseason game hot takes. That's what we do.
  8. Hes gone after this year and we are sitting at 20m in cap right now. I'm not sure how much it really hurt financially.
  9. So with your logic were Brandon Smith and barno playing solid entirely because of coaching? I mean they were even later picks than Corral so that must be some great coaching.
  10. Every other team doesnt have a new offensive system/coordinator, a totally new offensive line, a new qb and a clear qb and backup qb ahead of them. Apples and oranges.
  11. Because some players do and some players dont? That's how the nfl works. Performance isn't always an exact correlation to talent or draft spot unfortunately. Let me put this very simply. I hope everyone agreeing with this post reads this. Tanking doesnt exist to coaches and players. Right now they are focused on one thing, winning. The team has a new offensive coordinator, a new offensive scheme, a new starting qb, and almost an entirely new offensive like. They have a lot more they should be focusing on right now than the third string qb. He needs to keep focusing on mental reps and taking advantage of the time he has to learn. The starting offense has to learn the new system and learn to gel. You could say then why give Darnold reps but they said it was an open competition and that lines up. Regardless it makes sense for your backup qb to get more reps than your third string qb. I know Corral is the sole focus of a lot of fans right now but he better not be the sole focus of the head coach and offensive coordinators at this point with all the transition and the fact hes third string at best this season.
  12. Yes. Its alllll his fault a 3rd round rookie qb who came from a gimmick offense didnt play well in his very first preseason game..
  13. Yea there are two angles of the catch attempt that look completely different. The better angle where you can see before the contact is made Anderson clearly had the ball in both of his hands before the safety made contact. It would have been a very difficult catch but one the best WRs make more often than not I'd say.
  14. Easy because they want to blame everything they dont like on 1 guy.
  15. Then why the overreaction to the first preseason game?
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