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  1. So many people just remember late Delhomme.
  2. I still believe you're underselling him. Saying he was just enough to win a game is a big understatement. He was the most clutch qb we have had in the franchise by far. Yes Cam was a lot more talented but Jake was who you wanted when the game was on the line. Even in the super bowl look how he responded when the patriots started moving the ball. There is a reason his leadership and intangibles are still talked about around the franchise.
  3. Early for us. Basically from his first game he came in in the 2nd half.
  4. It feels like some people forget how good early Jake Delhomme was.
  5. You're going to hate on darnold at every turn but you're somehow sure pj is decent? Weird.
  6. I love all this behind the scenes stuff they have allowed us to see this off season. Its so refreshing even though I'm not sure the franchise has much to gain from it.
  7. Yea there was a stretch where that right side with Otah at RT mauled people in the run game. I believe some of our highest franchise rushing games came at that time. He was RT that game Deangelo and Stewart ran all over NYG I think it was? I believe it was a night game.
  8. It is a backwards way to look at it though. Some systems and teams are notorious for making average qbs look above average. That has to be factored in as well. Maybe which colleges produced the most highly touted prospects coming out of college that ended up being busts. Any college can randomly hit on a good qb eventually. The question is do some college routinely make their qb look better than they will be at the next level.
  9. But if there is not a QB your coaches and scouts dont believe in you cant just keep taking them over and over in the first round hoping one will work out. Sometimes it's best if you dont believe your guy is there to work on filling out the rest of the roster instead of just taking a qb to take one. That way when you do potentially draft your qb they arent walking on to a roster totally devoid of talent because you only took qbs in the first round every year against the front offices feelings about that player.
  10. They didnt get his guy so obviously the coaching staff has no idea what they're doing!
  11. He said in his post draft interview that he had been set on a number. I dont remember which but it was in the 20s, but the rule change had started making him consider a single digit number but he didnt specify the actual number at the time.
  12. Yea I believe I saw Rhule in an interview that he didnt see Fields as better cumulative option than having both Darnold and Horn on the team.
  13. Exactly. Hopefully Sam is the answer. Hes young and regardless of who likes it or hates it, hes our QB now. If he ends up not being the QB the team needs him to be then it will suck for a year or so but if the draft ends up being as good as we hope and we have another draft like that next year then whatever QB we do end up drafting/signing will be walking into a hell of a good situation with a solid roster around them.
  14. Well we do have a good idea how they felt about Fields. He was there for the taking and they chose not to.
  15. Well he said the coaches and scouts saw Darnold ahead of Fields. If the coaches and scouts werent that impressed with Fields from their scouting then why take him?
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