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  1. To be fair then you have two pass rushers instead of one and they are both on cheap rookie deals for a long time.
  2. Colts were 0-4 in the preseason the year they won the super bowl. Sooo super bowl incoming?
  3. https://twitter.com/thetalentcode/status/1684238053978648579?s=42&t=t7bYaT_-ABlG4g2a5rsgMQ. I can never figure out embedding on my phone. Hadnt seen the actual video shared.
  4. This entire idea hinges on the fact that anyone from the Panthers organization are going to tell the media anything with substance that shows their hand or gives away their long term plans. Fans take too much stock in what they tell the media.
  5. They are wanting to phase out any type of bone in chicken entirely now.
  6. Yea i think there is a very low chance they move but the tse spokesman quote doesnt sound that great. They say nothing about what the city of Charlotte or the state of nc offers them. Only what they offer the city. They are definitely trying to drum up some big tax dollars.
  7. Did someone say moronic? Tweet has since been deleted lol
  8. Evero's scheme focuses much more on having a really good secondary. The dline and linebackers are pretty much plug and play with players that can do their role.
  9. Against a third string defense.
  10. Its way too early in this process to determine anything right now. These practices mean almost nothing.
  11. If Viska wins it then we are in bad shape. Hes not very good at playing a traditional wr. He was a good gadget guy in Jacksonville and his undoing was his last season there where they tried stepping him up to a more traditional wr and his routes were slow and clunky. Shenault is a really good gadget player that needs schemed touches and thats fine.
  12. Last year Ricci was a better te than tremble.
  13. Exactly. Did you see his edge rankings for this draft? He entirely throws stuff out there to get attention. Anyone who thinks AR is going to be a better qb than Young this coming season are probably pushing for clicks
  14. Simms always has a lot of bad rankings.
  15. Thats just what people with small candy bars say.
  16. I cant comment on tracking the ball. I havent really seen those issues. The issues I saw when Jax actually had to play him as a regular wr are the ones I stated.
  17. College isnt the nfl. In the nfl hes great with the ball in his hands but he's slow and clunky running routes that stretch the field and has to be schemed open. Hes a specialized player in the NFL. Hes really good at a specifc thing and thats ok.
  18. I think they are mostly complaining as a shot at taking Young because the only way to pick up a first down on 4th and 1 is to have a qb sneak it 100% of the time because anything else is predictable..
  19. Its obvious too early to tell. Just because something seems like a reach the day after the draft doesnt mean it will be a reach when they actually get to the football field. I would rather get a prospect they really like (Mingo) then trade back, lose him, and get a player they kind of like for a more balaced draft. If they saw the potential in Mingo becoming more of a great player than the edges that were available then you take him. We needed a wr. I would rather have a dime than two nickels. Also without seeing other teams draft boards we have no idea if a pick was an actual reach or not. The media's opinion of prospects and nfl scouts opinion of prospects arent always the same. All that said I didnt like trading up in the third for the edge we got. If he wasnt 25 this year then it would be a little different. I liked some of the later round edge projects like Nick Hampton from ASU but I believe the panthers wanted a bigger stronger rusher to set the edge better to pair with Burns. So who knows, all i know is draft grades and saying picks were reaches before players even step on an nfl practice field seems pretty asinine.
  20. If you actually cared about the truth instead of just pushing your qb preference you would clearly know thats not how the s2 test works. There are plenty of places to get the scientific info saying that doing it multiple times doesnt help. They said from freshman year in high school to entering draft you wouldn't see any major improvement, the biggest jump you could expect to see in that time frame would be maybe 5 points. What it tests is basically genetic.
  21. Thats not the best way to think though. If they really liked a specific qb then thats a good thing. That qb wasnt going to fall past 2 it looks like. Just because the rest of the qbs fell doesnt mean they were good with just taking any of them. If they think Young has the best odds to be a great qb then it doesnt really matter how far the others fall. If anything it just shows Young was clearly the best qb prospect since we almost know he wouldnt have fell past 2 if we hadnt traded up.
  22. Where do they have the DBO sign hanging?
  23. People talk. Its human nature. They arent intentionally leaking anything, its just one person tells one person and then that person tells 2 people etc. Im not saying there is any truth to this or not, i am saying if you watched that behind the scenes draft thing year before last or whenever it was, Rhule basically called the top 10 exactly right. People talk, some of it is true, some of it is lies to get people to believe the wrong info. The best teams are the ones that are good at telling the difference I'd guess.
  24. But if the colts are moving up for Levis what do the texans care at 2 unless they specifically wanted levis?
  25. I think all these conspiracy theories are a bit ridiculous. So a team is putting out fake scores to trick other teams who also have access to the real scores? This would change public perception but not the perception of the teams who actually have the numbers...
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