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  1. Yea if they stack oline they can be really good for a while. If they dont then Burrow isnt going to last.
  2. Herbert wasnt there when we picked. There isnt always a deal available. The only qb we have passed on so far is Fields and so far hes definitely not looking like a qb that can carry a bad oline. Trading/signing bad ones I will agree with. Not taking good ones is unfair.
  3. What truly stud qb have we passed on in this time period that we had a chance at though? QBs that can change the game on their own (without an oline) are few and far between unfortunately.
  4. There arent many Burrows around though. Some of the qbs currently considered great would look below average behind a terrible o line.
  5. Hes got potential but I think maybe too much value is being put into having a strong arm specifically.
  6. Sustained offensive drives and less bad field position would be the best help for our defense. I also think they still finished as a top 5 defense in a lot of metrics even with those factors.
  7. They wanted him gone because he refused to step on the field during training camp mostly.
  8. He would never get on the field in training camp. Most people were celebrating the fact we got anything for him at the time.
  9. From what I remember and I could be mistaken, most people here that liked Slater didnt really love him at 8. Predraft they thought if Sewell was gone that he would be a candidate to trade back a few spots and take.
  10. How he played during the season doesnt change what they saw when scouting before the draft. Did they miss? Obviously, but people reading anything else into this statement are reaching because of their Rhule hatred.
  11. He just answered honestly though. Hes constantly getting bashed for lying as he should but then he gives an honest answer obviously at his own expense and it's the same thing.
  12. I dont think that is a terrible thing to say. He wasnt saying he wasnt good I dont think. Scouting and drafting a player isnt an exact science. He was just expressing their concerns about him as a prospect. I think it was a very honest answer. He could have made up anything and instead he gave an honest answer about their scouting. Everyone misses. Even Horn pans out then it wasnt even a miss. It was just bad prioritizing.
  13. I disagree. I believe he has definitely invested in the area and has started clear long term plans. I actually dont think he could have possibly cemented himself to the area any more than he has so far.
  14. I agree with the fact they were going directly at the teeth of the TB defense.
  15. At this point in his career Darnold is much faster than Cam. Does that matter on a sneak? Not really at all. Cam is bigger so would it have been a better choice? Definitely. How many people have complained about Cam coming in just for a snap to be a battering ram though?
  16. You really think Tepper is going to change his mind based on a couple plays? Or a game for that matter.
  17. You cant have opinions that are based on thought. We are only fueled by raw blind emotion here.
  18. Some of you are insufferable. Things go bad, you complain, things go good, you complain, nothing worth talking about, come up with random negative hypotheticals. Sam is playing fine atm(it's ok to say that, it doesnt have to mean anything more than that). The oline is playing terrible (as usual).
  19. I dont disagree but to be fair you could say that about several qbs who ended up being solid. Burrow is a recent one.
  20. I do agree with you for once. Regardless of who the OC or QB is over the past 2 years, we have ran the exact same dink and dunk unbalanced offense. Regardless if its run or pass the lbs and dbs know to play around the LoS. There's no keeping the defense honest at all, they are fully allowed to sell out for the short stuff.
  21. To be fair this entire thread is about Cam and people attacking Darnold for twisting a quote out of context and making it what they wanted to try to keep people angry and pointing fingers.
  22. If they play just as bad does it matter if they're scared or not?
  23. There's only one game left and his contract is up. What would be the benefit of demanding to be released now besides most likely cementing any chance of another team signing him next season.
  24. What would be the benefit of that? Hes gone after this game. It very well may be the last game Cam is on an NFL roster. Hes had a great career but it is coming to an end. Darnold almost certainly going to be on the roster no matter how much we hate it. There is no reason to change qbs for this game.
  25. He 100% talked bad about Sam. When he made that video about coming back and he said the panthers checked all the boxes, a chance to be a starter, and he went check check check a million times. None of this even matters. He was saying the team wasnt playing good enough to win lately (it is clear hes talking about multiple weeks in his comment) and that is also clearly true.
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