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  1. I had noticed Darnold seemed to be audibling several plays it seemed like.
  2. The second throw you're talking about, Moore and Arnold were in the exact same area. The throw was to Moore who didnt adjust to it in time and it went past him towards Arnold. There was a defender between Moore and Darnold that almost picked it off but it wasnt because the throw was that bad. It was an ad lib as Darnold was rolling out of the pocket and between him and Moore they didnt make the exact same read off the cuff. Watch it again. The pass goes just to the right of Moore and into the defender. If they would have been on the same page it would have been a great play.
  3. No one said anything about the super bowl in this post. People are just happy about being 2-0. No matter how you spin it, that's the best we could be right now and the post is still full of people going out of their way to try to spin it negatively.
  4. Are you basing that off of his 6/13 for 60 yards and an interception performance today?
  5. You must be watching a totally different game. Also I'm fairly certain that has nothing to do with why they sat cmc. He has been taking some hard hits on these runs and we play again in 4 days.
  6. Exactly, versatility is convenient, but I would take the best player at a specific position on the line more than someone who is below average at several of them.
  7. Yea I noticed after the game Rhule commented that the protection was pretty good but then in the Monday afternoon interview (after watching film) he specifically mentioned that they had to protect Darnold better.
  8. They were "timid" because they were trying to cover up holes in the roster at certain positions talent wise lol
  9. I forgot to ask that question when I made the post.
  10. I just worry about Chinn at FS. Its going to be a lot harder to put the stamp on the game he did last season and it takes away some of his strengths and puts some of the things hes not quite as good at in the forefront.
  11. Of course PFF can be inaccurate and isnt the be all end all but there are some pretty interesting numbers. I had mentioned in another post my concern about Chinn being at FS mostly and his grade kind of showed that. Ian thomas being our 2nd highest graded player on offense and Luvu being our highest graded defensive player were both pretty surprising to me. Safety in general seems like a pretty rough spot. https://www.google.com/amp/s/pantherswire.usatoday.com/lists/panthers-pff-grades-week-1-jets/amp/
  12. Maybe so. To me it looked like the sit on the lead coaching on both sides of the ball we have had since the franchise started basically it feels like.
  13. Rhule himself said in the postgame conference that they stopped blitzing after a while because they trusted the front 4 to get pressure.
  14. Chinn at mostly FS I dont especially like. He did fine for the most part but he definitely wasnt able to put his stamp on the game like he did most games last year. I think it takes a lot of his strengths away and highlights some of the things he isnt quite as strong at. Its only one game though so we will see.
  15. Certain people were prepared to complain no matter what, and actually one or two that I was expecting to, arent.
  16. This is the most stout our line has been against the run in years it feels like. Especially the interior. Our dline is straight up bullying them when they try to run.
  17. Our quarterback is 17/22 for 235 yards and 2tds in the FIRST HALF, and some of yall have been bashing him the entire time. He hasnt played perfect sure but some of yall need to look in the mirror and be honest with yourselves.
  18. That throw was 52 yards in the air across his body on the move. That's that potential you hear about.
  19. It is interesting, I will say that. He seems to love going with youth and doesnt really factor inexperience anywhere but the online. Everywhere else he has seemed to prefer young guys so far.
  20. The contract was only a small part of what I was saying. What I was saying is he even offered that long of a contract is because from the start they knew they were starting a rebuild that would probably take more than 2 seasons to see the end result. If they are really bad this year and draft a qb early and they appear awful the season after that then I could see his seat getting really hot, but right now they haven't even found a qb they are fully behind that they dont think is a project. Hopefully Sam becomes that but by the investment it seems like they are taking him as a gamble. Hopefully it pays off.
  21. Rhule wont be fired after his second season. I would pretty much bet on it. He inherited the start of a rebuild. Tepper seems impatient sometimes but he has mentioned the rebuild multiple times, the same as Rhule has. While Tepper really doesn't worry about money much most likely he didnt give Rhule such a long contract planning on firing after his second season of a rebuild.
  22. To be fair besides maybe the quarterback part, you really shouldnt know the answers for the first couple seasons. If its instantaneous success then it could be carryover from the previous regime. Our franchise has changed literally as much as it could the past couple seasons and as far as I'm concerned it's still not finished with the complete rebuild that they started but so far things look promising to me.
  23. To be fair Cam did get called out for some stuff early on if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure I remember Thomas Davis telling a story about jumping on him to go to the weight room with the rest of the players and some stuff like that.
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