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  1. I think the savings of having a teir 2 qb should be passed on to the oline. Get some good guys in free agency and spend picks 1 and 3 on oline and I think this team can do something. Make sure they are good runblockers and pick up a bruiser short yardage runningback tandem for chubba and use CMC in the passing game opposite of DJ Moore and the running game will give the defense plenty of rest and allow them to be more agressive.
  2. True. The 3-0 start got peoples expectations up, most people thought this would be a .500 or a 9-8 or so team. Yes, 3 losses in a row just feels bad, but we will win some more this year and will improve on last year's record and everyone, including coaches, will have another year of experience to learn from. I and I think most other people thought that he would need 3 years. I think one more draft and another year of radical fitterer in the offseason and we will have our oline and much needed depth and might can become next year what we saw glimpses of earlier this year with dominating defense and DJ Moore looking like an allpro in the passing game. Maybe even darnold can be better with an oline. He has to work on the downfeild accuracy... he's a gunslinger. A mistake every now and then is OK if you make some good downfeild throws in the process. Gotta buy him some time in the pocket.
  3. That hardly ever works though. Successful cornerbacks earn 4x as much money as a safety. Why would he want to play safety when he has a potential 50 million plus contract in the near future.
  4. There are 160 starting olinemen in the NFL. Maybe 100 of them are decent and 50 of them are good starters. So 50 good olinemen spread between 32 nfl teams... they are not easy to find, especially during the season. Teams that already have good olinemen don't want to get rid of them. Sorry, but unless they are already on our team, you aren't going to find any upgrades until free agency starts. You can make a trade... but you won't like the price. Either a first rounder for a guard or center, or one of our superstars on defense... only way you are getting one.
  5. This is worth a 6th rounder even if he doesn't come back. He wants to teach our young defensive backs. I would be happy if he could have a veteran impact like Charles tillman did.
  6. He is worth a sixth rounder just to have him in the locker room teaching our guys. Plus i imagine he will be our number 1 cover cb this year for our playoff push.
  7. Ace420


    We are 0-0 every sunday.
  8. He might need more nfl strength and diet coaching. Last time Brady started I saw him pushed on his ass a few times. I hope he is ready though. I think Brown is ready physically, I think he might just be learning the offense or assignments or something.
  9. Would it work if I said I just wanted him used in the short passing game from now on? I know the team won't do that because they need him for the whole offense but I wish we could figure out a way to prolong his career as a prolific playmaker. 1 yard and a cloud of dust sounds like a job for Hubbard and freeman. We could line cmc out wide on one side and our wrs on the other and still create mismatches and get the ball in space to our playmakers. And who knows? Maybe cmc will still be available as a big time playmaker for us in the playoffs instead of just the early season. Let the other runningbacks handle the higher contact duties. Chubba has played well in the 6 or so quarters he has been used.
  10. True, but if Gilmore wants 15 million a year he isn't going to want to play safety.
  11. They are both decent depth. I doubt their contracts say that they have to be starters.
  12. Elf and Erving were brought in Ina moneyball scheme. Cheap players on cheap contracts, trying to find a diamond in the rough. Erving makes 5 million a year when most LTs make 24 million a year. And teams usually sign their really good olinemen because they don't grow on trees. We were a losing team during free agency, the best free agents didn't want to come here to play for a losing college coach. A team can't have all 1st rounders and superstars everywhere, it cant all be paid for with a salary cap. If we continue to win free agents will want to start coming to Carolina to contend in the playoffs. If we go big in free agency or the draft, we might find a left tackle this offseason and can draft a decent center or left guard in the 3rd round. Deonte brown will be an upgrade at right guard later this year or next year when he is ready to play, and the guys that are starting now will actually be decent backups giving us pretty good depth. We aren't as far off as you think. Rebuilding takes patience. Rhule and Fitt have done amazing so far with only one season under their belt. Trust them to have us contending next year, and maybe even win a playoff game this year.
  13. I think he will play good on Sunday. At the beginning of the season I thought he looked awful, but I think he just needed more regular touches to find a groove and by the time CMC went down, chubba was able to pick up the slack.
  14. 23-17 Panthers. We stop their final drive in the 4th qtr. 4 sacks by committee Sam goes another week without an interception. I think we would beat them more soundly if we were playing at home. It will be a nail biter to the end.
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