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  1. Eh, it isnt a terrible signing as long as it wasnt too expensive. Hebis a good veteran presense who will compete for a starting role and show any rookie defensive backs we draft the ropes. Not all guys in free agency have to be grade a starters. Who knows, he might have something left in the tank and also remember that Snow likes to put 5 defensive backs on the field sometimes so we will need backups too.
  2. Did you actually watch the games? Dude looked like Steven Davis. I both hate to lose and hate to see him play for a division rival. He would have been a really good change of pace back to help keep CMC from getting too many touches. We probably could have kept him for cheap too.
  3. Agreed. This is why i like lance more than the other qbs in this draft other than lawrence. Lance has the unteachables. You cant teach the arm strength and body strength and size that lance has. You CAN correct his mechanics though. I like fields, but i think that Lance has the natural tools that will make him a better qb in the nfl with the right coaching staff. That being said, if we end up trading up for fields i wont be upset either because that would mean that the same coaching staff i trust feel that fields is their guy.
  4. I would wait and see what kind of offers he receives. If we can lowball him at 4 million on a 1 year deal i would do it, and let him compete for all the non-tackle positions on thebline. Maybe he would see that was his last chance and get back in shape dedicate himself to the game again. That being said, it likely wont happen because of his past probowls. Someone will overpay.
  5. Travelle was much more talented though, and Travelle was also a decent backup at left tackle as well.
  6. Travelle was much more talented though, and Travelle was also a decent backup at left tackle as well.
  7. I do think he is a lot like cam though. Not quite as gifted as a runner, but can get the job done, and actually a much better passer. Has zip on his deep ball like Cam did too. I think it is a pretty good comparison.
  8. Bit those same teams know that they can trade back to 7, 8 or later and know that their non-qb target will be there because of the run on qbs. Why pick a CB or a LT at 4 or 5 when tou can trade down to 8 or 9 and still get the same target player and an eztra first round pick next year? Franchise QBs are too important in today's NFL. Blame Goodell with allnof the rule changes that has favored offenses for the past 5 to 10 years. It is just a reality of the game these days.
  9. The way the game has evolved to emphasize passing and offense, yes, finding a franchise qb is the only way to win a superbowl. Lance is considered to be the floor of the 4 qbs by most teams and experts. After watching his pro day, there is no way he males it to 8. Someone is going to trade up for him.
  10. He had a good workout. This video put lance in my radar as someone who can make all of the throws, ans probably the best deep ball of all of the qbs in this draft. Reminds my of Cam a little bit. Lets get him
  11. Curtis was great this year, but most of the gadgets that we were using him for won't be necessary with the return of CMC. Due to his skill set, he will be worth more to a team that doesn't have a player like CMC on the roster. It would be awesome to see CMC and Samuel setting each other up for big plays, but we need to spend that 10-13 million a year on bigger needs.
  12. I also think that Brown is going to be a atud
  13. I think this was a good move. We have limited cap space this year due to covid. Yes, we are kicking the can down the road, but in the next few years we will have much more cap space. Also, i am not crazy about shaq. I think he is grossly overpaid. Of I read correctly, this move makes it easier to part ways with him in the next 2 years.
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