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  1. Im really excited for our wide recievers this year. They might be the best overall group of WRs this team has ever had. DJ Moore and Robby anderson are number 1s on most teams in the league, and terrace marshal and David moore could easily be number 2s on most teams in the league. We are STACKED at the position. Man i hope darnold works out and the the oline can give us enough time for our deeper routes to develop.
  2. I can probably name 95% of the guys that will make the final 55 roster. It just comes with being a fanatic.
  3. Im really glad we picked up Reddick. He seems really laid back and approachable and has history with Coach Rhule and Snow and their system. He will be a tremendous asset for our young guys in the locker room. I hope he plays 4/3 linebackerostly because that unit needs the most help.
  4. I love old school football and our legacy of great linebackers, but i am starting to believe that unless your LBs can cover you are better off focusing on improving the pass rush and the secondary which is what it looks like rhule and fit are doing. Even that being said, we still improved 2 out of the 3 lb positions already, assuming Reddick will be a 4-3 LB? I love old school LB driven defenses, but in this new 'pass driven' league i just think that it is a relic of older times. Our new front office and coaching staff seem to realize this and are modernizing our team That being said
  5. Kinda what i was thinking. I think he is good and has potential, but im pretty shocked since most of the media outlets still think that we suck (maybe rightfully so?) and have been ranking us in the bottom 20 in everything this summer. Kinda nice to see us on the radar.
  6. He should be excited. He had a bottom 10 defense last year and i think a top 5 defense this year. Between free agency and the draft we filled alot of holes and made some major upgrades. And all 7 of our defensive rookies from last year now have experience. Our defense made some serious upgrades.
  7. I dont even think it matters how good shaq is after this year. No way he will be a panther LB making 20 million a year in 22 and 23. This isnt hurneys team anymore and they arent going to keep a "fan favorite" around for ridiculous contracts like we used to do in the past. They can replace him with a player of equal caliber for a 1/3 of the cost, or will probably draft his replacement. I wouldnt splurge on a shaq jersey this year if you know what i mean.
  8. It will take a while, if ever before we field a squad like TD and Luke again, but perryman is a definate updrade at MLB and Reddik is a huge upgrade on the other side. LB might still be the 'weakest' link, but it wont be near as bad as last year. If it turns out that the LBs need help, they can always put Chinn in the joker role again and let him move up in certain situations and help out. Im not too worried about the defense at all, i think they will be pretty good.
  9. The media seems to be sheltering Darnold by not asking questions about his performance, and the coaches dont seem to be providing anything either. I know they ate protecting him, but I still wonder how he is doing on the field. I know there isnt pads yet, but i still want to know if he has been accurate and if he has been throwing interceptions or not. I feel like if he was playing well, they would tell us... i hope he is going to work out.
  10. I agree, i just dont think that brown and christiansen are the best players yet. The vets have their flaws, but they do at least have experience. Imo it would be better to give the rookies at least a few weeks to process the speed of the game. But im not an nfl coach, you could be right. And you have a solid point considering the beginning of our schedule is soft. Maybe the coaches will see that as an opportunity to let the rookies get in and take their lumps as long as the staff think we can still win those games. I guess we will see.
  11. I dont think we have to worry about losing him yet. I think he is a pretty good OC, but i dont think he has thebtemperment to be an HC yet. Head coaches seem to have more confidence and have the ability to be a leader of men, bravado. It seems to me like Brady is more of a follower type. Fine by me as i would like to keep him around longer.
  12. Maube by the end if the year, but i doubt the rookies start day one. They will plug in the vets first and bring in Christianson by the mid or end of the year. As much as i like deonte, he might not start at all this year. He is raw and needs some development and needs to get into nfl shape.
  13. I doubt BC starts at left tackle the first game, even if that is what he was specifically drafted for. They will play him at left guard until the game slows down for him and he is ready. Amd he may not even start there until mid season.
  14. I think they drafted him to play guard, with the capability to play tackle in a pinch.
  15. Steve smith Julio Tony gonzales (even though he was a TE)
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