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  1. That's what a college level D# and philosophy gets you
  2. No doubt about it. Also, we have a quick and smart D#. We just need a competent NFL caliber DC, not even elite
  3. If you don't think D# has been an issue for a good part of the season, despite how much we invested in it, it's probably not him the one who didn't watch the game(s)
  4. Are you really comparing Mahomes' stats line with PJ? Even taking away Kelce and Hill's reception, that's still better than the full PJ. He was good enough to not lose the game, unlike what Darnold did in the previous weeks. Still, even if it was "good enough", it's not good for the 2021 NFL standards (as far as stats are concerned). No gymnstatics involved. As long as the Panthers win, I'm ok with PJ, Sam or even Matt Barkley under center.
  5. If you take away CMC, PJ performance was awful. There's no way to tell if getting those PAs in would have helped PJ's stats line. I agree with you, he gave us a chance. That was enough on sunday. I'm not sure it will be enough when the D# is not playing at an elite level.
  6. Yeah, I agree on CMC. just like BrianS says, we won't win many games with this kind of performance from PJ. BUT, for this game, it was good enough to not give away the game. And that's what Sam has been doing for the past 4 or 5 weeks. My point is that Brady and the staff didn't help Darnold at all, coaching or trying to fix him. Thus, so far, PJ is less of a liability
  7. Darnold needed a staff and Coaches who could fix his play and career. Ours' didn't really help or scheme around him and now he's even more damaged than before the trade. PJ at least don't cost us the game, but I still don't trust Brady
  8. IMHO, the issue with the O# is that coaching is not getting through. Our QB is playing bad, our OL is playing bad, our WRs are playing bad. Bad reads, bad blocking, bad routes timing and separations. They all have a common denominator and from what we know, that's Joe Brady. And this is not to say that he is a bad play designer, play caller, awful Coach or whatever. With any scheme, as a player, the better you understand what and why are you performing a specific task, better you'll perform and execute. With most of our O#, this is not the case. Maybe our philosophy is great, but is teached poorly? Maybe the timing is off because the designer isn't really great at understanding some football concepts? Maybe the terminology is confusing? Other? All of the above? Who knows. But the point is that a lot of the O#'s bad execution can be fixed by proper coaching. Are they able to identify the problem first, and then correct it?
  9. I'm more concerned with Reddick getting cut out of the play 50% of the times, more than the lack of pass rush from Burns. And that's because what he's being tasked to do, doesn't play to Reddick skillset.
  10. You can beat the dead horse how much you want. This is not how football works. The first read is on Moore. Ian Thomas is there only to lure the coverage and take the Linebacker out of the equation, in order to free the throwing lane to Moore. Since that doesn't happen, the next reads are on the opposite side. If you want to blame Sam for not throwing it to Chuba, that's fine (remember, this is a 1 & 20 with 2 minutes to go, thanks to our good boy Miller). But Ian Thomas is not supposed to be looked at when you see him "wide open". Just stop
  11. Robby could be right, but with his sloppy route running and the dropsies, given the fresh new contract, he is probably the last guy on this group who can pout and scream on the sideline. Not all balls thrown his way were catchable. But when if you can touch it, you can catch it. That's what good receivers does, constantly. If he thinks that football is only about go routes and deep bombs, and that's the only plays he's supposed to put in the effort, maybe he has to rework his contract in order to reflect it.
  12. Comparing Nnamdi Asomugha to the others in that bunch, is probably one of the most disrespectful things I've read on here. He still played elite when he got paid. He was already earning top CB money when he landed in Philly.
  13. I mostly agree with you, but I think that our D# still has to face a team that really expose it, more than Dallas did. Our DBs are good, but our defensive philosophy is a gimmick. The stand up tilted rushers, are our weakness. I can't really count how many times Reddick is getting manhandled or kept out of the play by his man, and a bunch of time it was a JAG TE. Without proper play and alignment from the D-Line, our LBers can't do much. And this has nothing to do with having positionless players (because saying "player who can play a bunch of different positions" is just too long). It's more about football's ABC and geometries.
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